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Painfully stiff neck as well as back pain and pain in ribcage. :( PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi everyone,

this is really embarrassing for me, but I'm in so much pain since the past days and am freaking out about it. :(

My neck is stiff since the past few days and in addition to that I'm experiencing back pain as well as pain in the right side of my rib-cage.

I don't know if it's coming from how I sleep (how I lie down in bed), from my breast-size (their at least 2 cups larger since going 80/10/10/ I'm no less than a C-cup I think, but at least a D-cup wouldn't surprise me - not to mention my breasts prevent me from lying down in positions that were always comfortable for me :( ), or from something else.

I don't mean to whine here, but I'm really clueless here. I want to love myself and as loyal as I am to 80/10/10 and want to live as naturally as possible, I ask if an operation (breast reduction) is sometimes necessary for health reasons.

Please help!

Many thanks in advance.

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Without having any specific information detailing the progression or initiation of such pain and tenderness, it's really hard to pinpoint what could be going on with you.

Yes, it could be due to sleeping position. It could be related to breast size, but if you're only breaching the D category, and the pain has only been in the past few days, this is unlikely. It could very well be due to your posture and habits, but again, if this is a recent/unique development and wasn't caused by a particular event, it's very difficult to determine via an online forum.

It's very possible you could have subluxated vertebra(s) and/or ribs, which can be caused by many many factors including sleeping and posture patterns, diet, stretching, and trauma.

My advice is to get a referral to a reputable Chiropractor and/or Massage Therapist to be evaluated and treated...maybe try some gentle stretching....Good luck!

I second liliaceous' advice to go and see a chiropractor to get a better idea of what is going on. Personally, I have some backpain presumably related to breast size (I'm an H or I Cup depending on what brand/model of bra I wear), but the pain crept on rather slowly and mostly occurs toward the latter half of the day. What you are experiencing sounds more acute to me. Best of luck!

Are there any lumps inside your neck?  It might be your lymph nodes freaking out, which also explains the chest pain.  Is the pain only when you inhale/exhale, does it pulse with your heartbeat, or is it constant?

Sounds like dehydration primarily.  My body aches when I've not had enough water...I hate to wait til it does to realize I haven't taken care of myself, but I do. ;P  Since having children, I've, shall we say, largely increased in size and know those pains from the neck, back, sides and ribs which is no fun.  My husband would have me do back exercises, simple donkey kicks - on all fours, kicking out opposite arm and leg 15 to 20 times each - would strengthen my core muscles and the pain would subside.  Until I figured it was a water issue, the exercise helped.  Also push-ups will add muscle to your lats and make it easier to support.  I found this bra place (it's a maternity site, but the info is great for non-nursing bras) it has an excellent fitting room that shows you how to measure so you can get the correct bra size and fit.  Hope you feel better soon!

Did you ever think about doing yoga?  Yoga takes all my back and neck issues away.

Hi Athena,

I'm really sorry you are having this problem :( Hope I can help!

I have a few suggestions:

1) You could try not wearing a bra anymore - I used to get chest pains and back problems all the time until i ditched wearing a bra. Then it all went away. It really made a difference to my breathing as well, as my chest felt really tight before, but without a bra I can now breath deeply again. (In the end, we are not designed to constrict our breasts in this way, and it's no wonder we experience health problems from it, just like wearing corsets lead to health issues for women in the past). 

2) Do you sleep with a pillow? I found getting rid of my pillow and sleeping with my head resting on my arm (positioned to make a head rest) made me sleep much better and wake up feeling relaxed rather than with a stiff neck/back. You could also try sleeping on the floor, as some people find a hard surface can reduce/eliminate back pain.

3) One other thing: do you carry a bag on one side when you are out an about (like a shoulder bag reather than a rucksack). Anything which throws your balance of centre can cause back pain.

4) I wouldn't have thought your breast-size increasing would be an issue, as C/D isn't that large. I think that's probably about what I am (though no idea since i don't wear a bra!). But since it is affecting how you can sleep now, have you tried supporting your stomach with a cushion/pillow when you lie on your side in bed. This stops your body weight from resting on your breasts and instead the cushion takes the weight. Maybe you lie on your back though...in which case ignore this!

5) Sometimes if you are tense when you are sleeping you can wake up with a stiff neck or back. So maybe try doing some relaxation before you go to sleep, like following your breath in and out for a few minutes or something like that.

In regards to whether an operation could help, my personal view is definitely not! An operation would cause much greater stress to your body than just having slightly larger breasts than before could. And I also think that if they are 'too big' then in time on this diet that will resolve itself. But I don't really think that breast size is the issue to be honest.

Really hope this helps and you feel better soon :) Take care, Esperanza xxx

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. :) At the moment I have less pain, as I placed a warm bottle on my pain-zone last night and could eventually sleep (even when I would have liked to/should have slept longer :/ ). Regardless, I will try to answer everyone's post here...



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