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Hi fellow fruit munchers

In a little over 4 weeks time I'm going on a package holiday to Sorrento in Italy with my family.

My mum has a serious heart condition, and is carer to my dad who is in his late seventies and is in terrible health so I guess for my mum this is a final family for the four of us type thing, so I really have to go, opting out isn't an option. and y'know, it'll be nice to spend time with them all.

The thing is, I'm raw.. like 100% at the moment, and dammit, I wanna stay that way!!

I feel so amazing this way, and it's like a drug right? I'm addicted to this lifestyle. 

So my question is this, is it possible to stay raw in Sorrento? Are there plenty of fruit stalls and things in Italy?

I've done the travelling thing and I know staying raw isn't always easy so I need a little plan. 

Maybe none of you know,  but I'm hoping that out of 12,000 members, at least one of you will have been to Italy and will be able to shed some light on this predicament!

It's not the end of the world if I have to go back to regular vegan for a week, and it is only one week, but I'd rather not have to go through all that bs detoxing and "getting back on it" palava. 

peace love and bananas

Katie (Bananita!)x

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It's ABSOLUTELY possible! Wherever you can by fruits and greens at a market, you can do it. There are some people here in Italy (and maybe even a group for 811 in Italy). You can ask around where you can buy fruits and greens at the best prices.

You can also ask Esperanza (on my friends list). She's fantastic for just about any sort of advice and she loves Italy AND can speak Italian. :)

apparently, Sorrento is known for its orange and lemon groves!! can't be too bad.

Great, thanks, I've messaged Esperanza, thanks Athena.  I shall lookout for fruit and veggie markets then.. phew! feeling much better about it now :)

You're very welcome. :) The beauty of 80/10/10 is that you don't have to stress about time or place to cook - and you can even eat the fruits and greens as they are (of course it is reasonable to wash them). :)

Yeah, I highly recommend Esperanza. She's such a helpful and caring person.  I actually want to write to her again soon because it's been a while since we've talked and I miss her. :D

Aww, thanks so much Athena :) That's really sweet of you to reccomend me :) And we should definitely talk again soon!!! Love and fruit, Esperanza xxx

Hi there Bananita! 

Eating raw in Italy is totally possible! If you want to eat all organic produce while there, it will be a bit more tricky as there isn’t a huge amount of certified organic fruit available, but if you’re going to eat conventional produce then there is lots and lots to choose from. 

Most supermarkets have a fair amount of fresh fruit and veg on offer, and lots of seasonal options so you should be in luck at this time of year! I was there last year around the time you’ll be going and there were lovely melons, peaches, and other summer fruits on offer. Supermarkets also have a small selection of organic produce – usually just bananas, apples, and zucchini, but sometimes things like grapes and pears too. 

There are also dedicated organic stores where you will find a wider range of produce. Here’s a link to an article about an organic shop in Sorrento, which also has a vegan restaurant with it: http://www.greenme.it/mangiare/prodotti-biologici/6450-mondo-bio-ne...

So that might be an option both for buying produce and perhaps for eating out, as they could probably make something suitable for you like a fruit salad or a raw vegetable platter. I haven’t been myself, but it might be worth taking a look. (If you need help with translating the article/general Italian just ask :)) 

You could also consider taking some dates with you as a back-up food, or having some dates delivered to you in Italy if it would be difficult to transport them. There are a few companies which deliver around Europe – I used Orkos (http://store.orkos.com/eng/raw-food/dates.html) for dates when I was in Italy last year and that was a great help (not all of them are 100% gluten-free so if you are a celiac then watch out for that). They are very pricey I must say, but for an important holiday it might be worth paying the extra money. If you have no luck with them then just get back to me as I can recommend some other companies too. 

There is a lot of fresh fruit and veg available in Naples, so if you can’t find enough in Sorrento you could always take a trip there to stock up for the holiday. As well as supermarkets and smaller fruit and veg shops, there are loads of markets to explore with really fresh produce at great prices! You should be fine in Sorrento though :) 

Hope this helps and just ask if you have any more questions or need any advice – I’m always very happy if I can be of help :) 

Take care and I hope you have a really wonderful holiday,

Esperanza xxx



Wow, fantastic thank you so much. The vegan restaurant will definitely be worth looking into as my brother is also a vegan, even though he's not very health minded, but we could definitely go to the shop and get some food whilst there. I had it in my mind that Italy would be very expensive so its great to her I can get good prices over there. I'm looking forward to the holiday now.. I was really thinking that I didn't want to go if all I would get is high fat pasta all day long! I shall report back ;)  xxx  

You're welcome! Glad to be able to help :) Have a wonderful vacation, Esperanza xxx



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