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Ok, so I have a lot of acne mainly on my forehead and a few spots around my chin and my neck.  I was a vegetarian for a year and have been a vegan for a little over a year.  I've had acne on my forehead mainly since middle school (I'm a sophomore in high school).  My acne has gotten really bad over the last few weeks and my forehead is oily.  The acne is mainly just little red bumps that don't bave a head, some do, but not most.  I've have been about 80% raw for the last 2 days.  I think I might have a gluten intolerance, but am not sure.  If anyone knows what might be causing my acne, please respond.  Thanks.

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congratulations! you're detoxifying. this is just a symptom of that.

<p><p><p>+1 it's an absolutely classic side effect of detox. What happens when you change your diet like this is that suddenly your body has a load of energy it didn't have before which means it goes to it's default survival process, which is to detoxify toxins from the cells. The lymph system, which is the sewer system for the human body, then expels those toxins to the outside world via several routes, one of the most efficient of which is the skin, which is acts like third kidney (and lung).<p> I've always struggled with skin problems, much like you've described. The good news is it will clear up and then your skin will be great, in time! The bad news is that often it does get worse before it gets better. Drink lots of good water, make sure you're having plenty of lettuce greens, but DO NOT have spinach and kale and a lot of celery. These are very high in oxalates and can really aggrevate skin conditions. Like Danny said, take it as a very clear sign that your body is actively cleaning itself. good luck, and stick with it. :)

Thanks!  I really hope going raw clears up my skin. 

I am right there with you. Detox symptoms. It happened when I went vegan a decade ago and now again going raw. I have all sorts of little bumps all over my face, some with a " head", others not. Eww. Using only water and jojoba oil has helped. Pure aloe, as well.

hmm not true, this isn't detox 

forehead acne signify a problem with digestion

you're either not combining food well, or have a slight intolerance to some foods

in my case, that's tomatoes

as soon as I eliminate tomatoes the red bumps disappear (within 3-4 days, actually)

try an elimination round, it's probably just one or two of the ingredients (maybe some other nightshades)

<p>It can be both, most skin reactions are a form of detox, that's still what the body is doing when it has an intolerance, throwing the substances in the food it's reacting to out via the skin, unless it's a kind of allergic rash like my son gets when he eats peanuts.<p> The high oxalate veggies cause it because the body is generally trying to rid itself of the toxic oxalates. I found a huge improvement dropping those foods. I also find that eating avocados makes my candida flair up which in turn starts to make my skin break out and nuts are very high oxalate foods and high fat, so they also do the same thing to my skin. I wouldn't eat any overts for the time being either Katie, keep your diet really simple, like banana island, see what happens and then reintroduce foods to see what they do. I've had to do this so I know exactly which foods effect my health and skin. It's so annoying though! 

Yea, I think I do have a digetsion problem and maybe a gluten intolerance.  I was just a regular vegan a few days ago, when my skin went from mild acne to severe.  I have completely cut out gluten and am eating mainly raw fruits and veggies with some quinoa or rice for dinner and/or lunch.  I also just bought some witch hazel, so hopefully that helps too.

Keep up with the raw diet especially if your doing 80/10/10 with low fats. Drink lots of water, avoid coffee, chocolate, tea (some people say kale and spinach too, but baby greens are ok). Do not wear make-up, most cosmetics have mica which is small enough to get into your pores and cause acne. Also avoid washing your face, if you need to, make sure you use hot water followed by cold water. It could totally be detox because toxins are eliminated through the sweat glands. 



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