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A few months before getting ill I started getting an overactive bladder, it happens during the day too but it's just a million time worse at night because during the day I can easily hold but at night I know I won't fall asleep unless I pee. It has plagued me for a year and a half now. It doesn't matter rather I drink before bed or not, it doesn't even matter how many times I pee or how much I have to pee, literally if there is ONE bit of a drop in my bladder I have to pee and its urgent. I can easily pee 20 times JUST at night and I'm not being sarcastic, its INSANE. I'll dream about having to pee REALLY bad and then when I wake up and pee it will be a very tiny amount, nothing that any normal person would feel is urgent. I might pee say a liter overnight in 20 settings, it makes me SO damn exhausted because my sleep gets interrupted CONSTANTLY. it's so bad that I'll even pee and RIGHT when i lay down i feel the urge to pee again and the ONLY thing I can do to ease is it is to freaking wake up again and PEE and it will be a ridiculously minuscule amounts, we are talking drops. It is so frustrating how the hell do I have a urge to pee like my bladder will explode yet barely pee anything. I have no idea what I can do to help this situation so I'm hoping anyone have any insight. This is nothing new since starting this lifestyle btw, it's been like this on all my diets. Seriously why is my body being such an idiot?

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That has been happening to me as well, since middle Jan. I'm waiting for blood test write now. I've been tested for diabetes which I SURE I don't have. If you ever find a solution please PM me. Right now I could only suggest not to drink water 2 hours before going to sleep, as well as monitoring your daily water intake.

Some people think they drink a specific amount of water, but it can be much more. I'm using 1l bottle to measure my water intake.

I do meditate and do relaxation breathing, my mind is indeed racing offend. I cant exercise atm as im too tired and need all the energy to heal, i also doubt it would do much. I had the problem back when i was still working out 3times a week.

After ruling out a bladder infection, my daughter's doctor said her constant feeling of needing to pee was stress related.  So what we did was put a disposable sheet under her when she went to bed, (you can buy them at any drug store or you could get an adult diaper), and she just let her urinary muscles relax and if she peed in the bed it was fine.  The next day she no longer had the constant feeling, it was gone completely.  So if you have ruled out any physical cause you might try just going to bed with a water proof sheet or an adult diaper and focus on relaxing and sleep and see if this helps.

ARe you seeing a doctor about this?  What do they say?  Has UTI been ruled out?  Kidney issues?  Prostatitis? (Sorry to ask, and you dont have to answer, but STDs?)


Dietary fix: 

Eating a low oxalate diet might help with underlying bladder or kidney issues.  High oxalate foods irritate the bladder and genitalia and could make one feel like they need to go all the time, and or leave a feeling of itching or burning.  

Avoid things like dates, kale, chard, spinach, wheat grass, and wild greens you are not sure what species they might be or what antinutrient content they contain, and focus on lettuce greens instead.  

Some starchy foods can be irritating too like grains and potatoes which are high in solanine.  

RT4s might have to go highly raw.  

Juicing can cause similar problems too.  

Oxalate Health Impact


Avoid unnecessary supplements or medications that can cause acidic urine.  

Grains and starchy foods also cause acidic urine. 


Also, rotate your foods.  Any plant food might have small amounts of antinutrients and or different nutrient levels. Rotate fruit, nuts n seeds, and or lettuce greens.  

Good luck and Peace, PK

I had my prostate checked by a doctor to see if it was enlarged, it was ok, I was tested for STD and it was negative, no test for bladder infection but then I had all the test in the world to see if I had general infections and it was always negative.

My main concern with lettuce is that you need to consume at least 2 pounds for it to give significant amount of vitamin and minerals and my digestion is so weak atm that I can barely fit enough calories from fruits alone and drink my 3 Liter of water without too much gut disturbance so adding TWO pound of heavy watery green eat my calories AND drink my water is just going to restrict my calories even more where I couldn't even get 2000. Natural Hygiene say when you are tired dont eat, what if you are ALWAYS tired? They also  assume that when you have digestive disturnance that one lose the desire to eat, NO , yes my saliva might be dry, I'm tired as HELL, I have headaches but I'm starving 24/7 it's not appetite, it's HUNGER, I'll eat ANYTHING in sight. I really wanna do an intense water fast because I've been at this for almost 3 months and my symptoms are no better or worse then when I started, it got instantly better from where I was before and it hasn't improve since then.

I have struggled with this issues for most of my life. It is much better on this lifestyle. My suggestion would be drink a LOT of water. It will flush things out and eventually I wasn't going as often and when I did it was a lot more pee. I was for a while on medication that dried things out, gross side effects. Even though they claim there are virtually none. Drink well over the recommended amount -I was drinking 12 500 ml bottles of water a day when things started to improve. It still isnt perfect but is always getting better, if I neglect my water intake for a few days it becomes worse.

Also work on upping your calories! You haven't been doing this for 3 months. If you aren't getting the calories you are not following the lifestyle.

 zxxxmorganxxxz I'm so starving that I would eat 150 bananas a day if my digestive system could handle it, right now I can COPE at 30, I get A LOT of digestive discomfort even at that level and I'm hungry 24/7 but less is more, if I eat more my body cannot cope, it hurts rather I eat half a banana or 10 but I keep my serving to 10 banana top, 3x a day otherwise its a bigger disaster, there is nothing more that I wish for but to carb the $%?$ up but if I do so my stomach, intestine, and probably my whole body will explode from the inside out. That's also why I don't drink more then 3L as its hard to get all that carb, water and with some wild greens, 2 pounds of lettuce just seems impossible to add atm.

Alex, look into "magnesium deficiency and overactive bladder" -- Just a possibility.

But with so many bananas I should have WAY over my share of magnesium.

i had an overactive bladder when i turned vegan and drank 3 liters a day.  i couldn't hold my pee/went all the time and my acne flared up/didn't go away.  

both problems went away after a year though.  this isn't much of an answer, but maybe you can give us an update when there are any changes?

Also, you might want to take a look into Joel Wallach and his mineral deficiency videos and cures (I apologize before hand if this answer is not appropriate, since I am not sure if this ND is vegan or not, tho his main focus is in healing several diseases with minerals -- he was nominated for the novel prize and sued the FDA for not including "folic acid" in the prenatal recommendations) -- I think, for anyone interested in optimal health, could be worth to take a look at his information---



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