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I went raw about a week ago. I had a really hard time eating enough the first few days.. But a week later, I can't get enough. I'm stuffing myself full of bananas, dates, mangoes, avocados, zucchini pastas, and nut dressings, but i'm never full. I'm now going over 3000 calories a day. I exercise about an hour a day, but will i just gain weight? Helllppp

Soooo Hungryyyyy

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Raw foods are absorbed as easily as cooked food.  Chances are your body truly needs more calories than it previously did.

No, I meant "aren't absorbed as easily as cooked".  Cooking food makes calories more available.

I think that what cooking does is break down some of the fibrous components, denature the protein (making it take more effort to be usable actually), convert starches to sugars and introduce some carcinogenic compounds into the mix.

We don't do as well eating raw starches which is why we stress eating well ripened fruit and why most people don't go around eating raw starches.

So the starches to sugars thing may hold true for cooking and perhaps some vegetables that would not be very digestible may be better tolerated after cooking. However, fresh, well ripened fruit is much more usable by the body than cooked food. But if you're talking about less ideal foods, then in some instances cooked may be more digestible than uncooked.

Overall we are not a cooked forum here. But if you or anyone finds yourself in a position that you cannot have access to good, ripe fruit, as does happen in some locales for certain time periods, there is also an 80/10/10 cooked sub forum here where you can discuss cooked foods etc. In this forum we like to keep it to the preferred fuel, fresh, ripe fruit and tender greens!

Don't worry, do log your food in cronometer.com or something similar to make sure you keep your fat calories at or under 10%. The minimum recommended calories for females per day is 2500, at 3000 you're not far over that plus you are exercising, so you may need even more. If you have a lot of cravings or find yourself running out of steam that's a good sign you need more calories.

Thanks for the help!

I'm using cron-o-meter, and under the fat section it says 45.6g/10.6g (430%)

Is that bad?

Sure! :) 

Re the fat%. If you are eating 3000 calories and of those 10% can be from fat, that would mean that you could eat 300 calories worth of fat. So then we know that fat has 9 calories per gram (carbohydrates and protein are each 4 calories per gram). So knowing you can have 300 calories of fat per day (at 3000 total calories per day) that means you can eat 300/9 = 33.33 or say around 33g fat per day total. Now the fruits and vegetables also have a tiny bit of fat so that would come out of your 33 gram per day fat allowance too.

so if you have cronometer set to 80/10/10 and it tells you you are allowed 10.6 g fat, that means it is showing a total recommended daily calorie intake of 954 calories, which would be WAY too low!

But since you had 45.6g of fat, that means arouns 410 calories from fat, which at 3000 calories would be around 14%, so that's a little on the high side. Cronometer should break that down for you in the little pie chart. You can hover over it and see what % fat you are at during the day to keep track of how you are doing on that.

14% of calories from fat is not bad as compared to how most people eat, but you'll do lot better on a high fruit diet closer to 10%. Your sugar regulation/utilization/uptake should be a lot better at lower fat percentages.

BEKAH - you should ajust your cronometer settings to fit your body: say minimum calories adjust the settings to 2500cal/day, and then just adjust the daily carbs/protein/fat percentages to 80/10/10... You can adjust these settings on both the desktop and the online versions of cronometer. If you don't adjust them, then the app is simply useless to your lifestyle. 

I know how to set the minimum kcal, but how do you adjust carbs, fat and proteins to 80/10/10 ? I don't see it on the online version, is it only in the desktop app ?

Hi Gousti,
In Cronometer online version, after signing in, click on the profile tab then about 1/2 down the page, on the right side, you should see a little drop down where you can pick your ratio. They have a 30bananasaday.com selection you can choose.

Oh, found it :-) Thanks !

Awesome! You're welcome! :)

Hi Bekah! i have a theory about what you are going through because it happens to me whenever i go from cooked to raw again or just partially cooked to completely raw. when i do this i find that for the first few days i am SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME. just like you, just can't get enough. it's crazy. i think this happens at first when going completely raw because the body's cells are FINALLY getting a beautiful, constant supply of glucose, and the body wants to do as much as it can, via telling you that you're hungry, to stock up on glucose and top of the glycogen reserves because heretofore you were basically just not getting enough calories but it's hard to get the signal that you need more sugar when your body is breaking down a bunch of fat and protein and complex sugars to get the glucose it needs. this will regulate itself in a few days and you probably won't be so ravenous. but until then just eat as much as you need so you have energy and can sleep well at night and in a few days you will start to get used to what your average calorie needs are and won't be quite as ravenous. you will still need a lot of calories though! but right now you may just be playing catch-up.



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