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"Orthorexia nervosa (also known as orthorexia) is a proposed eating disorder or mental disorder characterized by an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy.  The term orthorexia derives from the Greek ορθο- (ortho, "right" or "correct"), and όρεξις (orexis, "appetite"), literally meaning 'correct appetite', but in practice meaning 'correct diet'. It was introduced in 1997 by Steven Bratman, M.D., to be used as a parallel with other eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa."

A term that literally means "correct appetite" is used to describe an eating disorder.  Steven Bratman is such an American.  Does anyone even know what a correct appetite is anymore...?  I almost fear that the government will one day make it illegal to eat healthy. 

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Oh yes, it will not be difficult to condemned someone for orthorexia.

"avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy"

You are avoiding meat, prove it is unhealthy? Prove that you would have been sicker by eating meat? You can't? -> Jail!

I think the real ED is eating in excess all that junk. It is a crime against our body, our health care system and so much more.

knowing our government it probably will end up going that way... so sad.

It's funny how moderation is described in our society as having junk food here and there...which turns out to be everyday...once a day...at least... and if you say no to birthday cake you're a freak.

I love eating healthy and how it makes me feel..i actually despise eating cake or any junk foods because i feel like i have a hangover and have terrible digestion for a day or two. Unless maybe if it's a vegan cupcake..i will eat it but i don't look forward to those kinds of foods like some people. As someone who went from eating nothing but chocolate in my teenage years I'm happy that my taste buds have changed for the better :)

I think orthorexia just has a poor definition. From what I've personally seen of it, the proper definition of it should be more like "the persuit of health to the point of declining health". Orthorexia is when someone is so terrified of everything that it gets to the point that they can't have anything. DR has talked a bit about people he's known who died because they were too scared to drink unfiltered water or too scared to eat non-organic fruit. That is what orthorexia is. It's cutting stuff out because you are absolutely terrified of those foods and you'd rather starve than put them in your body.

I don't consider this lifestyle to be orthorexic simply because I don't feel 'scared' of food, I'm not obsessed. I may not choose to eat things like oil or garlic or vegan cupcakes when I'm at home or cooking for myself, but I wouldn't be scared to eat these things in moderation if I was going out for a meal, if someone baked me something vegan for my birthday, or if I just didn't have my normal access to fruit. I'm able to recognize that those things aren't ideal and they don't make me feel my best, but they're not going to kill me if I eat them every once in a while.

It's true, I think what they're meaning to describe is something way different than a correct appetite.  I find that one almost HAS to obsess (at least at first) if they want to eat right, because it's so hard to avoid so many bad things unless you do really try.  And even then, the world is just not perfect enough anymore to never eat anything bad.  It really takes a lot of research to find out what is truly healthy versus all the things that are labeled healthy.  I guess it takes a balance of working hard to learn the truth and apply it, but also being willing to make appropriate exceptions and not let fear be the driving force...  



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