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Organic vs. conventional produce, my own personal theory...

There are three essential nutrients needed to grow fruit and vegetables; nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.  This combination is used as fertilizer known as NPK.  It is intended to compensate for poor soil fertility and to increase yield (more $$$).  However, fertilizer by it self will not make up for mineral deficient soil.  There are numerous other minerals that can be found in fertile soil like copper, iron, boron, zinc, just to name a few.  Soil lacking in minerals will produce crops with weak immune systems and therefore require pesticides, bactericides, and fungicides to keep them alive.   On the other hand, fertile soil that is rich in minerals will produce crops with strong immune systems and will not need as many pesticides (if at all).  Your fruit will taste better and be better for you, but your yield will be much smaller.   So it's an issue of quantity vs. quality.  Which do you prefer?  Read more here... 



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Dead on, Sharkbite.

Check out what's been happening in the CITRUS INDUSTRY.   Florida oranges, a billion dollar business, is now being threatened by a deadly bacteria that is killing the fruit trees.  So what is the solution?  Spray em!  Who cares about quality, right?!  Quantity is where you make all the money so companies like Pepsico can make orange juice out of it.  Besides, another pesticide ain't gonna hurt.  There is already unsafe levels of fungicide in the orange juice.  

Here is a quote from the article...

"But organic orange production reduces the fertilizer-related energy use by about one-half and the pesticide-related energy use by two-thirds, the Cornell University study showed."

Here is the article that discusses problems that arise for organic vs. conventional farming.


I feel it's especially important to eat organic greens and I grow them and don't wash them.  I also eat organic dates, one of my daily staples but for the most part must eat conventional to afford it.  As an organic gardener I'm still learning ways to increase yield, greens never seem to be a problem.  I prefer quality but cannot always afford it but am thankful to eat the way I do anyway.    Thankful there is always food on my table period.

Organic food tastes so much better.  Especially veggies like celery, if you eat organic celery its like eating it for the first time, and if you go back to conventional you can clearly taste the pesticides and chemicals on it.  But lets also remember that just because its organic doesnt mean no pesticides or fertilizers, just "natural" ones that in some cases can be harmful as well.  And depends on the company, location, soil quality like you said etc.  Not all organic is created equally ;)

I agree.  Organic celery tastes so good.   I also tried organic lettuce.  I was surprised how much flavor it had.  Mmmmm good!  

Conventional is absolutely a disaster. so do what you can, but think long term about what you're contributing to. I'm eating conventional bananas and sweet potatoes and conventional steamed broccoli and tomatoes, and working fast food. Savings are going to a certification in health, I think I want to be a massage therapist as a shorter term goal. Anything to be able to stop working at dunkin donuts and afford organic produce.

I also need to get "the man" (my dad in my situation) to back off and let me put some plants in his garden and on his big stupid lawn). He is completely against food-bearing perennials right now, and any suggestions I have it seems



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