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Oranges to Blame? Not buying it! + Citrus appreciation discussion

This isn't a particularly angry rant, just an observation that oranges get blamed quite a bit on this site and I am wondering why? There was one discussion about stomach pain and orange-banana smoothies were getting the blame and then this new one about teeth http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/three-years-on-this-diet-... and though I dont have the links I remember more.


As someone who has consistently drank gallons and gallons of fresh orange juice during citrus season for years, not even being 100% 811rv (although I have for the last 9 days!) If someone were going to have issues as a result of oranges and orange juice mixes, it would be me! Oranges are amazing and if you have an electric citrus juicer one of the most delicious ways to get in calories when dates and bananas don't appeal.


I am not entirely certain about the whole ripe unripe thing regarding oranges,  as I just judge by sweetness, which seems dandy in my book. Do I know if my citrus was sunripened, no! Do I care? Only somewhat....if it is sweet, I'll eat it.


Leave my oranges alone! I dont really believe that they did anything wrong to you, and if you really think that they have (aside from citrus allergy) prove me wrong....


Otherwise, I invite you CITRUS LOVERS! to share everything you love about citrus from its golden color, to the way it goes so well with everything (taste wise at least) to the beauty of their trees! 


Citrus season is upon us and I could not be happier! $20 cases of heirlooms will be in the stores here in Portland in no time! 

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Yeah! I'm with you! Leave my oranges alone! You can take my blues, here you go, and maybe some of my greens if you absolutely must; my yellows I'd rather keep as they make me go all mellow, though I suppose you could have some if you ask nicely. While I'd hate to let you take all my reds, you can have most of my blacks and browns, that's cool.


But you leave my oranges alone, you get that?!?

Lol! :)

I was going to post an 'ode to oranges' thread, tis the season!!!! :D


Well banana and  orange is a combo abombo, we must practice good food combining.  The other thing about citrus is that like other fruit, it must be eaten ripe or it will burn your mouth and tummy.  One more thing to know is it does not ripen once picked.


I feel like I am eating or drinking liquid sunshine when consuming oranges.  Around our house we call O.J. "liquid gold" because it is so precious.  My young daughter says they are also great because they make mango soup! :)


Here are a good couple of threads on oranges: 

Better to get the last of the valencias or the first of the navels?

Topic 'Are the Navels ready yet?'



Oh yes and last year I did 2 weeks solo on red grapes and navel oranges, pure bliss!!!! :D

Oranges are the best! A faithful friend is hard to find=) I can eat tons of them and be fine, only if I eat just oranges i tend to stop liking their taste after 2 days so I figure its not good to eat just oranges, but I use them as a staple pretty much <3



Firstly, the effects of citrus depends on the ripeness. Acidity reduces as the fruits are left on the tree longer to ripen. When picked too early in the season, they can be too acidic which WILL damage teeth.


Secondly, the effects of citrus on the body depends on whether it is consumed juiced or as a whole food. If we consume juice, there is less contact with the teeth. If you juice 16 oranges versus eat 16 oranges, you will have a totally different exposure time and concentration with the teeth.


If you live in a country where citrus is grown locally, and you consume ripe citrus which is mostly juiced, then you will probably be alright. If you have citrus that has travelled distance, having been picked too early to make sure it lasts during travel and storage, then you might not be.


Sweetness is the general indicator of ripeness with oranges, as is acid taste. generally as sugar content increases with ripeness, acidity decreases.


As for food combining, different peoples digestive systems are more sensitive than others. And the effects will be determined again not just by ripenes, but by ratios of bananas:oranges and whether the oranges were added whole or juiced.


Lots of people DO get teeth damage on this diet. You can bury your head in the sand because you eat locally grown, ripe sweet oranges, consumed mostly juiced. But other people have experienced problems in the past. This is not an unfamiliar problem.


Take care


Adam x

Hey Adam,


From what I have learned, a high water content acid fruit such as oranges and a low-water content sweet fruit such as bananas will require different digestion time and enzymes which, if eaten together, will cause less than optimal digestion even for those who experience no noticeable symptoms and can cause problems over the long run. 


"As indicated by Dr. Cason, there is an individual variation in the response to certain food combinations. This would seem to account for the fact that certain people exhibit overt symptoms from the use of certain food combinations, while others do not. However, the mere fact that overt symptoms are not observed is not proof, per se, that the food is being properly utilized."



What do you think?

While I think that in some cases, and with certain populations food combining is important, I generally think it is over emphasized in the raw food community.

If most your meals are mono, it is fairly easy to eat some meals more complicated, at least for myself. I know a lot of people complain about what happens when they eat large mono fruit meals and low fat cooked carb meals in the same day, or even all raw people who say they get issues from fruit combining. Maybe it is a relatively individual thing?

I dont really know, I just know that I have not really experienced negative results from food combining, with the exception of fats and sugars, which is always a no no to me,mostly because I think that the sweetness leads to overeating on fats which feels icky. I feel that it is wrong to go too much on personal experience and I generally trust what is written in the research, and my college nutrition textbook has a rather lengthy side chapter on the myths around food combining. It gets a lot into the science of why our bodies can handle complicated meals, and while I am in to way advocating that this is BETTER than eating simply, and mono, I dont see why it cant be done when you feel like it. Fruit is more desirable in mono form I find when you are eating it whole, but with smoothies I kind think all bets are off and it is fun to get creative. 


I also am not sure about correlating citrus consumption with teeth problems. I understand the acid thing,and I usually always have water near by even if I eating juicy fruit or juice, so I probably rinse my mouth frequently. Even so, the acid on the enamel of the teeth should be fine if there is good hygiene habits of rinsing the teeth and mouth after fruit meals, like people have been told to do always with any meal since birth! 


Gotta have good hygiene people! Dont blame the oranges! 


Speaking of citrus,  I myself just enjoyed 6lbs of whole satsumas! yum yum! 


Shot out to Anne Osborne for her wonderful chapter on Mono Orange Island in her book. 

Oh and Adam,

I will also take into consideration that maybe I am super lucky and have never had an underipe orange. All the oranges Ive ever had on the east coast and west coast of the US have always been ripe. Do you not get ripe citrus in the UK from southern parts of Europe or Middle East? 

I know unripe fruits are not ideal, but is it better to blend them and get the calories from them instead of wasting them if there are a lot of unripe ones?

I started the cavity discussion and feel I am the ultimate orange lover eating nearly 40 a day, somtimes more. Maybe I have paid the price, maybe not...but I'm not willing to give them up :)  Maybe part of your luck has to do with juicing them because I never had a problem until I began sucking the juice out myself. 

I adore citrus too (I had some oranges today!) but I do think that in huge amounts the acid can be bad for teeth. I also have heard stories of it upsetting some people's stomachs.


A food can be great but also have some negative qualities...


No food is truly "perfect" :)



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