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Orange and Cucumber 10 Day Challenge! A dynamic Duo!

I've read about the positive experiences that people have had eating only one type of fruit for an extended period of time.  I haven't ever tried it myself, and now feel I want to give it a shot. 

Over the last 5 weeks I've been running a lot less than usual.  I had to cut back on my running for a few reasons:

I came down with a bad virus after running 296 miles in 8 days and sleeping very little.  This side tracked me for almost 2 weeks. 

Then I got kinda lazy getting back into my regular running routine to be honest (yea, it can happen!) 

Hence I've put on about 4-5lbs of fat over my peak running weight.    I want to get back in top form to run a few more marathons and ultra marathons before the end of this year. So it's time to try this 'duo diet' for a while. 

I am a big fan of high water content fruits.  I've experience my best running and physical performances when I am eating primarily citrus (oranges mainly).  I never really get sick of oranges - especially the Valencia's that I am getting now.  So I figured my fruit of choice would be fantastic organic Valencia oranges. 

But I also want to have a 2ndary option for the times when I just can't eat another orange, which I'm sure will happen many times over a 10 day period. 

I thought about the option of celery, but I feel it's a bit harder to digest and too 'tough' if I was going to be eating a ton of it.  I also considered Asian pears, as they are extremely juicy and 'light'.  Watermelon was another thought.  But I've decided that pealed cucumbers and then taking out the seeds and just eating the crunchy part would be ideal in my mind. 

So I'm starting Friday October 22nd, and having the goal of 10 days, just eating oranges and cucumbers.  (The reason I'm starting October 22nd is because I have to eat all the other food in my house!)

I will continue to do my regular run training.  I have no plans of changing my lifestyle at all during this time.  I expect to eat at least a case of oranges and 10-15lbs of cucumbers per day.  I also expect to drop about 1/4 to 1/2 a lb a day of fat (I'm currently at about 124 and expect to get to 118 which is my ideal race weight).

I will not be counting calories and have no plans to focus on eating less, rather I plan to eat an insane amount of oranges as my primary calories.  Yet I know from experience that I will drop body fat for sure no matter how many citrus calories I take in.

Anyone interested in joining in?  We can keep each other motivated and see what it's like to try something new!

***If you plan on joining in on this 10 day adventure with me please post below. If you're not on board please refrain from commenting so we can keep the thread communications and experiences only for the people on board.  Yet, if you have done a challenge like this and want to offer some supportive comments/experience then please do post. 

Thank you.


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Hey Fred, take a hike man. You are talking about things you don't know much about. Spend some more time reading up on all my history before you tell me how to live for health. I've achieved more on this diet physically than just about anyone on the planet. The reason I came down with a hard core virus is because I ran 296 miles in 8 days on only 40 hours of sleep - SLEEP was the issue, not my diet. I've got credibility to lend my man...
Do you want to performmoderately? Do you like to experience life on a moderate level? I am not interested in living for as long as I can Fred, I'm interested in living as WELL as I can, and at peak levels. I eat fruit because it makes me feel good - it makes me feel good right this very moment, and that's what I want - to feel good now! Cancer, immunity, stress, I don't understand what you are talking about Fred...

I am wasting my time trying to talk to you... sorry
please leave me alone, thanks.
Mono-eating for several days or weeks is probably the best gift we can give our health. It leads to increased absorption of nutrients due to the simplicity hence we are actually obtaining a broader spectrum on nutrients from our food because our absorption is more efficient.

Doug knew a lady who ate grapes ONLY for something like 10+ years and was in amazing health...however I do believe nature provided us with an abundance of fruit variety for a reason so I don't recommend mono'ing for years on end :)
Doug also knows of people who died by mono dieting for great lengths of time. We need a balance. In nature we would come across an orchard of one fruit. We would eat it (the fruit) for a few days until it was gone and / or there were no more ripe or soon to be ripe fruit left. Then we would move onto the next orchard we find and repeat with another fruit. This is our evolutionary path and the best way to eat. One fruit for a few days then onto the next. A few leaves or shoots thrown in between for some minerals.
Yes that's right Harrison and this a big part of the reason I like 811 and Dr D's recommendations so much, because he is prides himself on being objective. We just tend to think a little differently as far as 'emotional eating' goes.
Hang on, I need to check with my horse to find out how many calories she's had today.........

......OK, based on the entries she's put into Nutridiary, she's at 1200 for the day. Been a little emotional, what with the new horse in the next pasture. I've added some grain and an extra flake of hay......

Sorry, couldn't resist - pointing out the absurd by being absurd.

When first starting, sure counting calories isn't a bad idea, because most people don't know how to eat enough. After a while, not necessary for most. However, there's no reason why someone shouldn't continue to count calories, if that's what they have to due to succeed or if it's of interest to them. For me, I'll sometimes get a general idea of how much is required to get in the ball park. On this oranges thing, I'll eat somewhere between 40 and 70 in a day. Won't know how many that will be until the end of the day, and I won't be logging how much it was. Don't care for that level of organization in my life. I guess I'm officially in.
I have a very interesting topic of discussion that I am doing a video on right now, it's about 'grazing vs. meals' and calorie counting etc. I think it's a good debate, and I have some interesting personal experiences about how I've evolved to eating since counting cals, meals, and then into what I now consider a much more natural and satisfying way of eating...grazing all day long. Anyway, hope to get this on youtube within the next week
Hey Michael :) I Look forward to your video. Some days I graze but most day I feel best with meals, it just seems to have evolved to that after nearly 4 years however everyone is different. I hope your video includes the importance of counting calories as a newbie. Most people who are fresh to this lifestyle 'listen to their bodies' and it comes back with 'I feel like a double quarter powder with cheese'. We wouldn't push the 'count calories' mantra if it wasn't after years of experience helping newbies succeed on this lifestyle. Many people are looking for an excuse not to count calories when they join this lifestyle but it is to their detriment. The turn over rate for newbies on this lifestyle is huge.
My 2 cents. The digestive system is an organ, just like the liver, or even like a muscle. It needs to work hard but also rest. We do rest it at night when sleeping but that isn't enough rest. If you graze all day it never gets a break. Even a glass of water triggers every part of the digestive system. The pancreas, salivary glands, enzyme producing glands all start to work as soon as the water touches your tongue. I also don't think that animals in nature graze all day, only the ones that eat grass like cows, sheep, etc. because they need to consume so much grass to get enough calories, animals like tigers, wolves, monkeys, etc. who eat higher on the food chain (more dense food) tend to eat much less often. Some once a day some twice or three times but they do not graze.
We need to look at the animals that are closest to our physiological makeup and that would be the bonobos etc. Our digestive system is similar to apes and gorillas that nibble, or graze on food all day long (and do not suffer from obesity), yet we have developed a very different pattern of eating.
"Meals" is a left over habit from eating in a cooked food society. 'Meals' as how we were brought up to experience these huge projects of preparation, planning and even artistic nature of cooked food.

As a fruitarian I let nature create my food and I don't try to make it into a perverted 'meal' by cooking it and creating ill health for myself. Grazing all day is eating all day, which is how I never get hungry or full, I"m just HAPPY and Satisfied all day long...
That doesn't mean you can't share some food with another person, but STUFFING yourself to get enough calories in (raw food cals) in only a few times a day is just painful and unnatural if you ask me.

I've read some people say about meals being more 'natural' and using the example of 'stumbling on an apple tree, you'd eat as much as you can' etc etc, well I don't think in todays society we 'stumble' on an apple tree 3 times a day! We are natural gatherer's and eating all day in a pace that is in 'moderation' is more functional in getting in all the cals you need without suffering trying to do it only 3 times a day.
I guess it comes down to what we prefer as individuals. Sometimes I graze but mostly its large meals that I can comfortably eat.

Our stomach is like our legs, the more fruit we put in, the stronger our digestion becomes over time. Thats why fasters must have little meals when breaking their fast vs larger meals- their digestive strength has atrophied during the fast and will get stronger again with use.



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