30 Bananas a Day!

Orange and Cucumber 10 Day Challenge! A dynamic Duo!

I've read about the positive experiences that people have had eating only one type of fruit for an extended period of time.  I haven't ever tried it myself, and now feel I want to give it a shot. 

Over the last 5 weeks I've been running a lot less than usual.  I had to cut back on my running for a few reasons:

I came down with a bad virus after running 296 miles in 8 days and sleeping very little.  This side tracked me for almost 2 weeks. 

Then I got kinda lazy getting back into my regular running routine to be honest (yea, it can happen!) 

Hence I've put on about 4-5lbs of fat over my peak running weight.    I want to get back in top form to run a few more marathons and ultra marathons before the end of this year. So it's time to try this 'duo diet' for a while. 

I am a big fan of high water content fruits.  I've experience my best running and physical performances when I am eating primarily citrus (oranges mainly).  I never really get sick of oranges - especially the Valencia's that I am getting now.  So I figured my fruit of choice would be fantastic organic Valencia oranges. 

But I also want to have a 2ndary option for the times when I just can't eat another orange, which I'm sure will happen many times over a 10 day period. 

I thought about the option of celery, but I feel it's a bit harder to digest and too 'tough' if I was going to be eating a ton of it.  I also considered Asian pears, as they are extremely juicy and 'light'.  Watermelon was another thought.  But I've decided that pealed cucumbers and then taking out the seeds and just eating the crunchy part would be ideal in my mind. 

So I'm starting Friday October 22nd, and having the goal of 10 days, just eating oranges and cucumbers.  (The reason I'm starting October 22nd is because I have to eat all the other food in my house!)

I will continue to do my regular run training.  I have no plans of changing my lifestyle at all during this time.  I expect to eat at least a case of oranges and 10-15lbs of cucumbers per day.  I also expect to drop about 1/4 to 1/2 a lb a day of fat (I'm currently at about 124 and expect to get to 118 which is my ideal race weight).

I will not be counting calories and have no plans to focus on eating less, rather I plan to eat an insane amount of oranges as my primary calories.  Yet I know from experience that I will drop body fat for sure no matter how many citrus calories I take in.

Anyone interested in joining in?  We can keep each other motivated and see what it's like to try something new!

***If you plan on joining in on this 10 day adventure with me please post below. If you're not on board please refrain from commenting so we can keep the thread communications and experiences only for the people on board.  Yet, if you have done a challenge like this and want to offer some supportive comments/experience then please do post. 

Thank you.


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Anne and Michael. You seem to be the 2 people I would get an agreeable answer from seeing as how your big time orange enthusiasts so here's where I'm confused: I feel bad n dirty like I ate a cooked meal when I eat dates or bananas, but.... they make me feel completely satisfied. Also I'm thinking it feels good to have enough calories in my system to not have to acess stored fat as a sidekick energy supply.

Watermelon and oranges on the other hand make me feel super n less restricted by gravity, but.....at the same time I don't feel full (still hungry actually) n also like I am accessing stored (dirty) fat calories for an energy supplement as a result of not having enough fresh calories to supply my body's energy needs exclusively.

In either case I am sure that my body is not efficiently and thoroughly processing either the light or heavy meals. It feels like the "stucko" you mentioned mike, is clogging up the "piping" and "pockets" of which the fruit sugar nourishment travels through to its destination and is then processed or stored.

Maybe I need to eat lighter then I will in the future in order to burn up the old fatty deposits? Or should I eat the load and just let them burn off slowly? Man I could swear my body registers bananas and dates as stucko. CarboHYDRATEs is what we need right? Are those two less ideal being less hydrated???

In genuine desire of your love in the form of clarification enabled by oranges and peaches.
Dear Jim,
I found my first extended mono-Orange juice diet in 1995 to be important to me because afterwards I felt like all the fruit I was eating was doing me so much more good. It was like I was much better assimilating the nutrients from fruit. So my long-term satisfaction on a fruit diet was, I feel, greatly aided by my first Oj diet.

I think you need to be satisfied on whatever fruit/s you are eating.
Oranges do leave me feeling satisfied and with enough energy to do what I want (and need to do) in life.
So I find Oranges not only so hydrating and cleansing but also nutritionally satisfying.
I have noticed feeling more satisfied on properly ripe organic, local, and Biodynamic Oranges than I have on more conventionally grown fruit.
If the Oranges are picked under-ripe then they will, I feel, not have developed the same level of nutrients as an orange left to ripen on the tree.
So quality and ripeness is very important to me when I mono on Oranges.

If you do not have the energy that you need on Oranges, then you may need to include other fruits until you transition to the point where Oranges are meeting your needs.

Wishing you a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches
from Anne XX.
Anne, I am so grateful to you sharing your experiences with us. Thank you so SO much
I can really identify with your experience with dates and bananas. I don't like to talk bad about other natural fruits, rather I like to talk about how much I LOVE high water content fruits, how they make me feel my best. To talk bad about bananas and dates will negatively impact all the new people that are trying to transition to this diet - that NEED bananas and dates to get off cooked food.

I have a section on my website called 'advanced fruitarianism' where I will continue to make new videos on subjects that I find should be discussed for people that have been living this lifestyle for a longer period of time.

I feel I have advanced in this diet and lifestyle at a very rapid pace due to my extreme exercise routines. My body cycled out detox and emotional issues with cooked foods so fast from the immense running that I've been doing for years now eating a fruitarian diet.

I type this with some hesitation: Yes I too feel some 'cooked food' effects when I eat a lot of bananas or dates. So I stay away from them usually (there are exceptions though), and I go with high water content foods - yet if you don't literally eat all day long on high water content foods you'll be eating cooked foods, fat raw foods and binging.

I don't need to eat nearly as much as I used to when I first started on this diet, and the longer I stay on the diet the less calories I need, but for people starting out, they only have good odds of sticking with this if they eat tons of dense fruits like bananas, persimmons, dates, etc

Eating mostly oranges in the past has resulted in almost an altered state like I'm almost a bit buzzed on some drug or something. Yet my mind is razor sharp and I almost have unlimited energy, extreme positive attitude, and mental focus that is almost laser vision in intensity. There is a transition period to 'break through' to this point, and everyone has a path to reach this point. I am certain by day 3 on oranges and cucumbers I am going to experience this altered state of existence again - and my running is going to be as if I am flying, effortless and without limits.
wow interesting thanks for sharing Michael. After 4 years one of my favourite meals (& the meal I feel best after & most sustained) is bananas and dates blended. I know being really hydrated is vital and of course mega ripe spotty bananas. That being said I do love my juicy fruits!
Yeh for me there is nothing like fresh dates ooooh gooey caramel :D
check out our banana stash as of 5 mins ago... bananas as far as the eye can see lol

Is it true that dehydrated people are more attracted to juicy fruits? It seems to make sense. When I'm dry I want juicy more.
Anne, where are you getting blood oranges?! Do you think I could get a couple cases if i come to glass house?
they are coming from Rocklea markets in Brisbane, so you should be able to get some direct from Rocklea.
I am getting boxes of them from Camlo's fruit shop, but they are coming from Rocklea.
I heard they are $19 a box from Rocklea, and I pay $23.40.
Love and Peaches XX♥
I'm in. I need it.
I'm in. I need to get back in shape and this would be a good head start to lose some extra weight.

Oranges are going out of season here in OZ so theres a chance i will add in another juicy fruit as well to supplement - perhaps mangos?! We'll see. Either way it will be a super juicy super simple diet.



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