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Orange and Cucumber 10 Day Challenge! A dynamic Duo!

I've read about the positive experiences that people have had eating only one type of fruit for an extended period of time.  I haven't ever tried it myself, and now feel I want to give it a shot. 

Over the last 5 weeks I've been running a lot less than usual.  I had to cut back on my running for a few reasons:

I came down with a bad virus after running 296 miles in 8 days and sleeping very little.  This side tracked me for almost 2 weeks. 

Then I got kinda lazy getting back into my regular running routine to be honest (yea, it can happen!) 

Hence I've put on about 4-5lbs of fat over my peak running weight.    I want to get back in top form to run a few more marathons and ultra marathons before the end of this year. So it's time to try this 'duo diet' for a while. 

I am a big fan of high water content fruits.  I've experience my best running and physical performances when I am eating primarily citrus (oranges mainly).  I never really get sick of oranges - especially the Valencia's that I am getting now.  So I figured my fruit of choice would be fantastic organic Valencia oranges. 

But I also want to have a 2ndary option for the times when I just can't eat another orange, which I'm sure will happen many times over a 10 day period. 

I thought about the option of celery, but I feel it's a bit harder to digest and too 'tough' if I was going to be eating a ton of it.  I also considered Asian pears, as they are extremely juicy and 'light'.  Watermelon was another thought.  But I've decided that pealed cucumbers and then taking out the seeds and just eating the crunchy part would be ideal in my mind. 

So I'm starting Friday October 22nd, and having the goal of 10 days, just eating oranges and cucumbers.  (The reason I'm starting October 22nd is because I have to eat all the other food in my house!)

I will continue to do my regular run training.  I have no plans of changing my lifestyle at all during this time.  I expect to eat at least a case of oranges and 10-15lbs of cucumbers per day.  I also expect to drop about 1/4 to 1/2 a lb a day of fat (I'm currently at about 124 and expect to get to 118 which is my ideal race weight).

I will not be counting calories and have no plans to focus on eating less, rather I plan to eat an insane amount of oranges as my primary calories.  Yet I know from experience that I will drop body fat for sure no matter how many citrus calories I take in.

Anyone interested in joining in?  We can keep each other motivated and see what it's like to try something new!

***If you plan on joining in on this 10 day adventure with me please post below. If you're not on board please refrain from commenting so we can keep the thread communications and experiences only for the people on board.  Yet, if you have done a challenge like this and want to offer some supportive comments/experience then please do post. 

Thank you.


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I think it is important for anyone relatively new to raw to count calories if they want to do this diet long term and not crash.

I agree with this UNLESS counting calories is going to freak them out if they are eating more than they are supposed to according to mainstream nutrition. While I am more active now, when I started eating 811 I had a desk job and therefore was only "supposed" to eat around 1800 calories a day - less if I wanted to lose weight and seeing almost twice that amount in cronometer day after day bothered me. So I agree that counting calories can be super-important for some people, but for me it was a bad idea. (Although I do have other ways of seeing whether I am undereating.)

Yeah, I think I was able to get that many calories in (and some days it in the mid-3000's) because I could snack all day at my job. Eating wasn't my problem, but unfortunately I worried too much about putting on weight (which did happen in the early days).

Ah, sorry for hijacking this thread! (good luck to everyone!)
I think what HArley meant was that you should get enough calories so you don't binge.
Hmmm I'm the exact opposite. I counted calories when I was underweight and concerned about getting fat. Now that I stopped worrying I eat many more calories, and likely more than I need for my training, which I'm completely ok with. Although I do have a rough idea of how much I'm eating, although I'm not concerned.
I agree. and I am only doing it b/c Michael dared me and I am a dare baby...lol...I take on his wacky challenge and then he sees how great I really am..hahhahah, and oh yeah, I need to cleanse a bit..not sure I am going the full 10 days..then I think I will binge on everything in sight and that just aint cool..I will go as far as I feel I should ..maybe a few days logistically.
Usually, dieters count calories to make sure they're not getting too much. On LFRV, you'll most likely be counting calories to make sure you're getting enough. That's quite a bit different. I agree with DR. Early on my LFRV journey, counting calories was very helpful for me, and I still do it once in a while, especially when I'm extra active.
yes but Michael is like a manarexic b/c he wants to keep the weight off for running races..geez, so glad I am not like that..lol
Okay I am in! um, I think..ahhhh, what am I getting myself into??????
Kathleen, you don't understand how much I LOVED LOVED that run up and over that mountain ridge. Post some pictures of that Pacific Northwest paradise!
When I"m on mostly oranges I almost have xray vision, lol, seriously, I get so focused mentally and visually, it's like I get some Jedi power or something. I expect you'll be running up to that lookout on Rattlesnake like a gazel when we're on vacation on OJ Cucumber land lol
Sorry to clutter, but you asked;

Winter in the Pacific Northwest
Dang, that's a great price. I knew I was getting ripped off here in corn country. I'm paying $24 for the same amount of conventional valencias at the wholesaler :(
Dear Michael,
I am currently on the Blood Orange train, so I'm in ♥
Best Wishes ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.
You are my inspiration Anne, can't wait to join you ;)
Love and Oranges,



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