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Orange and Cucumber 10 Day Challenge! A dynamic Duo!

I've read about the positive experiences that people have had eating only one type of fruit for an extended period of time.  I haven't ever tried it myself, and now feel I want to give it a shot. 

Over the last 5 weeks I've been running a lot less than usual.  I had to cut back on my running for a few reasons:

I came down with a bad virus after running 296 miles in 8 days and sleeping very little.  This side tracked me for almost 2 weeks. 

Then I got kinda lazy getting back into my regular running routine to be honest (yea, it can happen!) 

Hence I've put on about 4-5lbs of fat over my peak running weight.    I want to get back in top form to run a few more marathons and ultra marathons before the end of this year. So it's time to try this 'duo diet' for a while. 

I am a big fan of high water content fruits.  I've experience my best running and physical performances when I am eating primarily citrus (oranges mainly).  I never really get sick of oranges - especially the Valencia's that I am getting now.  So I figured my fruit of choice would be fantastic organic Valencia oranges. 

But I also want to have a 2ndary option for the times when I just can't eat another orange, which I'm sure will happen many times over a 10 day period. 

I thought about the option of celery, but I feel it's a bit harder to digest and too 'tough' if I was going to be eating a ton of it.  I also considered Asian pears, as they are extremely juicy and 'light'.  Watermelon was another thought.  But I've decided that pealed cucumbers and then taking out the seeds and just eating the crunchy part would be ideal in my mind. 

So I'm starting Friday October 22nd, and having the goal of 10 days, just eating oranges and cucumbers.  (The reason I'm starting October 22nd is because I have to eat all the other food in my house!)

I will continue to do my regular run training.  I have no plans of changing my lifestyle at all during this time.  I expect to eat at least a case of oranges and 10-15lbs of cucumbers per day.  I also expect to drop about 1/4 to 1/2 a lb a day of fat (I'm currently at about 124 and expect to get to 118 which is my ideal race weight).

I will not be counting calories and have no plans to focus on eating less, rather I plan to eat an insane amount of oranges as my primary calories.  Yet I know from experience that I will drop body fat for sure no matter how many citrus calories I take in.

Anyone interested in joining in?  We can keep each other motivated and see what it's like to try something new!

***If you plan on joining in on this 10 day adventure with me please post below. If you're not on board please refrain from commenting so we can keep the thread communications and experiences only for the people on board.  Yet, if you have done a challenge like this and want to offer some supportive comments/experience then please do post. 

Thank you.


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yeah! welcome aboard Karmyn! and kiss that baby for me! haha
as if you are not bikini ready already...very very funny Karmyn!!!lol
hey Mike, are you going for organic cukes or conventional?
I'm going to try to get my supply tomorrow morning and if I get lucky I'll get organic, but my first priority is top quality taste/condition of the fruit. Whatever tastes best is what I'm going for!
so you don't freak out about cukes not being organic in that quantity due to pesticides?
Hi, Guys . . .

I have really enjoyed reading this thread. . . some very intelligent discussion. Love reading everyone's stuff! ♥

I am happy for all you folks doing the orange feast. I get it and for some there may be lots of benefits. I LOVE good valencia oranges myself! Just want to add my thoughts in case they resonate with someone. I don't like to decide way in advance with my mind what I am going to do with my body. I much prefer to live in the moment and listen to my body, which is always changing. What it needs and wants right now is not what it may need/want at this time tomorrow or even an hour from now. Same with my mind!

There are lots of reasons I like to just take one day at a time, including practical reasons. What if I decide today to eat only oranges for 2 weeks, but a friend brings me some awesome perfectly ripe honeydews tomorrow that I would LOVE to eat instead?!

I'll just say that in general it feels restrictive to me to choose my food for weeks ahead of time.

There are times when I do go days on just one thing, if I come across something really good in abundance and that's all I want. But I don't plan for it in advance. It just happens naturally. To me, there is a big difference.

It was also a great discussion on liquidy fruits like oranges and melons vs. denser fruits like bananas and dates. It seems to me that each fruit has its' own special properties and effects and we can enjoy all of them! Muscadine grapes bliss me out, honeydew makes me giggle, bananas are delicious and soothing and filling, oranges are uplifting and make me feel bright! Really, what fruit does to us and for us is beyond words. ♥

And Michael, I am eating just like you! All day long, from morning 'til night, whatever I want whenever I want as long as it's fruit. I LOVE it this way. I am snacking all day on the best sugar on the planet! What a life!!!
Thanks Jules, I really enjoy reading your posts.
I am a big believer in grazing all day rather than meals, it's the surest way to get in enough cals, basically just don't stop eating! LOL what is better than that!
Well, I am a big Michael fan! Thank you so much.

Your recent video is OUTSTANDING. You and Victoria are hilarious together . . . like Ricky and Lucy! Ha, ha.

The continuation of this thread was ended so the 10 day challenge could be started 'fresh' without the 'pre-challenge' discussion log here. The new thread can be found here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/orange-and-cucumber-10-day-1

Please only post on the new thread if you are joining this challenge as a participant.



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