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Do not post comments unrelated to your experience over the 10 day period.


Please keep your posts to the point, summerize your writing so that it stays within a reasonable amount of text.    


This is a supportive discussion to help each of us stick to the 10 day challenge:
If you drop out please do not talk about it until the 10 day period is over.  The rest of us want to stay motivated to continue. 



The day number of the challenge period, example: Today is my report on the 5th day


Daily food intake (Calories/weight consumed/ect)


How much you slept


How much you exercised


Your physical, emotional and mental state/general feeling


Other misc things you might want to comment on, such as:
Weight gain/loss, exercise performance, digestion, bathroom, skin/hair/unique experiences and observations.


For your first post feel free to give us some short general summary of your current status, example:
- current weight/height
- current activity level
- how long you have been 811/955/fruitarian
- why you are doing this 10 day OJ/Cuke diet

If you want to give a lot of detail then post a link to a blog post that people can read if they are interested in learning more about you.


If you want to argue with someone, email them, please keep the posts clean.


Let's all do our best to create an open public journal of how each of us experienced this 10 day orange and cucumber diet.


The pre-challenge discussion can be found here: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/orange-and-cucumber-10-day


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Day 1: It's 12:09am on October 22nd. I've just finished my last non orange/cuke meal (lots tomatoes).

My current weight is 123.5lbs (Tanita scale says 7.4% fat) (5'4'' tall), I expect to be 118lbs and 3% fat by day 10

My current activity level is pretty high: I am running about 110-120 miles a week with 2 hard intensity days

I've been a 955/fruitarian for almost 3 years now

I'm doing this 10 day challenge to drop some body fat for upcoming fall marathons and to see how my body responds to eating mostly oranges which I believe will give me superior health and vitality.

I should also mention that I'm starting this challenge with the additional goal of sleeping more and getting to bed before 10:30pm each night. I am currently sleep deprived from working a lot of hours the last few weeks. I also have some emotional stress dealing with some issues I'm having taking care of my elderly sick father. I hope the transition period/adjusting to only oranges and cukes will happen quickly and I won't be too moody, I plan to eat at least a 40lb case of organic valencia oranges a day for my main calories and 10-15lbs of cukes for 'fun'. I'm generally excited about this challenge and am looking forward to day 5 when I suspect I will be 'in the zone' and feeling fantastic.

Good luck everyone!
Day 1: I just woke up hungry from not eating enough tonight. So I cleaned out what was left from the refrigerator - salad with mucho tomatoes from my garden that rocked.

* I am armed with a case of organic Valencias and a case of cukes to start. I just buy them by the case as I need them.

* My current stats are: weight 103.2 lbs., 5',1"

* Current activity level - 90 min of Bikram yoga and my home workouts

* Fruitarian since Jan/10, 9 months

I'm doing this challenge because I'm in the process of stripping my last remaining couple of pounds (more like 3lbs. of fat), which has been stubborn. So this will be interesting to see the results. I have noticed that the body is on it's on schedule and you just have to do your part and it will take care of the rest.

My only concern is that this challenge because of it being so lean and watery will keep me awake. I am definitely not out to deprive myself of calories so I'll probably be getting most of my cals in the form of juice.

Love & Peas
Day 1:

Height: 5'7

Weight: 121.6

Current activity level: moderately active--I hike in the mountains and I also do body weight exercises and I enjoy dancing

I've been lfrv since April 2008

I'm doing this diet because I'm going to Hawaii next month and I want to look as good as I did in Panama when I reached my lowest weight of 115.6 lbs.
Day one - morning finished mangoes and pineapples rest of the day oranges and cukes, done chest and biceps workout in the morning then one hour running

Current weight 78kg,

Activity level running, working out

Fruitarian for 1 month

Want to try super mono diet and consequences
very creative Kathleen
Thanks Kathleen, this was my dinner too now! Wow are cucumbers good when you eat oranges all day ;)
October 22nd.
Day one of this challenge, my recent history is I have been on Blood Orange juice for the past 22 days.

I am excited to join in this challenge because I was already riding on the Orange Juice Train.
I am on an Orange mono-diet because I find that Oranges give me the energy to do what I need and want to do, keep me well hydrated, and help my body to house cleanse.
I also feel happy on Oranges, and my flexibility improves.
I feel 'light' but also strong.

I also find that getting nourishment from one fruit helps me to appreciate the huge variety of the fruit world.
Also, I find that eating mono brings a refreshing simplicity to my life.

I don't know my weight at the moment as my Tanita conked out, it is currently at the scales hospital; so if the weights and measurement doctors can fix it up, I will start recording my weight. I guess I am around 50/51kg 110/112.2lbs, height is 166cm 5' 5" at the moment.

Amount of Oranges today:
23 large Blood Oranges

40 minute workout
30 minutes walking
30 minutes dancing

2 hours

7 hours

Today I have good energy, I also feel mentally clear, and I feel very appreciative of my life ♥

Best Wishes to Everyone ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

I think this Blood Orange looks like a Map of the World!

Day 1: It is 6:15 pm

Current weight a hefty 119.5 lbs 5'0

I have been on and off of 811 for 3 years. The most I had done was 2 months and I looked great. I want to get my mojo back and get into running faster and better. It hurts to run when you carry too much weight.

I go raw all day and then eat a vegan cooked meal at night. I want to be able to get rid of that cooked meal, so I think this will jump start that. Not sure how long I will stay on this challenge, so I will take it one bite at a time.

As I made my kids some dinner I was a little bit upset that I had to only stick to Oranges and cucumbers, but once I had a cuke and some oj I felt a lot better. I still need to have more to get the rid of the hungry monster.

Today I was too tired to workout(first day off in a long time) I will run tomorrow for 2 hours hopefully to make up for the loss of activity today..It is important for me to not get so hungry either, so in the transition it is good not to push myself that hard.

Am I the only one having so many calories??? This morning I juiced about 27 organic Valencias and didn't get to eat until now(8 hours later) and then had a cucumber and about 7 oranges juiced. I am still hungry and ready for more cucumbers when Michael comes home for dinner. He's bringing them home b/c were are out of them already!! I am really sleep deprived..hopefully I will wake up 1 lb lighter and feeling good!!!

Good luck everyone!
Day 1:

Stress level: pretty high
Sleep: way under what I need, only had about 6 hours last night and I ran 23 miles the day before, not cool.
Activity level: no exercise today, just working/desk work
Mood: pretty calm, considering
Bathroom: By the end of the day I was putting out oj fiber. Internally I'm feeling 'clean'. I like it.

I ate about 35 whole large valencia oranges
Juiced about 12 valencial oranges
Ate 5lbs of cucumbers

For many days now I've been overloaded with work and personal responsibilites. Today wasn't any different. I'm under a good amount of stress, yet I feel the orange/cuke challenge will help my mental state as long as I eat enough calories each day.

I'm finding I'm hyper sensative to unpleasant surroundings.
My 3 kids not getting along, or my wife and I having arguments, it's bothering me more than normal.

I was in the supermarket buying oranges and cukes and a bit hungry, I found it hard to resist biting into some really good looking tomatoes. It was a semi tough moment, but felt far better after I got home and made some cucumber pasta with oj juice on it.

I feel REALLY good about having company on this challenge and reading about how others are doing.
We all need to eat eat eat! This is not a calorie reduction diet, should we forget and we'll be in big trouble!
Day 1
I weigh between 110 and 111lbs. (my scale is broken, but that's okay cuz I hate the darn thing anyway!) I am
5' 4 1/2" tall.

I've been vegan for 4 years and I have been on and off raw for the past 3 years. This last year has been extremely stressful and I seem to have lost some of my focus. I am looking forward to getting back to a healthier way of living and losing some of this excess body fat.

I did not do my p90x workout today. Walked about 4 miles. I seem to have more energy as the day comes to an end. Looking forward to working out in the morning.

I ate about 20 whole oranges and I probably would have had more but they were so lack luster. Fortunately I found a good supply this evening and will be going back for more tomorrow. I also had 4 very large cucumbers.

I am really grateful for all the support that we are all giving each other in this challenge. I found myself checking in a few times in the day, just to see how everyone was doing.

The best part for me about this challenge is that my cooked vegan husband has decided to do it with me!!! He is in the process of joining 30BAD so hopefully we will be hearing from him soon.

Victoria, I know what you mean about fixing dinner for the kids. Luckily I made dinner early in the afternoon so I wasn't so tempted. I think I may have to do that for the next few days because it is hard when I am tired in the evening to deal with cooked foods.
DAY 1:

Breakfast: 52 oz. OJ

Rest of day: sliced oranges with chopped cukes

Total cals: 1900

Today is a rest day and I need it so I'm listening to my body.

Fair amount of gas this evening.

I have started getting more sleep in the last 2 weeks aiming for 10 hours night and have been pretty successful minus the pee stops during the night.

One down.
Day 4 (started earlier)
Current weight- no scale but guessing 160-170(up from 150 this summer- fell off 811 recently)

Activity level moderate:rock climbing/hiking/transitioning back to more

Starting late today no exercise besides going tailgating- was up all night dancing with friends fueled on OJ-

mood- tired - been detoxy on and off for the past 4 days headaches/body aches

Think that's it- my goal is to feel/look amazing and improve quality of life/climbing with CFS



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