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Are the possible side effects worth it? It's obviously not natural, but how safe/accurate is natural family planning? Thinking about not taking it anymore, but I definitely don't want kids at this point in my life.

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destabilizing hormone poison.

if i was a female i'd be w/ a doohickey

not to mention the patriarchal aspect....

Copper IUDs are safe and effective.  I absolutely love mine.

No, copper IUDs are not for everyone.  You don't know until you try, though.  I've had two different types, first a NovaT and now a FlexiT.  The first one made my periods a bit heavier and gave me menstrual cramps, which I'd never had.  The FlexiT has actually lightened my periods and made them more regular, without hormones.  The Mirena is a hormonal IUD, which is why you experienced some of the side effects you did.  You might as well have been on the pill.

I totally agree with you.  Here in Canada, basic health insurance pays for bc pills, but not an IUD! There are other ways you can get them for free, but it makes me so mad that women have to go to greater lengths and do more research on their own before an IUD becomes as "easy" an option as pills. 

The Flexi T is very similar to the NovaT.  I was told it's slightly more effective because of the copper on the two arms of the T.  I don't know what the options are in Australia.  In Canada, we have two types of copper IUDs, the US has one, and I believe Britain currently has something like 10 or 12.

birth control pills are really bad juju - it does (not might) but does, cause cancer.

ive seen too many people take it and come up with cancer because of it - cervical, breast etc.

Natural Family Planning Method As Effective As Contraceptive Pill, New Research Finds:


But I would suggest lots of research, planning, and education before trying natural family planning (or ANY method).  There are many resources online and books available. Great video on the subject:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Tqz6aQ2Qz4  (which I see now Esra suggested also)

I ask that you please take using birth control pills very seriously. Your future health depends on it!

I'm going to check this out, thank you for posting.


dont you put it in your mouth. i think that fertility calendars are actually pretty rad. i def second the lady-comp. 

haven't watched it in full yet, but this might help from our own Megan McD:


Some say the earth is overpopulated. But not with HC raw vegans! Just have kids and raise them to be raw vegan warriors of the light! Kids are super awesome.

But if your young and want to have some fun first use the knowlage of your cycle. Get a lady comp or an ova cue or just figure it out yourself(the former is better) There are lots of books on the subject.


Why put some unnatural hormone into your beautiful, healthy, raw vegan body when you don't have to?

Lots of people get weight issues from the pill. Some people are more sensitive. Many women do it for years and there is a price to pay often.

I had a vasectomy. Best method outside of celibacy. 



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