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Hi all!

I absolutely love this lifestyle but I am 5'6" and weight 177 pounds so I have a lot of weight I need to lose in order to get healthy. I have been eating raw till 4 for the last 4 weeks and gained a little, lost a little and gained it back. So I'm more or less maintaining my overweight-borderline-obese bodyweight. 

I have rarely dieted in the past, only once about 6 years ago, where i did a diet similar to this and lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks, so it's not a messed up metabolism issue. Im confused why my body is holding onto all the weight this time around. 

Also, before starting this 4 weeks ago I ate a very SAD, burgers, fast food, super sized burritos, fried foods, etc. So, having stopped eating a high fat, high sodium, high processed sugar SAD four weeks ago, I can't imagine the weight maintaining is due to the sprinkle of garlic salt I put on my potatoes for dinner or the 1/4 piece of small avocado I put in my salad, since that is *nothing* compared to the bacon, cheese & bun I'd have with my burger and truffle oil and cheese that would go on top of my fries. You know what I mean? I've been doing my best to read up in the forums on why I may no be losing weight and a lot of people are saying 'cut the sodium', which in my case now, it's literally just several shakes from the garlic salt, which must be significantly less than what I was consuming before with McDonalds fries, for example. 

Also I keep reading 'be patient' or 'dont weigh yourself', which I totally understand & respect, but it's really hard to not notice when you've gained pounds after cutting out all the bad for you food and replaced it with excellent food. 

I could just really use some encouragement that is based on getting physical results, as, lets be honest, losing weight is a big reason why Im here, as I've got about 40 pounds that *needs* to be lost for my health. 

PS - I am in love with all the other benefits (increased energy, better mood, no need for coffee, very few cravings etc etc). 


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DONT listen to ANYONE else not even freelee, No Nuts no Fat Fruit in the morning and ONLY RAW FOOD <3 <3 <# tell me about your success <3 <3 Raw apple cider vingar shot right when you wake up is good too.. <3 <# good luck

If you can, read 80/10/10 by Doug Graham. The philosophy is slightly different from that of 30BaD and has a lot of great fully raw recipes and seasonal menus which I have been relying on for meal planning. Going fully raw is probably the best choice and taking some tips from Doug Graham's philosophy to incorporate into your 30BaD routine could also stand to help you.

other tips:

-stay accountable to yourself. Don't expect to lose the weight you've hoped for if you aren't sticking to your plan 100%. Because you want to lose weight for a specific goal, use CRONometer (or a similar program if that's what you use) to log your food every single day and keep track of trends in your diet that could be causing you success/failure. I.E.) maybe you lose more weight if you eat more of a certain nutrient or have a certain dinner. 

- eat your greens!! Doug Graham recommends eating something like a pound of greens a day. I did this for a week. I aim to eat an entire box of greens for dinner or an entire head of romaine. $3 = super cheap. It takes awhile but it can be fun to munch away while doing homework or watching a tv show. plus you'll strengthen your jaw haha. You also might want to incorporate a raw green powder. Focusing on greens has also really helped my weight loss (I've lost about 6 pounds since focusing on my greens last wk.)

-get your bloods done. it's possible that you have a hormone imbalance or a nutrient deficiency that is hindering your progress. Getting this fixed (either through a medication or natural means) will really help your weight loss success. 

- mono meals! If you really wanna lose weight fast, consider doing banana island (or peach island or grape island or mango island). Mono-mealing for individual meals or eating one food for a day or two might really help your progress.

Since when did we start bashing Raw till 4?
Everyone says to give the diet time and now everyone says it doesn't work and should go Raw?

Your body needs healing, even if you didn't diet you ate pretty badly, gonna take more than a month to straighten things out.
If you want to go Raw more power to Ya, personally I think it's too difficult for the majority of people. Whatever you can stick to(Raw vs Raw till 4) is the best way to go. Don't let anyone else tell you different!
I mean everyone on this thread but me, she could also gain weight on Raw, doesn't mean it's not working, means things take time and if we tell her she must go all Raw she could easily get frustrated at the difficulty and start calorie restricting. What I'm trying to say is its too early to tell her if she's doing anything wrong. We tell her to wait it out and if a year from now she has problems then give it a shot. We have to tell everyone that Raw and raw till 4 are both fantastic and yes Raw is optimal but it's not for everyone. Long term both work

Think of it the other way :) raw till 4 works better for some, raw works better for others. it's important to give both a fair chance. 

When I went raw vegan for the first time back in 2011, my main reason was for weight loss as well. My advice to you is to fill up on veggies. Read 80-10-10 and make sure your getting active! Bike, run, walk, board... Anything that gets you active and that you love to do. Your not just going to loose weight by stuffing your face with mangos and sitting on the couch! (Not implying that's what you do)
Eating veggies until your benefits you by keeping you fuller, longer, and it doesn't overload your body with sugar. Although natural sugars are good for you, they are not good for EVERYONE, especially for people trying to loose weight.
Your body is programed to think about what were to happen if one day it were to be starved.. Always remember that. Your body is going to hold into all of that sugar and store it for when its needed. 90% of nutrients and compounds that you put in your body are filtered through your kidneys and are sent straight back into your blood stream. You kidneys hold onto glucose like they do sodium.
So again, lots of veggies! Whether its in your smoothies or salads, just get them in you. Stay away from startchy veggies though! Go 100% raw vegan, drink at least 2L of water a day and get active!!! I promise you that you will see results if you fallow my advice 100% strict. Good luck and keep us posted!

Hey Jackie.

Congrats on your four weeks. You're doing very well.

I've been on this lifestyle for over 3 months, first fully raw and then raw till 4.

So maybe I don't have tons of experience, but I learned some stuff through observing my body reactions to food and watching freelee, riceandraw etc.

First of all, you have to ditch the whole loosing weight thing. Now, I understand how much you want it. I mean, before I joined this lifestyle, I would restrict calories and have that perfect body that I never had before, quite toned because I worked out too. But I was always hungry and I wasn't happy. I gained around 10 pounds in the first 2 months on this lifestyle. I started to have that soft belly and couldn't fit in some jeans anymore :D I would weigh myself daily and get really depressed about how I look. 

That is not the way to go. You have to focus on how you feel about the lifestyle, how it gives you the energy and positive thinking. You've been abusing yourself with SAD food most of your life, changes will not happen overnight. I promise, as soon as you will shift your focus, everything will change in time. There is no freaking way you cannot be lean on this lifestyle in a long term, but it takes time, body needs to adapt. No quick fixes.

Also, ditch salt. Any salt. Your body is only able to filter 200mg a day. Any extra will be hold as water weight in your body and it actually looks like fat. I ate salt for most of my newbie months and I truly regret it because I think I slowed my progress down because of it. I only now realised how much of water weight my body is holding onto. After a week or too of not eating salt You will notice you won't need any.

You can do some light exercises or walk a bit more, maybe even go for a jog from time to time. It will only help the process of you getting a perfect body. But don't overdo it, make sure you pack a bit more calories if you decide to do so.

Also regardles the raw vs. rawtill4 - everyone reacts differently. I mean, when I was fully raw I felt great and my digestion was amazing, but I had constant craving for cooked foods which made me feel a bit miserable. On Rawtill4 I don't fantasize about cooked meals anymore and I am actually loosing weight. But then you have people who's body works best on fully raw. Personally, I can do it once, twice a week but any more than that makes me a bit ill from all the sugar (I actually hate dates now) and also it's super bloody expensive (full-time student).

So ditch salt and and forget about your extra weight. The results are coming. Just stay patient. Keep going. X

Thank you so much for the response! Sorry for the delayed response. I actually 'fell off the wagon' after taking a job that required me to be on-site for 5 days straight, meaning nowhere to buy food but on-site, and it was a music festival so there was only SAD food available. I am just starting up again. And actually 7pounds heavier now. But I will be taking your advice and won't even be weighing myself because not seeing results on the scale was a big deterrence, even though I was feeling amazing, happy, energetic & optimistic. All things I don't feel when eating the SAD. 

Thanks again..! :-)

What are you doing for exercise right now?

Nothing really..! :-(

I work in front of a computer about 9 hours a day, sometimes longer. I walk my dog for maybe 15 minutes every other day. Very bad. This is the least Ive exercised/moved around probably in my whole life. 

If you're not exercising, it's probably because you're too tired & have no energy.  If that's the case, then you're probably not getting enough sleep, which is most likely the root cause.  What time have you been going to bed & how much sleep have you been getting lately?

When you have energy, exercising not only feels good, but feels necessary because you have so much energy.  You can eat a raw fruit diet all you want, but if you're not getting sufficient sleep, you're not going to want to exercise & you're just going to feel like a loaf rather than pumped up all the time.  And truthfully we all have the time (we can wake up a bit earlier or surf the net a bit less or whatever), what we don't all have is the energy available to us to make it happen on a regular basis.

The secret is that it's all about mood control.  Exercise is easy & fun when you're in the right mood.  Your default mood (how you feel without anything motivating you) is, at the foundation, controlled by your sleep hygiene.  Getting enough sleep, and especially going to bed early-ish (before 10pm, at least, although 8 or 9pm is waaaaay better - do some reading on circadian rhythms sometime) is the real key to enjoying life.  Everything else is garbage without consistent, quality sleep.  I call it the holy trifecta:

1. Sleep

2. Diet

3. Exercise

Sleep is the foundation & I would argue the most important aspect of health.  You know that feeling you get when you crash on a Friday night, sleep in all morning on Saturday, and wake up feeling awesome & ready to DO STUFF?  That's the magic that comes from sleep - it literally gives you energy & motivation without even trying.  Then you supplement that with a clean diet (fruitarian) & at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  If you really want to jumpstart things, go to bed early (8pm) for a week, get enough sleep, wake up & do a 30-minute cardio session (brisk walk with your dog is fine, doesn't need to be anything crazy, just get your heartrate up for half an hour), drink at least 3 liters of water, and eat a raw fruitarian diet (with greens, nuts, and seeds in the evening).  If that sounds like a lot of stuff to have to do, then that's a sure sign your brain is fried from a lack of sleep ;) (I know this all too well from experience, haha!)

Personally I hate exercise & do not look forward to doing it, but I recognize that it's like drinking an energy drink - it gives me a huge boost for my day, at least when I've gotten enough sleep.  If I'm tired, it just drains me.  Anyway, I don't know what your sleeping habits are like - and it's different for everybody - but I've found that if I consistently go to bed early & get enough hours of sleep, then I'm ready to take on the world & solve any problem in front of me, whether it's the decision to exercise or making better food decisions during the day in the face of temptation.

Honestly, if you want to solve your weight issue, all you need to do is commit to going to bed early.  You decide what that means - 8pm, 9:30pm, whatever.  After that, everything will fall into place - within a few days, your body will be "caught up" & back on schedule, and it will be easy to enforce your dietary choices & an exercise program every day.  Otherwise, it's just going to be a fight & you'll just shove it to the back of your mind.  For me, at least, going to bed early is a constant battle, and it affects literally every other aspect of my life.  It can turn an entire day into a real drag if I don't manage it properly.

Blah blah blah long post, sorry I'm blabbering - bottom line is, go to bed early & your life will be awesome!

Thank you so much! That is great perspective. I usually go to bed after midnight, even when I have to wake up early in the morning. I'll even stay up until 3am sometimes (like last night). I nap almost everyday too. I get really tired around 2pm and nap for an hour or two..so it sounds like my sleep is definelty out of whack. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I will try going to bed early starting tomorrow and see how it works! Exciting..!



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