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Hey, so happy to be here. I found this website the other night through a video on YouTube. I had been searching for a way to increase my health and recently got a few books from the library about eating raw. Well, I went on YouTube to watch videos about other people who had made the switch, mostly before/afters, and one thing led to another... finally leading me here.

I got the book, The 80-10-10 Diet, and read through it. Ok, I admit I skipped a couple parts, but I did read most of it and I skimmed the parts I didn't read. It all made sense when I read the book. Yes, this IS how we would live in nature.

This lifestyle is what I have wanted for years. Although I do not see myself running off to cycle the country anytime soon due to other responsibilities, I could see myself doing that. I think it would be a great adventure. Plus, until I can do it myself, I will just have to watch videos and read blogs of others who are living like that.

I told my husband I wanted to try this and he is supportive, although he will not be following this diet himself. I already know my children will love this because they would much rather eat fruit than the daily meals I put in front of them. Today we ate pears and grapes, but when I had put a small bowl of pasta in front of them, they sneered at it. I guess I should learn something from them.

I am very excited about starting. Although I don't have the funds to begin now, I do have plans to begin sometime during the first half of next month. Ok, that sounds weird, but hopefully until then I will incorporate a few more fruits into our diets. I know our grocery store always has brown bananas for half the price of the yellow ones. I've bought them before to make banana bread, but never thought about eating them like that. I was always grossed out because I thought they were going bad. I guess we learn new things each day!

I plan to do before/during/after pictures and possibly even a blog. For sure I will be writing in a personal journal about my experiences. I tell you, the biggest thing I am looking forward to right now is the detox. I know it will be uncomfortable, but I can't wait to start getting some symptoms so I know the toxins are being pushed out of my body.

So, I have a long journey ahead. I'm obese, have thyroid issues, and am low on energy. I don't enjoy being this way, hence the fact that I searched for something else... something better. I do have a  question though.

1. I hope to someday become very athletic. When I picture myself, I see a thin, fit, healthy woman.. beautiful and athletic. I want to be that way from the inside out. How would one suggest I begin my exercise regimen? Although I am comfortable that I will be able to go cold turkey from cooked to 80-10-10rv, I know I cannot go from sitting on my ever-widening to running marathons. Heck, I get winded walking up a short hill.

I know many people say, start by walking 5 or 10 minutes each day and work your way up. Well, is there anything else? Should I be lifting weights? Should I begin exercising right away, even when my body is detoxing, or should I allow it to detox for a week or two and then start exercising?

Well, that's all for now. I think it's plenty :)

Thanks for the site. I've looked around a bit and almost everyone seems so encouraging and helpful.

♥ Maria

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Hi Maria!
I'm just starting lfrv again--2 days in--after much up and down and yo-yo-ing, felt like I wasn't ready, couldn't afford it etc.

I LOVE that you already envision yourself in such a way! That's powerful!

We know it's a process, right? And 30BAD is the greatest way to get support and encouragement.

I wish you the best and will stay tuned to your progress :-)
Thanks a lot Mango. Good thoughts for your journey as well. You can do it. If you know it is right for you and that it is what you want, don't let anything stand in your way :)

I'll be seeing you around here. I'm subscribed to your photos, too, so looking forward to more of those. I love the colors :)

Hi Maria,
Just a little heads up....

There is another mango who is male (I'm a female) and who is an amazing photographer. Methinks that's who you just subscribed to. I don't have any photos on my profile...

He is (m)ango and I am (M)ango. You will henceforth know me by my rainbow apple!

Best wishes,
Wow, this could get confusing :) Thanks for the info and sorry about the mix up.

No prob!
Regarding exercise - my prescription is 'Do what you enjoy!!!' For me that is anything outside - bike riding, kayaking & bush-walking. I have lost count of the amount of gyms I have joined only to last a week or too...my partner jokes that he is going to put a mugshot of me up at every gym in our area saying 'Do Not let this girl join!!!' You won't last long at any exercise plan if you don't love it :)
and Yes - begin exercising right away. I guarantee you will never feel worse after exercising than you did beforehand. I know I have never come back from a bush-walk thinking 'Gee - I wish I didn't just spend an hour in the fresh-air and sunshine moving my body!!!'
Thank you for responding. I'm sure the sunshine will help with the detox as well. Plus, I better enjoy the warm sunshine while I can because winter will be here before I know it.
Maria that was such an uplifting post to read im going to send you a private message emsx ;-)) x



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