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Hi, my girlfriend decided to do a one-fruit fast (watermelon) every sunday as a first step towards water fasting but it went wrong the first attempt, the second, third, fourth... Strong headaches were experienced along with nauseas and weaknesses. She couldn't handle it so at 6pm we decided to break the one-fruit fast with a little of boiled sweet potato and boiled pinto beans with onion. *We are now in Mexico so we go for local food. 

If you ask "Why did she do it more than once?" The answer its because symptoms were significantly similar to those of detoxification, very intense in her case. So we thought it was a good idea to make an intermittent fast of 12 hours everyday plus the sundays one-fruit fast (watermelon) until the amount of toxins decreases and thus she would be able to make a water fast for more than 3-4 days, but still, she can't get through 20 hours one-fruit fast. And we are worried about it. Specially me, because I strongly believe in the power of fasting. 

Ive documented myself with various fasting books and guides for my own benefit, completing a 6 day water fast before starting a raw plant based diet 811, 2 years ago, or fruitarian as they call it. 

My girlfriends background. 

  • She've been vegetarian for 15 years, 4 as a vegan and raw till 4 since we met (almost a year ago).
  • She have always had lymphatic issues as her feet and hands are always cold (in semi-cold countries).
  • She also has some issues on the daily amount of excretion.
  • Cigarette smoker for over 5 years. 
  • No other disorders have ever appeared in blood or urine tests. 

I understand every body is different and reacts differently specially when it comes to fasting, so Im not expecting a final answer but rather an idea of people who have studied the field and would like to share their thoughts or experiences.

I very much appreciate your time and shares. 

With love, Zeus & Alexia.



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Was the watermelon grown without chemicals and was the water clean that was used to water the crop?

Its funny Endshell, because we are always trying to get as much information as possible from the seller. Sellers in Mexico City sometimes do not know even where the fruit comes from. I have a found a nice man who knows more than others, but still he doesn't know about the soil where the fruit was grown or things like that. 

If you're right, and the headache plus nauseas comes from the chemicals Ill be very, very surprised because from all Ive read, the main cause of those symptoms are chemicals already in the body, free radicals, cooked food, etc. 

In our case we don't buy organic as a daily basis but next watermelon fast (for her) will be organic. I will also doing a non-organic watermelon fast to see what happens. I LOVE experimenting! 

I ask because some 30BaD gals in Mexico got serious chemical poisoning from eating local fruit and greens.  Their symptoms got better once they switched to a trusted source.  Eating poisoned food in countries other than the U.S. is much more of a risk than eating it in the U.S.  

Another cause for concern would be under eating while just eating watermelon.  That alone will cause fatigue, dizziness, nausea, weakness and headaches.  Maybe while in Mexico try a fruit fast with a crop that definitely does not need spraying ever, like mangoes.

Somewhere, sometime ago I read that fruit trees where the best filter on Earth, meaning that unhealthy or dangerous chemicals (normally human-made) wouldn't get to the fruit. The article was also saying that the concern were the pesticides and herbicides applied around the fruit (food). 

I really cannot find the article, but i will very much appreciate if you share with me some book, trustful article or something to get more knowledge about it, like what you said about mangoes. It is something that concerns me quite a lot since Im following a fruit based diet while travelling around the world. 

Thank you in advance! 

tree fruit gets sprayed directly while growing and after picking.

this is a great resource: http://whatsonmyfood.org/



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