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Hey guys..

I have been raw vegan for almost a year now. I was eating a handful of almonds or walnuts (soaked overnight) every day and I was tested for high trigylcerides! I stopped eating nuts completely but I was experiencing a LOT of cravings. I tried to eat a ton of dates for high calories. I would do well for 2-3 days but then I would start feeling voracious at dinner time and would end up ordering takeout (like a tub of guacamole, or avocado rolls sushi, baked potatoes, even junk food sometimes like vegan quasedilla). Off late, I have found that if I add one whole avocado to my night salad, I feel okay.

If one avocado a day too much fat? Did anyone experience similar issues? What are the healthiest fatty foods and what quantities can they be eaten in? I am thinking avocados, coconut meat (or shredded dried coconut when coconut meat is not available), or chia seeds.

As per cronometer, I get 4200-4500 calories and fat content of one avocado is 30 gm. I eat roughly 20 days and 10 bananas every day and different fruits for lunch and a large salad for dinner. I don't eat high fat anything else. My carbs/protein/fat ratio comes out to be 88/4/8. Can I start adding coconut meat or chia seeds to my diet? or should I switch things up by rotating the foods where I get my fats from?



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If you are experiencing such intense cravings I would use Cronometer and make sure that you are eating enough calories. In my experience it can be easy to start overestimating your caloric intake. If you are eating enough and still craving that avocado I would say don't worry about it. It will be a better choice than the same amount of calories from nuts every night. I always go for seeds before nuts and just have nuts every once in a while. The goal is to keep your average of calories from fat around 10 percent so if you can do that then you are doing great. Hope this helps a little :)

Thanks Gracie.. I cronometer'ed my numbers (edited my posting and modified by question accordingly) and they look good. I agree, switching from nuts to avocado is a better choice as avocado is a superfood and the fat content is roughly comparable to the number of nuts I was eating. 

Should I be switching up fat sources between coconut meat one day, avocado another and chia seeds? Is it okay to have fat % close to 10% but protein % close to 4%? Should protein % and fat % be close in value?

Dude - I hear ya.  Sometimes a little extra fat from avo or nuts helps keep you satisfied.  I wouldn't even stress about it.

The famous musician Jason Mraz lives on an avocado farm and apparently eats quite a lot of them on his raw diet, and still, he claims that the health benefits of the raw diet have been outstanding.  

I think the focus of this lifestyle regarding fat is somewhat of a reaction against the " gourmet " types of raw diets that people indulge in, where they wash down a piece of macadamia nut cheese cake, with an almond milk smoothie for dessert, after having had a salad with avocado and olive oil in it for dinner.  

Conversely, there are people that go off the deep end with the 80-10-10 prescription and start to think that avo and nuts are " bad " !  Not true.

Personally, I think adding a little extra raw fat in the HCLFRV diet for satiety like you mention is WAY BETTER than getting too hungry and binging on cooked food.


Thanks bud. I am wondering though as to whats making me crave. I used to snack on soaked almonds but recently realized nuts are not the healthiest and my diet was higher in fat than needed. I cut out nuts completely and I have been craving fats, going for avocados this time. Recently, my workouts have been more intense and I crave to eat more avocados. 

Is my body craving protein or some essential fatty acids that almonds provided? What are you thoughts on protein supplementation? Should I take any omegas?

Hi Yogi,

If the 1 avocado a day is working for you, keep it up until it isn't working. Don't fix something that isn't broken. Personally, been doing this almost 6 years and as long as your getting enough calories, staying vegan, and feel good keep it up. I do add chia seeds and spirulina to my routine to help me with a rather vigorous athletic program but. Avocadoes are also a regular part of my diet.

Hope this helps

Thanks Jim.. I will add chia seeds to my smoothies, they start to stick to my blender, any tips on that How much spirulina do you take in your diet? Do you take any other supplements for protein or omegas?

I used to take vega performance protein and soaked almonds. Now, I stopped both and experience cravings for avocados. I'm afraid I may be missing some nutrients thats making me crave but don't know what.

Hey Yogi,
I put a teaspoon of spirulina and 3-4 tablespoons of chia
Seeds in my banana smoothie. I also use a B-12 spray daily that's about it. Been working
well for the last several years.

Thanks bud, I'm happy you've got it nailed down as to what works for you and your body. I guess spirulina gives some protein and chia seeds have omegas. Can you tell me what kinds of exercise do you know and how many times a week? Roughly how many calories do you get everyday. Thanks!

Trust your cravings. If you're not thriving on your current diet, eat what your body needs: fatty veggies/ fruits. A bit of avocado in a banana smoothie is pretty bomb. A YouTuber by the name of "sweet natural living" has a routine of eating coconut milk for electrolytes and eating the meat of coconuts to bench his cravings. Good luck though.

Alexandra.. thats what I am afraid of.. I don't trust my cravings.. what if its just my mind playing tactics to get what it wants rather than my body hinting that it needs some nutrition from that particular food?!

Better to eat an avocado every day then to try being "perfect" and after a few days stuffing your face. we have this in common, i wanted to just eat only carbs, ...so i go 5 days being all carb, making sure i get the minimum calories...ect. but no matter what , after about 5 days....i have the weirdest cravings, and end up eating evrything in sight...things not necessarily healthy or high carb.  like binge eating. i think eating a bit of fat in the evening everyday doesnt sound so horrible. ...if it makes you feel more balanced. the body is always changing and in need of different things.

id definatly rather add chia and hemp seeds to my smoothie then to be staring at a bottle of olive oil like im in love with it every friday night.

Hey Tori.. That was basically my story hahaha.. Thanks for the advice! You can add avocado and bananas together?!



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