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On a one year foot pain that migh get worsen by all the fruit

I hurt my foot running about one year ago, just about the same time i started doing about 30-50% of my total calosies aday from fruit. Since then i have had a constant pain in my foot i have not been able to run one meter and nothing i have done have made it any better. Now as a coincident i did not eat any fruit at all for about 5days, only cooked food and my foot pain started to go away right away. After doing some googeling about it i found out that fruit can cause lots of inflammations to get worse. For example there where lots of people having probles with bananas when thy had an ongoing inflammation in the body. The odd thing is that i also have been diagnosed with cronic prostatitis that is also an inflammation an that one is feeling better then ever when i do as much fruit as possible. So this sucks so bad for me, i can eat fruit and my foot is killing me or i can skipp fruit and my prostate gland will kill me :) Are there any fruit that i can eat that has never been any problem for anyone? Just until my foot can heal so i migh get back to eating every fruit?

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Some fruits are inflammatory while other fruits are anti-inflammatory just like most other types of things people eat - Bananas and dates are both inflammatory but melons and plenty of other fruits are anti-inflammatory.

Check out nutritiondata.self.com and search different fruits and try cutting out the inflammatory ones or atleast balancing them with anti-inflammatory ones, I find that just by eating my favourite fruits I end up on a VERY anti-inflammatory diet.

Nice thanks for the site, jsut wondering how reliable the source is. Lots of the fruits thy say this and that about regarding IF indax can be found saysing something else on other sites :s

Do you know of a way to filter the search for only antiinflammatory foods? Would be nice to get a list of all the foods with +IF numbers.

What would your daily fruit menu look like?  Have you done 100% raw 811 to see how that effects your foot?  It could be too high fat, bad combos or unripe fruit contributing to the foot problem.  A year is long time, have you tried putting no pressure on the foot for a week or more?  

I mostly eat banans since they are so easy to find good ones. Other that that i have done lots of grapefruit and spinash blends.

I have been 100% for a week or two a few times over the year, not long enogh to get an idee about the effects of the foot.

Spinach have significant level of oxalic acids, and may not be helping you with your foot pain. Watch out also for tomatoes, peppers and all nightshades, they are pretty inflammatory for joints.

Would it be dangerus to go on a cantaloupe melon diet for a few days. It is easy and afordable to get cantaloupe melons right now in Sweden and i am thinking about maby only eating about 10kg/day of that for a few days since they are the highest antiinflamatory fruit i can find. Tapping in the numbers for 10kg of cantaloupe in cronometer gives me plenty of everything, just slightly low in vitamin E wich should not be an issue for a short period? What do you guys think? Added benifit is that melon of all sorts are my favorite food :)

I certainly can't see any problems with that, especially not over such a short period! Vitamin E requirements are typically thought to be lower for people eating a low fat diet anyway as one of it's major uses is the prevention of fat oxidisation - if you include some greens you should be able to meet even the RDA still though, and greens are typically very anti-inflammatory anyway! :)

I just bought 20 cantaloupes today too actually :D

Fruit is not inflammatory, it just seems that way until your system is detoxed from being born into a SAD eating lifestyle. Read books by Arnold Ehret, Tilden, and all the natural hygienists to understand the process more! 

You simply have a choice. Go through the detox and get over it, or eat cooked foods to stay toxic (blue pill vs red bill in Matrix) but you will be fooled into a false sense of security and your foot will not heal completely. Nor will your entire body. The greatest lesson of life is to realize that we have to STOP what we want to do sometimes for the greater good. Tough it out and you will see that the rewards are greater my friend. (By that I do not mean to keep running on pain! But to rest and detox once and for all. You can't always get what you want, but you can get what you need (Rolling Stones).

"If you want to be wrong then follow the masses" - Socrates

Thanks all for the help, just got back home now with 30kg Galia melon and a promise that next week there will be much lower prices on them so from start of tomorow i will only eat galia melon and se what happens. (migh not be the best but i do love the simplicity of it :) )

Could be detox symptoms. The body is finally getting the nutrients to get rid of stuff.

Did any other personal stressful events happen just before your foot started to hurt?


Eat blueberries, strawberries, cherries, apricots and pomegranates for inflammation and numerous other conditions including reducing prostrate size.

Endless studies have shown that cherries are very effective at reducing inflammation. 








What should the cantaloupe taste like? Some of mine taste so much aceton or some glue like chemical it is rly bad tasting :s Are they dangerous to eat since i think i have eaten like 5k of them already, dont feel bad...



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