30 Bananas a Day!

Okay I can't stand this anymore, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

When I started this diet 5 weeks ago I felt GREAT! I had bananas and lettuce and dates and all kind of different fruit and everything was amazing, had energy for the first time in months and digestion was GREAT. I was bloated and gassy but I had big hopes it would lessen over time and it did. But then my old problems came back, when I would eat I would get CLOGGED and it started with lettuce so I cut lettuce out then got better but bananas started doing the same thing so I switched to grapes and of course I felt better, my digestion improved QUICKLY but as ALWAYS it didn't last. Also this entire time where I thought I was passing worms were actually only the grape peel that wasn't getting digested. So I blended my grapes, TA DA! no more undigested grape peel but I still felt like clogged and horrible.

So either way, grapes are now also giving me a problem, where it feel I get SO CLOGGED, its like I'm trying to digest rock, this would only happen when I was on a meat diet and fruits was my savior but it doesn't matter anymore, now fruits does this as well. So now banana and grape island no longer working, yesterday I bought a week worth of watermelon and of course, it all comes out UNDIGESTED! Oh and yes I feel clogged and also I'm getting watermelon headaches...

I don't know what to do anymore, the only explanation seems to be worms but seriously, I thought a fruit diet would heal that over time, and please don't tell me that it just takes time to heal, I come from a history of eating 5 big meals a day and not restricting calories, I was never fat and I was lean,. If I was healing then I should slowly get better or at least not get worse but I just keep getting WORST!

I don't wanna fast, I tried fasting 4 days twice and when I tried I could barely breath for the whole duration and I was so tired I couldn't even walk and it would only get worse by the day. I don't have cash to do a supervised fast oh and ya I take B12 oral sublingual. I just feel like I ran out of options here and I'm at lost as to what to do next.

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I don't have constipation, I know without the shadow of a doubt that water is not the cause. I already peed 10 times today from all the watermelon, I tried drinking a lot of water before and in between meal on banana and grapes, doesn't matter , symptom is exactly the same.

I thought I was drinking enough myself and had a slight similar issue. I went to REI and bought a 1.5L water bottle two weeks ago and I make sure I at least go through it twice regardless if I drink a smoothie or eat watermelon. I feel so much better.

watermelon peeing does not count as you will pee a ton from the diuretic effect.  it can take several weeks for one to become full hydrated and get all the benefits form drinking enough water.  Read Your Body's Many Cries For Water.   keep a log of your intake and output for reference.

Having read some of your other posts, I think there might be two things you could try.

1. Have you tried varying the number of meals that you have during the day? Some people do well on 2-3 large meals a day with adequate digestion time in between while other people do well on 6 smaller meals. Have you played around with this to see if there is any difference?

2. How do you do with juices? Juice is obviously not as good of an option as fruit, but I wonder if this might be a good way for you to give your body and digestion system some kind of break while getting enough calories and carbs? Perhaps you could try 50% fresh fruit and 50% fruit juice for the time being and try to increase the fruit and decrease the juice over time? I wonder if this might be helpful for you.

3. My other question- after your body "burns out" on one particular food that was previously okay, what happens if you go back to it? Like now that your body is no longer handling grapes, what would happen if you went back to bananas? Would they immediately cause you problems again or would it be like before where it started off okay and then became problematic over time?

Your situation has to be extremely difficult to deal with and I hope something improves soon. I fully believe that there is a solution for you out there somewhere if you keep looking.

If you had the same problems on a SAD diet, (meat, dairy,...)have you thought about it not actually being related to the diet you're eating, but something else? Maybe you should go see a doctor? 

Add.: I don't think that much restriction would be good for anyone. First quit lettuce, then bananas, then grapes, are you getting all the nutrition you need?

Food diary. Cronometer.  not optional.

We are talking ripe, organic fruit.  right?

Any drugs?  prescription, otc or otherwise?

What about activity level.  Need to be getting your arms above your head every day. Stretch around, roll about. Climbing is best activity for digestion. We do come from apes, you know. Every see an orangutan "do the orangutan?"  that's the idea.

Sleep. Water. Sugar. Exercise. Avoiding toxins the best you can. 

These are the root issues of every disease, every disorder.. every symptom.

Don't fall into the allopathic, medical system way of thinking. Don't try to treat symptoms.

Treat the body, and over time the body will correct the symptoms. Have more trust.

No one knows why food is being allowed to pass through your system. Perhaps you are in desperate need of probiotics in your intestines, so your stomach is choosing not to break down the food until it gets there so it can correct the problem.  IDK, you don't know, a doctor certainly wouldn't know.

Your job is to not force anything, and to stay calm. It takes 30+ days to starve. Even if your body is choosing not to digest the food, you're not going to die tomorrow. Again, don't force anything. If you are so backed up and it is painful and you don't feel like eating, don't eat until you feel up to it.

Where I would start, and what I would do:

First eliminate all toxic products. Soap, shampoo + conditioner, toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant. Avoid tap-water and sources of chlorine at all costs. Learn to wash yourself with a clean organic cotton cloth or a sponge instead of showering. Learn to brush your teeth with greens, like parsley or edible weeds from your yard. If you work a job that makes you filthy, or need to remove soil or soot from the body, instead of reaching for soap: reach for unrefined organic coconut oil.

Next, from here on out...  cronometer. No excuses, no exceptions.

Then: good water supply.  RO/DI water only. If it takes a few days to figure that out, still drink the cleanest water possible until you find a source for DI.

After that: ensure all foods are ripe and organic. Preferably local and trusted. You wouldn't believe the stuff that's still allowed on organic produce. It's sickening. 

Finally: Chill out.  I went through almost the exact processes that you are describing. And trust me, freaking out about possible parasite infestations is the last thing you need to do. If there aren't worms coming out of your butt, eyes, lungs, nose.. you are not in need of emergency care.

Just keep eating your fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm serious here I'm not messing around. It will get better. Your body will either learn to absorb and digest the food, or you will die.  But your body doesn't want to die. Even if you have worms, the worms wouldn't want you to die either. Something will give, eventually.

I'm not playing. You will do fine.

Sleep, Water, Sugar, light-movement and stretching, Avoid toxins.

And remember, don't freak out. And don't force anything.

(meaning don't run to the health store and buy a bunch of detox garbage, and don't do anything against your bodies will, i.e. stuff your face if there is obvious pain, etc etc)

And smile.  : )  

You're on the right track. You will beat this thing.

My boyfriend is a V10 climber and his digestion is superb despite his diet of cereal, bread, and chipotle burritos lol. I think having a strong core is very good for digestion. He is mostly vegan now with a few slip ups. He also plays tennis for a few hours maybe 3-4 times a week. 

I had amazing digestion too eating cereal and one day it completely shut down.

Dude have you tried blending all your bananas, fruits, solids, etc for a while...?

I have. I really think digestive enzymes is the only solution at this point or water fast.

Will you clarify what you mean when you say "CLOGGED"?
You said your not constipated and pee a lot, so you've lost me.

My intestines just hurt a lot, like I feel I cant even move. Its like I have a bolder attached to my intestines, they feel jammed and heavy, like I just walk like crouched because my gut is so heavy, even when it is empty..



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