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Okay I can't stand this anymore, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

When I started this diet 5 weeks ago I felt GREAT! I had bananas and lettuce and dates and all kind of different fruit and everything was amazing, had energy for the first time in months and digestion was GREAT. I was bloated and gassy but I had big hopes it would lessen over time and it did. But then my old problems came back, when I would eat I would get CLOGGED and it started with lettuce so I cut lettuce out then got better but bananas started doing the same thing so I switched to grapes and of course I felt better, my digestion improved QUICKLY but as ALWAYS it didn't last. Also this entire time where I thought I was passing worms were actually only the grape peel that wasn't getting digested. So I blended my grapes, TA DA! no more undigested grape peel but I still felt like clogged and horrible.

So either way, grapes are now also giving me a problem, where it feel I get SO CLOGGED, its like I'm trying to digest rock, this would only happen when I was on a meat diet and fruits was my savior but it doesn't matter anymore, now fruits does this as well. So now banana and grape island no longer working, yesterday I bought a week worth of watermelon and of course, it all comes out UNDIGESTED! Oh and yes I feel clogged and also I'm getting watermelon headaches...

I don't know what to do anymore, the only explanation seems to be worms but seriously, I thought a fruit diet would heal that over time, and please don't tell me that it just takes time to heal, I come from a history of eating 5 big meals a day and not restricting calories, I was never fat and I was lean,. If I was healing then I should slowly get better or at least not get worse but I just keep getting WORST!

I don't wanna fast, I tried fasting 4 days twice and when I tried I could barely breath for the whole duration and I was so tired I couldn't even walk and it would only get worse by the day. I don't have cash to do a supervised fast oh and ya I take B12 oral sublingual. I just feel like I ran out of options here and I'm at lost as to what to do next.

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I used to have this hell of a pain round my navel area.I thought I had the veins burst there or something.Stomach felt hard as nails,also swollen.

For years I remember not really having been enjoying food of any sorts because of uncomfortable feelings in stomach,but I ate nevertheless the sad fare,until I discovered raw.

I started eating ONLY he fruits or vegs that I really liked only mostly as they were,whole.I did not like smoothies then.Too mixed flavor. I remember one day eating totally ripe,pristine nectarines and then it dawned to me that THIS IS IT.My body was like crying for them.I cannot really explain what happened.I was just lost to the nectarines.

For a long time I was very 'picky' what I ate  and always it was some extra juicy fruit,sometimes very juicy salads.Juicy was the WORD.

Now I have nice soft belly (when not full of fruit) and all pains stopped long,long ago.

I've been on this way of eating for 3.5 y and everything tastes good for me now.I really do not have too many favorite cravings these days.I can do monomeals or use attractive combinations to make things look attractive,if I'm in the mood.

But it has taken some learning to be able to do all this.I prob would NEVER been able to get to this point without studying 30 bad questions and answers daily for years.

Eating fruit seems so simple,but  one has to be able to view problems from several points of view to make up one's mind finally in conclusion instead of just taking a doctors prescription.Any sickness is a much more complicated affair to be sorted out only by oneself by carefully observing symptoms.

Getting angry with symptoms does not help,it makes them worse.One must just accept things FOR NOW and see what can be done and how doing something about it may help,even if only a little at first,because we KNOW instinctively that the causes of sicknesses is bad lifestyle and diet.That's all.

guess i should eat only dates as it seems to digest the best and they are my favorite. it just didn't sound logical to live of dates.

could be stress causing your digestion problems 

what do you do to relax ?

lay in  bed 24/7 and try to sleep 12hours, méditation too.

why are you laying in bed 24/7  ?

not literally 24/7 a day but im bed ridden, I take walks when my body has enough energy to do so and I lay in the sun every day. I keep being told to exercise, I actually had energy enough when just coming to this lifestyle to do moderate exercise(walking and carrying stuff) but now im back to being exhausted 24/7

I used to workout 3 times a week and exercise was my favorite activity so its not from a lack of motivation,.

Of course i have IBS but that just another term for "who the hell knows whats wrong with your intestines" I saw countless doctors and had countless test, I gave up on them when they recommended me to do again the same test that shoots me x-ray and make me drink a gross laxative.

There is any food which do not cause you the problem? Hmm.. Maybe you have also problem with fructose?

As always, initially yes, i can count a ton of food that did not cause problem and i would live off them till they become a problem, I lived off one food for weeks without issue and then eventually, NOPE cant digest it no more, find a new food, it happened enough that i could feed Africa with all the food i couldn't eat and had to give away or froze it.

If I were you I think the worms would be priority #1.  I'm not sure what you would do there but I wouldn't guess that just eating fruit would get rid of the worms.  That seems like something that needs a real specialist.

Ya I might need to do coffee enemas again since i would release them from doing so but i stoped because" OMG natural hygiene" right? lol

They will not get rid of parasites:

30BaD's Stance On Colonics and Enemas

Water fasting even long term is no guarantee that you won't have parasites. 

I gave you a link to this lady's story before have you read it?



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