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The world is already on to us.  Apparently, eating lots of fruit and some veggies, getting loads of sleep and good sunshine, keeping yourself hydrated and having tons of energy somehow equals a cult.  Yep, I said it (note my sarcasm here).  We've even made it into a religious cult forum online (see link below).  Just to clarify, if this IS a cult, then I am SURE GLAD I joined! I can already feel the difference in my mind and body, and even though I was in a car accident not long ago and have to do loads of therapy/chiropractic treatment for it due to all the pain and muscle soreness, I am STILL getting compliments on how I look.  

Seriously, the other day, a nurse told me that I looked so much better, that I was glowing and just looked so much healthier, and she wanted to know my secrets!  (Granted, I've been vegan for years, but just recently kicked up higher my % of raw fruits and veggies.  Also, I've ditched the caffeine, tried to get at least 10 hours of sleep per night on average, and just am generally more happier and a lot more calmer).  So if this IS a cult, guess it's a cult of awesome life-saving(ness).


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"Harley Johnstone used to be a meth addict."

?? Um no :-/ That's a low blow.

Free, it's always good to exaggerate things from over 12 years ago. You know, if you want to dupe your followers into thinking the antagonist (Harley) is an unworthy, irresponsible leader. Isn't it common for a cult leader to lie to his/her followers? Sounds like a cult within a cult! Trippy stuff. Or maybe it's just all the meth Harley told me to take.

don't forget.....

'' I think from further analysis that 30bad is not a cult. This is because I feel like Durianrider is actually coming from a good place (even though he is very lost and mentally unwell, I hear he is diagnosed schizophrenic...''

god how does Harley even make it thru life with all his problems of a druggie and being a mentally insane person...

actually it would be cool if it were true bc then it would show just how wonderfully you can live your life (even as a druggie and schizo) on the proper 811 diet :-)))

Hey FruitBat22!  What do you think you're doing linking to a non-30BAD approved website!?!  You are in direct violation of Article 19 of the Initiation Handbook!  As punishment you will be deprived of your yearly call home.

As for the rest of you- Section 32C clearly states: "No member shall question Grand Wizard Johnston's motives or edicts under any circumstances.  The word 'cult' must never be uttered within these hallowed walls, and should be stricken from one's mind."  Minister of Propaganda Pradf will be hearing about this.

Furthermore, I see pictures of some of the young female members of our order in this thread.  I shouldn't have to remind anyone that "...after completing The Ritual, sexual thoughts of any nature are strictly forbidden, save for those directed towards Lady Freelea".

I must now go and accuse that message board of being an anti-cult cult, but I will be keeping an eye on everyone who has posted in this thread.

"All Hail Fruit's Eternal Essence!"


Haters gonna' hate.  People will convince themselves of anything to avoid doing what's best for them.  No other creature in nature eats outside of it's natural diet (especially not on a regular basis), except for us.  It's all been said a thousand times, but - stick to what we're designed to eat and let the body function as it ought to.  I wouldn't fill up my car's gas tank on soda and expect it to run.  Neither would I fill up on junk and expect my body to run.  What they call "cult" is common sense.  Though, I guess it can't be called "common" anymore.


  1. A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
  2. A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

Yeah, we're a cult, but a good cult.  :)  People who are outside do see us as strange and sinister.  

At the top of the Rick Ross forum they say that we push the lifestyle on all our friends.  I've watched two videos where Harley was talking to people who didn't follow the 80/10/10 way.  He was totally cool with them talking about their diets.  He didn't loose his cool and rant 811rv!  He smiled and kept talking without condemning them.  

But I thought kool-aid was NOT on our diets :-))








Alright, let's see if I get banned like they say I will.

I met Harley & Freelee in Bangkok this week. At first I was overjoyed that the cult leaders would agree to meet a low ranking member like myself, I mean, I'm not even a peacekeeper!

Well, things were going great, Freelee gave me fruit and Harley gave me training advice. "These are some genuinely nice, generous and helpful people" I thought, and when Harley offered to give me a B12 shot I suspected nothing and gladly accepted.

Coming home, though, it has become clear what really happened. The Durianrider injected me with a mind control drug! Every day now, I automatically reach for the fruit, pack in 4000 calories or more and exercise like my life depended on it. At 8 pm every night, a voice in my head yells out "SLEEP" and I'm out like a light. I'm awakened by that same voice 10-12 hours later telling me "WATER" and then later "SUGAR" which it keeps repeating throughout most of the day. I'm completely powerless to resist and this results in me having large amounts of energy and a positive outlook on life - completely against my will! It's been hell! Next thing I know I'm going to start taking steps towards realizing my dreams and ambitions, I don't know what to do! Please help me!

Haha love it, Derek!



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