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I'm in college right now and on a meal plan. I'm sick of feeling tired, I'm sick of feeling hungry, and I want to go back to being a fruitarian. The only issue is that I'm a college student with hardly any money, so I can't be purchasing fruit from the grocery store all the time. However, I have an unlimited amount to these fruits:


Apples (Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, etc)

Kiwi fruit








And of course I have lettuce.


Could I make these work as my main foods? And if so, how should I split it up per meal? Like should I eat ten bananas and four apples in one sitting? What would you recommend me do? My favorite fruits among that list are Bananas and apples, btw. What would be a good amount of fruit to have for one average meal? I really want to make my commitment to a fruit-based diet something permanent. I'm just scared that I'm going to constantly be thinking about eating. I just don't want to think about having to eat anymore. Thanks.


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last year when i lived at the dorms, i was also on a mandatory meal plan.  so, at the dorms it is their policy since they force you to get the meal plan, they HAVE to feed everyone.  you go talk to the supervisor lady, tell her about your 'special' diet, and they basically grocery shop for you.  tell her about what you need to eat, and about your diet/lifestyle, and what you need in order to thrive.  basically, if they can't provide for you, they have to reimburse you the money for the meal plan, and they don't like to do that.


when i lived at the dorms, i had it so that every week i went and picked up a huge delivery of fruits and veggies.  you can get dates, and all kinds of stuff you want.  they even shop at whole foods.  : )


it's a pretty sweet deal actually.


it says on the little pamphlets of the menu things you can get at the dining hall at school who the supervisor is of that.  it will have their phone number and email. 


good luck.

Oh rad. I'm gonna email the person in charge of the meal plans and let them know what's up. Maybe next term I could get something like that worked out. I go to a small liberal arts college but I think it could work, at least I hope.

they have to help you.  i think it's a law because they make you pay.  last semester after i contacted them with my 'special diet,' a bunch of people got word, and started contacting them, and making all kinds of weird things up.  they helped out every one of them, and didn't give anyone a hard time.  the woman told me that there was only one person in the history that they couldn't help out with a special diet, and this was a person who i think she was kosher.  i'm not entirely sure why they couldn't help her, but they had to refund her the money for the meal plan so she could buy her own food.  she said they don't like to have to do this because the money helps pay for the dining hall or something.


i think another girl on 30bad made a video about this a while back, too.  i don't know if it's still up.  you should be okay though.  just explain your needs, and they should be able to help.


in my situation, they started my new meal plan after the weekend.  i think we spoke on a friday.  oh actually it was after monday, because she had to go shopping.  she was really nice about it, too.  she was asking ME if that was okay with me, and if it would work when i didn't even know if they would be willing to help me out at all. 


one of the things they gave me every week was a huge bag of dates.


one thing i said was that i had to eat very often because it was really important for me to eat enough calories in the day, and i couldn't do it within a couple meals.  like i couldn't fit it all in.  that was actually a lie, i just hated eating at the dining hall, and didn't want to.  one thing they really try to promote at least in my situation was eating at the dining hall.  she said it was a social thing.  i also told her that i had anxiety eating with all the people in there, but she didn't like to hear that too much because they want to try to promote the social aspect of the dorms.  i didn't really care for the social aspect of it so much because i was living there mostly out of convenience over anything else.  i am a lot older then all of the kids living there. 


so i don't know if eating at the dining hall is an issue for you or not.  personally, i did not like the environment.  it was difficult for me to eat there because i actually do get nervous in those kinds of settings.  also, i would much rather have the whole fruit, and peel it myself then having them cut it all up for me (they really go out of their way to help you even if you don't want them to fuss over you...  they try to let you know that they are working, but i don't like that mentality of service if that makes sense...  it makes me feel uncomfortable), and then the weird looks that people give you because in my situation people even made comments sometimes at the dining hall to leave some fruit for the rest of everyone (wtf?).  things that seem to make them feel better about delivering food are schedule difficulties (if you have class during all the dining hall times), or just the calorie thing.  saying you don't like the dining hall they don't like that.  but maybe you do like the dining hall and you want to eat there.  they don't let you cut up your own fruit in there, though because of the knife safety thing. 


if they make you pay for food, they have to feed you something you can eat.  you say you can't eat the other food because your body doesn't feel it as food or something.  usually it doesn't even have to go that far though.  they don't want you to make a big stink so they say okay before you have to really make excuse.

You have unlimited supply to some tasty food! Of course, the only thing ready to eat will be lettuce, melon, oranges, and apples, but you can surely ripen pears and bananas to get a constant supply. 


I have to say I am a bit jealous. I go to a pretty big university and in order to live in the dorm, you have to pay a large chunk of money towards the dining halls, which you then have to buy your food from a la carte. They won't even let me order wholesale produce through them. I pay this money to rarely buy from the dining hall; most of my shopping is done at a grocery store about half a mile away. I even work in the dining hall and I can't get anything good out of it... 


If your university will accommodate your diet, it will be a great deal easier on you.  



That will get you by for sure. =)

That's a decent variety of fruits. You really don't need to buy any other fruit if as you say you have an unlimited supply. When I haven't got much to eat I like to wrap fruit in lettuce leaves. I particularly like the combination of banana pieces in a lettuce leaf or two. Just peel, break up the banana into a few pieces and wrap! 




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