30 Bananas a Day!

I'm in college right now and on a meal plan. I'm sick of feeling tired, I'm sick of feeling hungry, and I want to go back to being a fruitarian. The only issue is that I'm a college student with hardly any money, so I can't be purchasing fruit from the grocery store all the time. However, I have an unlimited amount to these fruits:


Apples (Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Fuji, Gala, etc)

Kiwi fruit








And of course I have lettuce.


Could I make these work as my main foods? And if so, how should I split it up per meal? Like should I eat ten bananas and four apples in one sitting? What would you recommend me do? My favorite fruits among that list are Bananas and apples, btw. What would be a good amount of fruit to have for one average meal? I really want to make my commitment to a fruit-based diet something permanent. I'm just scared that I'm going to constantly be thinking about eating. I just don't want to think about having to eat anymore. Thanks.


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looks like good variety to me...

Well I definitely plan on getting other fruits from grocery stores from time to time. I just would like to know of what a good amount of fruit would be. I think the ten bananas per two or three meals would be good with others in between.

I'm sick of always feeling tired and wanting to eat. I've been vegan for a long time, but it's just not cutting it anymore. I've been wanting to become a fruitarian for a long time but I haven't because of the social aspects of it. I know that my family is going to freak out, think I have an eating disorder, my friends also think that I already having an eating disorder. I don't want to be thin, I just want to feel healthy and not want to eat all the time. I want to do spend my time doing other things like reading or focusing on homework. Does being a fruitarian help you guys concentrate at all? I've read so many great things about it, I'm curious.

If you don't want to worry about having to think about eating, easiest way is to have three 10 banana meals every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. Add some kind of berry or other sub-acidic fruit like mango, and each one will taste different. Alternately you can have bananas for breakfast + dinner then vary every lunch with whatever other fruit you want. Or you could do melons for breakfast or oranges, then bananas for lunch + dinner. There's lots of stuff you can do.
Ok. Well starting tomorrow I'm going to dedicate myself to this. I'm really nervous that I'm gonna keep thinking about having to eat fruit. Hopefully that won't be the case!

I'm a newbie here too.  Let me just say it is not that hard as you may think.  At first my co-workers would ask questions like "Is that all your going to eat!!?"  My response is usually along the lines of "Four mangoes?  Yes, I believe that will hold me for a while."  They also see me munching on bananas or oranges throughout the day as well.  People stop noticing that I am eating fruit and instead they start to notice the crap they are eating. 


You can say I am always thinking about fruit too.  I wake up excited for my breakfast and other meals!  Plus the energy I have in the mornings is wonderful!

I don't currently have a blender. : /


But I plan on getting one soon once I get enough money.

I'd say a blender is essential especially if you are trying to fit this lifestyle around a busy life. Drinking a 10 banana smoothie with greens is much easier to do and much quicker than eating 10 bananas and greens. IMHO the only way this lifestyle is possible without a blender is if you don't have to go to college/work and have loads of free time!

I know everyone doing this seems like they have expensive high quality blenders like Vitamix, Blentec etc, but you can get by very well with any blender. I use a cheap Kenwood model which cost me £9 UK about 5 years ago. It hasn't aged well (the white plastic has gone discoloured over the years and it looks pretty ugly) but it still works fine. If I'm blending stuff like dates I need to soak them a little first and maybe my smoothies need a touch more water than they would in a high quality blender, but overall I'm very happy with my cheapie.

Something like this may not be amazing quality but will get the job done and allow you to do this lifestyle successfully.


I have been using a 15 dollar blender from Walmart, and it has been working fine.

Of course one day I would love to have a Blentec, but it is definitely not needed.


I really appreciate all the advice you give. I have a question though....how do you start a ripening schedule and how do you make it work? I seem to either have a whole bunch of really ripened fruit (that goes bad before I can eat it) or none of it is ripe and I am stuck eating either the under-ripened fruit or something else (not fruity).




Much appreciated! I think I have more of an understanding on how to make it all work. Thanks, Chris!



last year when i lived at the dorms, i was also on a mandatory meal plan.  so, at the dorms it is their policy since they force you to get the meal plan, they HAVE to feed everyone.  you go talk to the supervisor lady, tell her about your 'special' diet, and they basically grocery shop for you.  tell her about what you need to eat, and about your diet/lifestyle, and what you need in order to thrive.  basically, if they can't provide for you, they have to reimburse you the money for the meal plan, and they don't like to do that.


when i lived at the dorms, i had it so that every week i went and picked up a huge delivery of fruits and veggies.  you can get dates, and all kinds of stuff you want.  they even shop at whole foods.  : )


it's a pretty sweet deal actually.


it says on the little pamphlets of the menu things you can get at the dining hall at school who the supervisor is of that.  it will have their phone number and email. 


good luck.

Oh rad. I'm gonna email the person in charge of the meal plans and let them know what's up. Maybe next term I could get something like that worked out. I go to a small liberal arts college but I think it could work, at least I hope.



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