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Is anybody implementing oil pulling? What effects or benefits have you observed? I would want to know more about the benefits, analyze different ways to incorporate the same, and want to know which oil to be used; and mainly from where to buy it.

It is so difficult to find unrefined sesame or sunflower oil in supermarkets. Anybody to tell me which supermarket to buy it from or from which sources?

Thank You.

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Do you mean the oil flush where your drink 10 oz of olive oil and wait for your gallstones to pass? I tried this a year ago and I would not recomend it. First of all, it was so hard to swallow that much oil. Second, the feeling of naseau was like nothing I had ever felt. I felt completely poisoned! And last, the little green blobs that are supposedly your gallstones/ biles are just the oil you drank IMO. I think this is a foolish practice and would never do it again even if someone paid me! I am not sure if this is what you are speaking of, but I thought I'd chime in.
I find that the feeling I was looking for by doing cleanses is what I experience every moment on 811- pure clean energy! And it's kind of funny to me now looking back, like why would I add more oil to my body when I would like to rid myself of oil/fatty deposit? It really makes no commen sense, although the Jubbs did a good job at convinving me somehow lol

You said you bought coldpressed extravirgin olive oil for oilpulling you mean? That oil is available, but I don't think it is recommended. What is recommended are either sesame or sunflower or coconut unfiltered cold-pressed oil which I cannot simply get from any supermarket stores here. But I will look around health stores like Whole Food store, etc.

Did your teeth get whitened too?
Yes that's the site. I do it every morning for about a month now and believe it helps. I recommended it to my friends and all are enthousiastic, even my mom (82)! :-D
One of my friends works with children and didn't catch a cold this time thanks to the oil pulling she thinks.
It is so amazing and inspirational that your mom at this age would love the practice of oil pulling. High respects to her.

How do you oilpull and which oil/s do you use?

Thank you, Sita.
Yes my mom is great, I love her.

I use only organic sesame oil, how do you say -swish/rinse- about 1 tablespoon for at least 15 minutes (there is an example for it on youtube), spit it out in the veg/fruit litterbox (not sink!), rinse my mouth with warm water and brush my teeth with or without tooth paste. It is important to clean your mouth from the oil, so you don't have your breakfast with it.
It is easy.
Hi Krishna,
I am currently oil pulling every morning upon waking. I use unrefined first cold pressed organic sesame oil. I swish it around in my mouth while I do a couple of chores....ones that do not require too much movement - like writing, reading or tinternetting. It tends to be anywhere between 25 minutes and 1 hour - it just depends upon how involved I get in my activity. I think that the longer you hold the oil the better...though on the website, he suggests 20 mins is sufficient.
I then spit it down the toilet, making sure not to spill or swallow any of it (it should be creme coloured and thickish by this time) then immediately swish warm salt water around in my mouth, cleaning my teeth until they squeak with my clean finger. Then I rinse with water. Then I rinse my eyes with water (but thats another story)

I used coconut oil when I oil pulled in the summer. I actually preferred it to the sesame. I would say to experiment with different high quality extra virgin oils - sesame, sunflower and coconut.

In terms of oil...are you in the States? Artisana Organic Extra-virgin Coconut oil is of very high quality and I would definitely recommend it. http://www.premierorganics.org/index.php?option=com_content&tas... You can buy it from many health food stores - whole foods and Co ops etc. and also many cafe gratitude and raw/green/health fayres. Their company is based in Berkeley, CA - so more available around there.

I don't know the science behind this cleansing method, but I feel positive results upon regularly doing it. My mouth feels less toxic and my teeth and gums feel very clean and healthier. I think it is having whitening effects upon my teeth, though I have no photo evidence... It also helps bring fourth mucus and bowel movements....which I never quite understood, but the more cleansing the better!
I love doing it as it sets my day off to a clean, healthful start.

I don't want to oil pull forever. It is just a temporary practice until I feel fully transitioned into healths optimal. I'm sure the oil and salt are absorbed into my skin through my mouth...but for now it is serving me well.

Try it out and see what you think!
Thank you a lot, Holi. Your comments are quite comprehensive in terms of the details. I will look for it in Whole Foods store, though the nearest one is 45 miles away from my place. Are online stores reliable? Weren't you feel giddy after swishing for almost an hour or so? How are different oils different in terms of textures (how you feel inside your mouth), taste and apparent difference in benefits?

If you spit it down the toilet, don't you think the used oil may clog the drain? Have you experienced anything like that?

Thank you for your time and dedication.
always spit in the garbage. If you spit down the sink it can clog up, especially if you are doing this everyday.

I didn't notice much change using the organic cold pressed sesame oil. I would definitely try coconut oil because atleast that has some supposed health benefits. I'm gonna try this again when I pick up some more coconut oil.
Are you using refined or unrefined coconut oil, or does it matter or is unrefined one available?

Also, what are other health benfits of coconut oil that sesame oil cannot claim?

Thank you.
always unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil. I don't remember much of the claimed benefits but you can easily do a search and find out. It could all be bull. But, atleast it is a fat from fruit as opposed to these seed oils which are inflammatory. In case any oil is absorbed while doing this thing, I'd much rather have the soothing anti-microbial properties of coconut oil over sesame oil which could only do harm in my opinion.
Yes you could look it up online...it depends on the store as to say whether it is reliable or not - you gotta look into it!
No giddiness......though I would only do it that long very occasionally if I were completely absorbed....

Spitting down the toilet doesn't block...I mean it hasn't so far and I don't see why it would. The sink is a different story. It is important to flush it away to not allow the toxicities to linger.
There is masses of info about coconut oil on tinternet, and also whole books written about its benefits.

Another point - make sure you don't swallow any by accident! and I always scrape my tongue after swishing with water. This I would recommend - it rids any extra lingerings.

Good luck!



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