30 Bananas a Day!


Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to just have banana blogs here. (it would be awesome and helpful for newbies to see everyone's blogs under one roof, if that makes sense? :-)
We have another thread going here which has lots of island details....Please post your questions there and put a link to your question here so we can get to it and not interrupt the flow of the blogs too much, ofcourse commenting & supporting eachother on the island is encouraged!


This island most are going to has only bananas on it, for some it will have 2 fruits (like for myself banana and date) Some will have banana and greens also.  SO there are a few variations and that's why I'm requesting everyone record exactly what they eat because their results will vary depending on this. Please keep your island selection to a maximum of 2 fruits or 1 fruit & greens.


Arrive Monday 12th April, return 28th April 
(although if trip is going very well may extend)
Others may be already on the Island, we can meet them there...

Things to do on the island: (apart from lots of relaxation)

Record a daily blog on your experience here including how many bananas/or dates you have daily, water intake, exercise, sleep, sunshine and feelings...
Then we can really help eachother if some of us are undereating or dehydrated etc.

Day # :







4 things you are grateful for:

Ok awesome so fire away my island friends!

P.S- Please can we agree to keep the comments that aren't specifically direct comments of support to other islanders off this thread? Like questions about the island etc? That way we can just have lots of blogs and support, thanks! Other comments and ongoing conversations can be put here..

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Textbook day Ravani, very nice!
haha yeh! Glad you made it Jayme :-)

Awesome day on the nana front, you are off to a flying start. Oh yeh I'm so glad I don't have to answer to any bosses anymore, well except myself!
Swayze that's great you are almost back to your old self :) It's amazing on this island the positive results come very quickly, I often times feel the best I ever have in my life on mono fruit island, may not be sustainable but it sure is a great trip away!
Day 3:

Breakfast: 11 banana smoothie
Lunch: 9 banana smoothie + 15 dates
Dinner: 10 banana smoothie
= 2913 kcal

5K run and mowing the lawn

2.5 liters

1.5 hours. Yes!

8 hours

I got 30 bananas in today! Refreshed and so glad to have the morning off. Got one more hour of sleep and got a ton of things done. Still on my fruity high and lovin’ it. Is it illegal to feel this good?

I’m grateful for my husband running to the store this AM to get another case of narnas for us.
I’m grateful for the wind that challenged me throughout my run.
I’m grateful for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Journey, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Radiohead, Gary Go, and Jai Ho that encouraged me throughout my run.
I’m grateful for this high I’ve been riding on that’s not induced by drugs, alcohol, or anti-depressants. Just high on raw fruity goodness.

Goal for tomorrow:
I didn’t meet my water intake I had hoped for, so I’m going to try to strive to get there tomorrow. I have another 14-hour workday tomorrow so my exercise will be little to none, but I’ll be on my feet all day.
I love reading these blogs thanks everyone.

:-D Love the fact that you got 30 bananas in today! You have graduated to Champion Fruit Muncher status now ;)
Oh yeh workout music is vital, i like your pics too, I would add lInkin Park
Linkin Park didn't make it into that round of the shuffle but I most definitely like to rock out to them.
Day # 3

FOODY: 17 bananas

EXCERSICE: zero =/ i have class from 9 am till 9 pm on wednesdays =/


SUNSHINE: maybe an hour sitting outside waiting in between classes

SLEEP: 8 hours

FEElINGS: Good throughout the day, but i am noticing I am feeling tired by 8 pm, quite early. Also fantasizing about tomatoes! Otherwise all is going well :)
haha that's why i am not on the island with you beautys i love my tommies narnas and rockies....i love seeing how great guns you are all going though :)
wow that's a tough class schedule you have! 17 bananas isn't a great deal, even if you are inactive, I don't seem to get tom cravings unless I'm not eating enough fruit. Nice work Juicy1 x
Day # : 4

Breakfast : 10 banana smoothie
Lunch: 10 banana smoothie
Dinner 8 banana smoothie
ooh 28 today! Should just stuff another 2 in.


Rest day + 7km bike ride, pushing it

Water: 2.5, drinking more now

Sunshine: 20mins

Sleep: 8hrs

Feelings: Good, I love the BI feeling

4 things you are grateful for:

* Durianrider
* bananas
* My current exercise routine and my commitment to it
* Meeting my newly vegan bro tomorrow night after not seeing him for a year or so

Tell me about it! On a Saturday and Sunday I work 07:30am - 8:30pm! No breaks! Just on the reception desk.

Day #2


4 bananas & 2 medjools in a 2L smoothie
5 banana & 2 medjools in a 2L smoothie but by 4pm at work I was ravenous!
6 banana smoothie for dinner, again made 2L.

I have to make them and take them to work and the smoothies go all brown and lose their flavour... ho hum.

Exercise: run on the beach and power walk to work

Water: well over 3L, I was dashing off to the ladies every hour!

Sunshine: 20 mins on my walk to work

Sleep: I was up twice in the night :(

Feelings: Anger at my work/money situation but grateful still for the love of my big brother who is going to visit me soon and my mum back in the UK, battling her own problems. I really want to add greens to my smoothies, I find the sugar hit a bit too much.

Aloha!! ;D)

Day: #1
Food: 1.5 liters of datorade, soaked dates, date/lettuce wraps, date/lettuce smoothie, more soaked dates.
Exercise: Ran stair repeats 3 sets x 10 (afap), 30minutes of meditation/pranayama/kriya, 15minutes of skin brushing & a little walking.
Water: 2L (but will get in another before the day is up)
Sunshine: 60min of sunbathin' :) (nice)
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 6 hours asleep (woke up with no alarm)
Feelings: Feel excited. Happy.

4 things I'm grateful for:
*My brother (he rocks :))
*My skin (sometimes I focus on its flaws, but there are so many fabulous parts that I should focus on)
*My rooftop (super fun way to sunbathe)
*My LFRV friends! (Love 'em! Xx..)



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