30 Bananas a Day!


Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to just have banana blogs here. (it would be awesome and helpful for newbies to see everyone's blogs under one roof, if that makes sense? :-)
We have another thread going here which has lots of island details....Please post your questions there and put a link to your question here so we can get to it and not interrupt the flow of the blogs too much, ofcourse commenting & supporting eachother on the island is encouraged!


This island most are going to has only bananas on it, for some it will have 2 fruits (like for myself banana and date) Some will have banana and greens also.  SO there are a few variations and that's why I'm requesting everyone record exactly what they eat because their results will vary depending on this. Please keep your island selection to a maximum of 2 fruits or 1 fruit & greens.


Arrive Monday 12th April, return 28th April 
(although if trip is going very well may extend)
Others may be already on the Island, we can meet them there...

Things to do on the island: (apart from lots of relaxation)

Record a daily blog on your experience here including how many bananas/or dates you have daily, water intake, exercise, sleep, sunshine and feelings...
Then we can really help eachother if some of us are undereating or dehydrated etc.

Day # :







4 things you are grateful for:

Ok awesome so fire away my island friends!

P.S- Please can we agree to keep the comments that aren't specifically direct comments of support to other islanders off this thread? Like questions about the island etc? That way we can just have lots of blogs and support, thanks! Other comments and ongoing conversations can be put here..

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ooh nicely done on the cals Michaela. You did a really good job :-)
Sleep well tonight x
Cool thanks for posting Lighty :)

What a brilliant gratitude list, I can tell you really thought about it. I haven't read that one of Essie's book yet, sounds great.
Day# 2
Food: I had around 15 banana's during daytime, grapes. In the evening 12 fresh dates with 5 large handfulls of spinach, blended with water. One hour after that, I felt my teethache diminisch and euphoric. I had never done this before but got the idea through reading a thread on this forum. I think the sugar is getting the minerals where they need to be.
I'm going to repeat this today Day# 3. :-) But more sweet fruit if I can find it.
Just for breakfast now I had a smoothie with 10 banana's + 10 dates and spinach. :-)
Oh and yeah, 3 liters of water every day, sometimes more. Slept very well last night. Cycled for one hour.
Very grateful for the wonderful people at this forum and the sunshine.
Hey fruitilicious :)
Great to hear your teeth are feeling better, you felt euphoric! That is fantastic! I felt that today too.
Nice bit of cycling also, ill be on the bike tomorrow.
Thanks for sharing x
Thank you too, you wonderful!
Must be a lot of work, running this forum. :-)
labour of love
Day # 3

Food: 20 bananas blended, min. 10 dates for snacks. Might pick up some celery today, I miss crunchy things

Exercise: 2hrs bike, and 14hr workday (that counts yes?) :)

Water: 3lt

Sunshine:1hr, maybe 2 if I can ride home before sunset

Sleep: 9hrs last night, woke up twice

Feelings: I'm not sure right now... lol.

4 things I'm grateful for:
the jobs I have
the bikes I ride
the water supply I have access to (free kagen water, my boss has a machine, I fill'er up a few times a week)
my grandmother for saving me
Day # : 3


Breakfast : 12 banana smoothie
Lunch: Stuck out without bananas (sheesh you'd think id learn by now) 5 dried bananas
Dinner: 10 banana smoothie
That's about 2700 cals

8.5km jog

Easy 3 litres today

On my run about 40mins worth

Good sleep last night about 9hrs

Awesome today, feel very motivated

4 things I am grateful for:

* For my awesome mummy and her love of this lifestyle
* my brother who is coming to visit for a week from another state
* running and how good it makes me feel
* everyone who is staying on BI with me, you guys are really inspiring thanks
Off to bed...

awww! one looks peaceful, the other kinda worried, lol!!!

sleep tight!
haha I know i love this pic! I'm the devious one...
Day 1:


600ml fresh OJ (I was on the road)
Brekkie: 4 bananas with 2 Medjool and lots of water (made 2L)
Lunch: 4 bananas with 2 Medjool (made 2L)
Snack: 1 banana
Dinner: 2 bananas with water, made 750ml

I'll probably have something else before bed but I'm stuffed! That's 1525 cals


Run on beach into the wind
3kms power walk


Over 3L


Bit overcast, probably got 30 minutes


Not enough, 4-5 (I was in a dorm at a hostel in Cairns)


Glad I got through Day 1, feel a bit lightheaded and full

4 things you are grateful for:

The love of my mum and my brothers. Bit down at the moment!



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