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Ok so I thought it would be a good idea to just have banana blogs here. (it would be awesome and helpful for newbies to see everyone's blogs under one roof, if that makes sense? :-)
We have another thread going here which has lots of island details....Please post your questions there and put a link to your question here so we can get to it and not interrupt the flow of the blogs too much, ofcourse commenting & supporting eachother on the island is encouraged!


This island most are going to has only bananas on it, for some it will have 2 fruits (like for myself banana and date) Some will have banana and greens also.  SO there are a few variations and that's why I'm requesting everyone record exactly what they eat because their results will vary depending on this. Please keep your island selection to a maximum of 2 fruits or 1 fruit & greens.


Arrive Monday 12th April, return 28th April 
(although if trip is going very well may extend)
Others may be already on the Island, we can meet them there...

Things to do on the island: (apart from lots of relaxation)

Record a daily blog on your experience here including how many bananas/or dates you have daily, water intake, exercise, sleep, sunshine and feelings...
Then we can really help eachother if some of us are undereating or dehydrated etc.

Day # :







4 things you are grateful for:

Ok awesome so fire away my island friends!

P.S- Please can we agree to keep the comments that aren't specifically direct comments of support to other islanders off this thread? Like questions about the island etc? That way we can just have lots of blogs and support, thanks! Other comments and ongoing conversations can be put here..

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Ok I Will start, my trip to banana island today has been great...

Day 1:

Breakfast: 15 small bananas (im estimating about 50cals each) and 12 dates
Afternoon: 4 dried bananas (I was stuck out on a bike ride without any cals)
Dinner: Same as Breakfast
So calories about 3180

30kms at a reasonable pace through fast peak hr traffic on my bike (I was swerved at by a car full of very overweight ppl, not to worry I gave them tuff love lifestyle advice ;-)
Garmin says I burnt 610cals

3 litres

Bout half hr today

Last night got a solid 9hrs

Felt great today, strong on the bike, DR stopped to pick up some durian and I took off leaving him in my dust, he didnt even catch up to me at race pace :-D A bit peeved at why a carload of ppl would risk my life like that unprovoked.

Ok next!
sounds like a wonderful day..... you are very inspirational free :)
Great work, Freelee. :-)
Michaela. Good work on calories and exercise. I hope your sleep situation will improve and I'm sending some sunshine your way. The weather was great here today (for once)! :-)
Day # : 1
Food: It is 12.30 noon overhere. So far I had 20 medium size banana's, made into smoothie with juice of couple of celerystalks, 1 cucumber and few handfulls of grapes. Not bad so far...
Exercise: going to do some errands...
Water: 2 liters
Sunshine: going to, probably 1/2 hour.
Sleep: slept very well last night and enough hours (like 10 I think).
Feelings: struggle with mindset: will I have enough finances to continue at the end of the month (usually I don't :-), or just continue in faith? Will my teeth get worse? :-) Will I have salt/savory cravings after my evening meal, despite having had a whole blender full of banana's and like 9 dates or so? (that was yesterday).
But oh boy, how I love my fruit!!! :-)
Hi Fruitilicious,
You're doing well, keep it up. Fingers crossed on the finance situation. If your teeth are in a bad state, I would advise you to avoid any acid fruit (really hard to find ripe acid fruit at supermarkets) and to brusk after every meal with a soft brissle brush and water as well as floss your teeth. My teeth were a bit sensitive before lfrc, but this has improved greatly, they never bother me now! I find that if I have salt/savory cravings (this applies if you haven't been eating salt for 2 weeks: if you have, then this is usually detoc which manifests itself as a craving), eating a savory vegetable meal (like this: http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/my-version-of-a-savory-cl... when off the island) or just some celery while on the island will curb the cravings. I often crave greens after eating a lot of sweet fruits, so eating some celery with your sweet fruit meal might help! :-)
Hi Kristina,
Thank you for your sweet encouragement. Yes, I'm avoiding citrus for weeks now. But I should probably add in more greens, your delicious savoury vegetable meal will send me off bananaisland, but I'll definitely come back when my teeth allow... I think the sundried tomatoes are salted though, so I'll stick to the fresh ones! Interesting what you say about salt/savoury cravings, I've red the same comment somewhere else on this forum earlier and it puzzles me.
It makes me think... I'm detoxing salt through coughing up watery mucus with a very salty taste. mmm. I couldn't sleep because of the coughing and I just finished 3 slices of whole wheat bread. Tasted way to salty too. Sigh. Will I EVER get there? (100% lfrv). Thanks for listening to my ramblings...
Hey Fruitlicious,

I'm still new to 811 so I'm definitely experiencing the cravings too, keep going strong though. As far as finances go, this guy's advice helped my wife and I turn our finances around completely. (www.daveramsey.com) He's in the US but I hear people from other countries turn things around too, it seems pretty universal and he's got a podcast, radio show, free stuff on his site, and sells books. I know exactly what you mean about having enough finances at the end of the month. I used to worry about finances so much that I couldn't sleep and felt sick to my stomach, that's completely turned around now. It's been such a relief to not have that worry anymore. If you have any questions about what we did, and are still doing, just let me know.
Day # : 1

Food: 25 bananas, mixture of medium and small. About 2368 calories. POTASSIUM POWER!!

Exercise: 30 minute walk

Water: Well over a gallon.

Sunshine: 40 minutes. My tan is quite uneven. Lol!

Sleep: about 7.5 hours or so. Had trouble getting to sleep, but I'm certain that will change.

Feelings: Not bad at all. It's nice that I don't have to worry about what I'm going to eat. I also don't feel all clogged up. I would have like to have worked out more, but I'm having trouble getting that going. It was a miracle I got off my lazy butt and walked. I gotta step it up!!
Great work! You will probably have more energy for exercise when you get your sleep situation sorted (I'm confident that will manifest soon :-) Excellent news about your digestion and that you appreciate the simplicity in diet that mono island is. :-)
Day # 1: 8am here, I'm in Toronto, Canada. Just blending up my food for the day, biking to yoga then biking to work

Food: 20 bananas blended with 2 mangos, bunch of spinach and 1/2 water 1/2 coconut water - this combo hasn't hurt my teeth, for some reason any other smoothie I've made hurts. I will also have a bunch of bananas for eating here and there through out the day, when the urge for a cookie comes along.... (hope this is an ok variation for the island?)

Exercise: 2hrs bike (30km roughly) and 1hr ashtanga yoga

Water: 3lt

Sunshine: 2hrs

Sleep: Just woke up without the alarm, slept for about 9hrs

Feelings: Right now I feel good - I'm just starting 801010 so I'm excited at the potential!
Woah, Stacey. I'm impressed by your workout for today, so inspiring. With this amount of activity, be sure to count your calories to make sure you're getting enough, I failed to do this in the beginning and paid for it: so unnecessary. :-)



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