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One of my friend (in her early 20's) was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. As you can imagine, she/all of us were thrown by this finding as we didn't realise it can happen to someone so young-thankfully it was found to be to be a benign. Her experience got me researching about the breast cancer and I've been reading a lot on excess Oestrogen and its harmful effect.  I know meat is a source of excess oetrogen, and good sleep, healthy eating and exercise can all help effectively regulate endogenous level. 

My question is does anyone have any info on specific raw/HCLF  food/s which are good for helping balance oetrogen level? 

I've also come across info saying to avoid toiletries with Praben and perfume, sun cream, and deodorants.

I cant imagine going without these, I wondered if anyone here did, and how you manage/feel about it etc. 

Thanks in advance x 

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The only thing I know off the top of my head is that more fiber = more elimination of fats, including cholesterol, bile acids, AND fat-soluble compounds, like hormones. The body reabsorbs most cholesterol (and so, things that resemble cholesterol, like hormones), but fiber helps bind it up, to 1) make it less available for reabsorption and 2) increase transit time so there is less time for reabsorption.

And yes, avoiding synthetic xenoestrogens could theoretically help as well. Myself, I find it easy to avoid them, as I work in a place that is fragrance-free, so I don't have much choice. I've also switched to more natural deodorants (I buy mine from Lush), and use mineral sunscreen instead of the chemical stuff. I find it all works fine: the deodorant I may have to apply more often if I'm exercising or it's hot out; the sunscreen doesn't absorb into your skin like the other stuff, so you look whiter, but I don't mind paying that price for not absorbing xenoestrogenic chemicals :)

Thanks for your reply. Will defo be checking less chemically laced products now on. No point eating clean and exercising and then lathering our bodies with chemicals the average scientists handles in a fume cupboard with gloves, mask, and safety glasses…. 


Like finaltwilight mentioned, you can get more natural versions of products. Do some research on things individually - if you follow a raw diet you may not need deodorant as a lot of people on fully raw don't smell bad, suncream can be bad for you as your skin absorbs a lot from it and may inhibit vit D absorbtion, I tend to cover up and only spend little amounts of time in the sun (easy in the UK), I'm working towards no shampoo and conditioner also, Tarah from Fruitybelow40 did a good video on that topic. www.ronandlisa.com - have a lot of tips to reduce toxins in the home.

Eat raw will help loads though, the only raw food I know to to concider reducing/eliminating in Linseed/flax as it has high levels of plant estrogen - not sure how much of a problem this after you have eliminated everything else.




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