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Is oatmeal considered 80/10/10?

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I'd say you could eat oatmeal on Rt4, but it will depend on how you cook it. Say you cook your oats in coconut milk. Coconut milk are really high in fat, and the macros would definitly not be 80/10/10. Now, cronometer says that oats are 70.1% carbs, 15% protein and 14.9% fat. Which isn't 80/10/10 either. But say if you cooked it in coconut water or low fat rice milk, it probably could be 80/10/10. If you add in some dates, raisins etc, then the macros for the dish could be 80/10/10. So it really depends on what you add in. 

I would however, not advice you to eat A LOT of oats, as they are high in fat. If you feel like you need porridge, I would suggest you could try making rice porridge. :) You can purchase rice flakes online, or use special rice to make it. (I don't know if they have it in all countries though, but you should definitly check it out. Here in norway they sell it everywhere!) 

Thanks for your help!

One can also grind ANY dry grain in vitamix for porridge purposes.Cooks faster with smooth texture.

Or BLEND sprouted (means soaked for couple of hours) grain before throwing it in the pot with water to cook.

Oats porridge is nice cooked together with apple.Cinnamon on top.

I never like my porridge cooked in any milk,but use cold lowfat soymilk to eat it with.

Sometimes I eat porrridge with crude molasses sometimes soft brown sugar.

There are SO many grains one may grind for porridge.Grains are said to be acid (?) mostly but millet is an alkaline one.

what kind of grain do you recommend?

I lived on oeatmeal and rice my whole life, i was adding fruits to my oeatmeal and now have the worst digestive system in history. I put oeatmeal right under mcdonald as far as how healthy oatmeal is.
Oh come on, oatmeal isn't that bad just because you have stomach problems. It's better than white rice, and definitely better than McDonald's.

eat if you like it   : )   

I would say whatever tastes ok for you.

Sophie Peapaya has explained well about the high proportion of fat in oats,so eat them only and if you really  want them and cook in water rather.Use chronometer device to see what types of proportions of fat/carbs/proteins any food has and adjust accordingly eg perhaps more carbs needed to 'balance' the too high fat or protein quantity.Remember CARBOHYDRATES are the things we ought to look for rather than fats or proteins,they come automatically with 2500-3000calories eaten daily.You may add raisins in the porridge for carbs too.

Quinoa is a favorite with many.(I never tried it,so cannot say anything about it).

Try to avoid gluten or wheat porridges.Many have sensitive stomach for gluten in wheat or even rye or spelt.I'm not sure about the gluten in AMSRANTH.(experiment).

One can make porridge out of many flours or ANY flours you have.Corn yellow(polenta in Italy) or white maize porridge is a staple food in the country where I am situated.SORGHUM is another favorite here.

Teff is another grain that I never tried,although a friend of mine grows it commercially as a horse feed!

MILLET is an alkaline grain,supposed to be easy on digestion.

Most of the grains don't have as much fat in them as oats do,so go easy on oats and if you grind your grains first in vitamix before boiling in water,they cook somewhat faster than if they were left whole.

To cook porridge you usually put 1 part of grain / to 2 (or 3) parts of water,depending how thick you want it.Boil hard at first a minute and then softly for about 15 min or even much longer,but the cooking instructions vary a lot as some grains are already precooked somewhat.I do not use microwave ,some do,but the instructions are on the packet.

One may find a lot of different porridge grains in your usual shops and also specialty shops (organic,whole etc).Buy whole and grind yourself=fresher.

Google on porridges.If you can stomach rye well,then rye with cranberries is a nice taste,with additional cold soy milk on the side.(low fat).

Ooops,but this blog is not really meant for cooked foods or recipes on them,there is another raw till 4 blog for cooked.

If you are going to stuff yourself on cooked food meant for bird consumption I would go with buckwheat, it taste really good and taste good even raw "technically its not a grain, but for health shake, yes its a grain" Just like watermelon are technically a vegetable but act just like fruits in the body.

so yea buckwheat is awesome, it has more fat but it has SO much carb and nutrients compared to that drug tasting oatmeal, so if you wanna carb the **** up, on cooked food meant for bird consumption, buckwheat is your favorite friend.

Buckwheat is basically quinoa except quinoa taste like crap and is meant to be cooked more like rice(you woudl put fruits with rice but you would with oatmeal), buckwheat taste sweet and can be added with fruits, quinoa with fruit made me want to vomit and dont get me started on millet, it taste like rubarb but in the form of grain(dont see whatever combo you could have with millet but fruit would be the worst), i dont understand the hype for quinoa or millet, buckwheat guys, BUCKWHEAT! 3 serving of organic buckwheat cost 5$ and we talking a good sized meal.

My children eat raw oats - quick oats - chopped smaller so they cook faster, but we don't cook.  They absorb the juices and begin the breakdown which makes them easier to assimilate. They have blended peaches for 'milk' for b'fast just about every day.  Mix it up by adding cinnamon and ginger on occasion.  It kinda reminds me of a peach pie, kinda.  The peaches are sweet enough so no other sweeteners are needed, though some like molasses, but rarely.

Quick oats/rolled oats are steamed when they are produced so they're not technically raw.



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