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I eat almonds again and it come out unchanged, like fibre.

Why is this ?

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I don't think we are supposed to eat nuts. Same with seeds. If I eat sunflower seeds, I will see them without fail

yeah makes you wonder if the calories count if it comes out whole...

you know what I think Jim, when you chew them, you are like, juicing them so you absorb the juices/fats/nutrients and expel 100% of the solids/fibre...

4 instance if you chew them well you will get most out of them and if you swallow them whole you get zipp benefit

I agree with you, Alex. I rarely eat nuts/seeds like I use to do in my high protein/fat meat eating days, but if I eat them now, when I check my waste it seems like nothing has been done to digest any of it chemically except mechanical in the mouth.

I was watching a 'make almond milk' video the other day and the woman just blended the entire lot. The finish product was the 'juices/milk/liquid' and everything else was the fiber/roughage separated, so to speak.

If we are right guys then that means eating nuts and seeds will tax our systems of energy & we would only be eating them for the vitamins and minerals which we could easily get from our fruits and greens????



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