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What is the problem with nutritional yeast? Is there any actual danger in using it? 


Please provide references to support your response. Thanks.

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I am still in the "fact finding" stage and I am not yet convinced that a strict raw vegan diet is the only choice for me. As they say, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds . . ."

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it. All the carnivores I know who consistently, steadfastly continue to eat meat because, "That's how they were brought up", are foolish as well.

If you do not know exactly who "they" are, you can assume they are fools who do not want to have what they said attributed to themselves...

Or "they" were fabricated by the current speaker as a fiction of deception to convince you of the lie of the moment...
"They" are Ralph Waldo Emerson. He preferred a vegan diet, but he may have not consistently stuck with it.
You need to correct this post to "He preferred Vegetarian"--if that is what you meant to say, the term Vegan was not coined until into the 1900's by a Brit who was so disgusted at how much meat vegetarians were eating, like egg and so forth, and he coined the term "Vegan" as to distance himself from the egg, fish, and so forth eating self described vegetarians...
I became vegetarian in '71, before vegetarians ate all sort of meatstuff and justified it with typical American (and British) plumb. Back then, vegetarians did not even eat cheese, without saying "except I'm really not one, 'cause I eat cheese".

Please prove me wrong and show me where he prefers "vegan". He may actually be one of the only Americans in history to actually be in a position to achieve being Vegan, had he been aware of the concept. (For background on this, refer to opening manifesto of discussion forum "to meat or not to meat"--most likely in GI2MR--not here--not one I agree with, but has valid points to the extreme...).
"They" are Ralph Waldo Emerson. He preferred a vegetarian diet, but he may have not consistently stuck with it.
Closely related does not make it Animal.

Closely related does not make us chimpanzees.

Though I will not argue the point of your argument of what "ethical" minded people will do or not do.

On that subject, we are like a deadly "virus" to the planet, but that does not make us a virus.

Now, I'll back off, this is a discussion I will NOT win, and I know it.
It's also a fact that many christians avoid contact with Mormons because they have horns.

The fact is they DO AVOID the contact, they do believe, but the connection is not intelligent.

All your facts are facts, but the connect of what one group does, does not prove the connection between the two facts, even IF the connection is valid. I'm not arguing the point, just the sloppy correlation...

It's also a fact that many christians avoid contact with Mormons because they have horns.



I have lots of similar (but sadly) true stories about the stupidity of Christians reacting to Mormons.  And worse, more about the Mormons reacting to the world.

I like living among Mormons, and usually share these stories (about ignorant Mormons) with Mormon (and ex-Mormon) friends, not here...

I first read your question "Huh" out of context.  

Sad, but true, but probably a demographic of America that is nor all that "real" to you and I.  I was disappointed to find that those who do believe it, actually do believe it.  It is more common in other countries, those predominantly Catholic.

I was just surprised because you said it is a fact that Christians avoid Mormons, but although I was raised Christian, Catholic actually, although I was told that Mormons have beliefs that fall outside orthodoxy, I never avoided Mormons. Some of my favorite people growing up were Mormons, like (going to date myself here) Donny and Marie! :)


Then I married an SDA and joined her church. This group is also considered outside orthodoxy by many actually and they also consider Mormons outside orthodoxy. Ironically there is MUCH in common between SDA's and Mormons and both faiths arose during the same general time period and share may similar traditions.


Also SDA's have a deep seeded mistrust of Catholics, well at least its built into their eschatology. So I have some interesting conversations, especially in light of fact that my dear younger brother is being ordained into the Catholic priesthood in a few weeks. I relish saying "Nuh-Uh, certianly not in my experience" when people in Sabbath school talk about how "those Catholics" this or that. LOL!


The funny thing is I understand the differences and I understand pointing out the other's fallacies, or misunderstandings in the context of a debate, but many people seem to base their "faith" as it were on this. That's too shallow a soil for my taste. If your diet, faith, philosophy, whatever, only keeps you because another's is worse, that seems pretty empty to me.


So all the religious squabbling is kind of silly to me, I mean in general there is more in common between people than not. Same thing for all the raw food shenanigans. I mean we are such a small minority, you would think we'd all have each other's back, but instead we sometimes seem to focus on difference of opinion and fight with each other more than we do with people completely outside our eating style.


I'm not saying that one side or the other doesn't have a more or less compelling argument. The fact that I am a member here shows that I like very much what lfrv in general ascribes to. I really like Harley and Freelees's mostly objective and simple data and results driven approach.


But I find the way humans tend to side and polarize really interesting and I find it super interesting how very much like religion (or anti-religion, same types of arguments) our diet stuff becomes. There's something in the mechanics of it that can teach us a great deal about ourselves I think.



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