30 Bananas a Day!

How many meals do you take per days?

Do you eat little quantity 6 or 7 times per days or eat three big meal?

Thanks for your answer



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Usually three times a day and sometimes a snack.  Between 8-10 am I will take breakfast of which my personal preference is oranges.  between 12-2 will be a lunch of 7-10 bananas.  If I have a early start, or a busy day, I might take a snack around 4 pm with things like apples or berries.  I personally cannot eat enough calories from apples and berries at a time.  Dinner is around 7 pm with a salad and then whatever I want.  I try to finish by 8:00 pm, not snack at night, and give myself 10-12 hours of before breakfast. 

These are my personal preferences as I have a sensitive digestive system probably in part due to age and some SAD choices I made in the past.

I also drink water outside of meals.  About 30 minutes before the meal, and then wait about 1-2 hours after the meal to avoid indigestion.

Peace, PK

pk what do you mean by whatever you want after dinner? as in whatever fruit?

kim smith,

As in fruit most of the time.  

I prefer oranges and bananas for breakfast and lunch. These are my favorite fruits and easy on my digestion so I can get through my daily duties with no problems and complications.  They are also affordable 

Dinner is the time I might try something new and different if I am feeling brave or I find something on sale and buy a lot of it. 

I am at mid life, and due to some past mistakes, sometimes digestion is not the best, so if I need to, I can rest in the evenings if something goes wrong. 

Also, Sometimes I am craving salad and greens and only eat a big salad.  Sometimes salad is repulsive to me and I will "go bananas" and or well, like I said, whatever I want or want to have. 

Peace, PK

thanks, i eat three time per days but i read some time it is better to have little meal.

I cannot eat enough calories from apples also, i mad this when i didn't eat banana for ecology reason, but it was stupidity for my diet.


Three big meals as I hate the logistics of constant snacking.

3 HUGE meals.


2 fruit meals 2500-3500 calories each.


1 huge salad (about 800 calories worth of greens and non sweet fruits)


!! Is that a typo there? Do you really eat 2500-3500 cals a meal?!

If i eat bigger meals, my system crash.

I get sleepy, without motivation, etc.

I work better with small meals, without counting the calories.

Like eating 3 oranges in one meal, and in other 3 bananas for example, i work better.

Find yourself what works better for you.


Are you not gambling (not only in your picture) with too little calories here  or are you saving them for suppertime?

I don't look at the calories.

I look at my body requirement.

I'm doing several small meals in the day.
I'm on fire.

My body works better like this. :)

3 meals.

But it really varies from person to person!

its a personal thing.. no right answer here ;]



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