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this just in from sangeeta who has returned to canada after a visit to india where she helped some ar groups through her superb photography and media skills:


it's only .6%, but that's huge in actual numbers over 60 000 000!
more importantly, it is a reversal of the trend despite an increase of the pop.

a contributing factor is undoubtedly the veg movement - one shining pinnacle of which is 30bad!

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woot woot .  good thing i have never contributed to 1!

Is it perhaps likely a shift to beef from chicken, as people get less healthy?

Sounds too good to be true....

i don't think so rose, though that would account for 'fewer animals killed'.

there has been a general trend for americans to eat less meat as indicated in this recent post:


in friendship,


I also think imported meat might be replacing it.

The article you posted looks like a 2009 statistic. Unfortunately it looks like the number of animals killed in the U.S. increased again in 2010 and 2011 (by 1.7% and 1% respectively) according to this article...


Your other article (http://www.mfablog.org/2011/12/us-meat-consumption-expected-to-plum...) though said that total consumption decreased every year for the past 4 years. How are Americans eating less meat but killing more?


the blog article refers to meat consumption in usa. it isn't taking into account the export market (as opposed to the rose's suggestion of the imports) which steven best refers to. therefore, what seems to be happening is much as what took place in the baby formula market some years ago - the producers couldn't sell well nationally, so they went abroad. this way americans could be eating less and still killing more.


note also that the FARM document cited by steven did seem to confirm the mfa blog report:

Fortunately, due to increased feed prices and sinking domestic demand, Bloomberg.com is speculating that there may be a 5% drop in animals raised for food in 2012!


though i greatly and rightly admire steven, one does have to understand that his perspective tends to focus on the 'half empty cup' perhaps a bit too excessively. (he is also somewhat partial to engaging in hyperbole as he acknowledges though preferring to call it 'satire' - nothing terribly wrong with that - paul watson, gary francione and many others are masterful at it - as long as it's done appropriately and not passed off as fact).


as you can see from this:

But markets are fickle and prices could drop or government could provide more subsidies, and the estimate 5% drop is not an iron-clad prediction but a speculation. Moreover, no mention is made of China, India, and other parts of the world where meat consumption is rising, so in fact the animal holocaust is worsening dramatically.

there seems to be some 'speculation' here too.


see this (and nearby posts to it) for instance:

How ever, Veganism/Vegetarianism is a 'new' craze sweeping the young people, promoted by the Government as part of their 'Go Green, save the Planet' Campaign.



there is also a considerable backlash in india against increased corpse consumption. for instance, in bombay there are places where you aren't allowed to rent unless you sign a no-meat clause. so as with any chaotic system, predictions may be prove to be inaccurate. in fact, when a trend goes a certain amount in one direction, there may be forces that develop to reverse it. and yes it can go both ways.


steven is completely correct though about the reality that getting someone to go veg really doesn't save x lives. you likely require y conversions to veg, before you actually save x lives. he is also correct in his adamant 'warning' of not resting on the laurels of 'little successes'. such complacency brought back a resurgence for fur for a while (though nowhere to its former glory: Skin Deep: The Fall of Fur).


so i think it's fine to acknowledge the part of the cup that is full - but keep on pouring!


in friendship,


here's an interesting recent stat bigG posted:

in the usa,

2% are lacto-ovo veg

3% are strict veg (dietary vegan)

that's 5% folks!

New Poll -- There are more vegans than vegetarians in US, and other...

again, it seems to be inline with the information posted on this thread.

in friendship,


as encouraging as the above is, sweden leaves the usa embarrassingly far behind:


in friendship,



March 24, 2014

Sweden Goes Vegan

Swedish_flag_with_blue_sky_behind_ausschnitt.jpgPass the Swedish Fish! A recent post by "The Local," a Swedish news publication, highlights the rising number of vegetarians in Sweden. Nearly 10 percent of the country now identifies as vegetarian or vegan, with young people leading the way.

According to a recent poll conducted by Animal Rights Sweden, in the last five years, the number of Swedish vegetarians has increased by 4 percent.

The post further states that "37 percent of non-vegetarian respondents said their interest for buying vegetarian food had increased over the past year." A representative of the animals rights group commented that the heightened demand for vegetarian food was "noticeable everywhere."

It should come as no surprise that growing numbers of people are embracing veganism -- it's better for our health, the environment, and the animals. In fact, these same motivators are largely responsible for the over 12 percent drop in American meat consumption since 2007.

Be sure to check out ChooseVeg.com for many delicious recipes and helpful tips on transitioning to a healthy and humane vegetarian diet.


Thanks to people like you Prad and others.

Take Care,

adding to the nails in the coffin is this item sent by sarah (www.cfawr.org) on the proposed EU meat tax:

Swedish experts call for tax to tame appetite for meat

in friendship,



Swedish agricultural authorities are recommending a tax to reduce meat consumption and say such a levy should be adopted across the European Union.

With the European Parliament’s agricultural committee beginning two days of deliberations today (23 January) on future support for farmers, Sweden’s Board of Agriculture proposed the tax aimed at reducing the environmental impact of meat production.

Experts on the government board said there are environmental and health benefits to eating more vegetables.

"Voluntary actions have to be complemented by public policies,” they said in the report Sustainable meat consumption: What is it? How do we get there?, published on Tuesday (22 January).

Consumers can contribute to sustainable food production by avoiding the meat that is worst from a sustainability perspective. Labelling is one way to make it easier for consumers to choose meat that is more sustainable. 

Meat tax at EU level

But voluntary actions by consumers and firms are probably not enough to reach existing environmental and climate goals, the Swedish Board of Agriculture said.

Therefore, a meat tax not only in Sweden, but at EU level could be the solution. 

“Environmental regulations and economics incentives like environmental taxes or subsidies are possible alternatives. Preferably they should be implemented at the EU level rather than the national level," the report stated.

Marit Paulsen, a Swedish MEP who is vice president of the European Parliament’s agriculture committee, called the report “quite smart and reasonable” but did not go so far as supporting the tax idea.

“I still believe in information,” she told EurActiv. “In this case I actually believe in people deciding to make the right choices by themselves. Let’s begin there and then have tougher regulation on animal welfare than we have now. That will increase the prices."

“I believe meat will become more expensive. I don’t know how, but if we have to add an emission tax, then let it be, but let us for God’s sake now start a proper discussion with the knowledge we have which includes the fact that we can’t afford to use so much money producing meat,” added Paulsen, who is affiliated with the Alliance for Liberals and Democrats in Europe.

Environmental benefits

Last year, the average Swede consumed 87 kilos of meat with beef and veal being the most popular which is around the EU average.

Paulsen said she would prefer the Swedish meat consumption to shrink to 45-50 kilos per person per year which was the level 20 years ago.

Environmentalists say the world’s growing appetite for meat – especially in emerging countries – contributes to water and land clearing and higher levels of greenhouse gases.

"It requires a lot of resources to produce meat compared to vegetable food products, so many resources that the production can lead to deforestation of rainforests in the world," Sone Ekman of the Swedish Board of Agriculture told Swedish Radio.

"What should be done would be to let the tax be differentiated so that the meat which creates the biggest emission of greenhouse gases also gets the highest tax," Ekman said.

According to a forecast by the EU Commission, the meat consumption per person in the EU will not increase much until 2020.

The EU executive expects that the consumption of poultry and pork will continue to increase, while consumption of beef, sheep and lambs will decrease slightly.


"Our mission is to work for a sustainable development and food production for the benefit of the consumers. In the report we have tried to make a holistic perspective on meat consumption," said Gabriella Cahlin, head of the market department of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

"Regulation, environment taxes and subsidies can lead in the right direction. But it's crucial that this is at an international level. Or else we risk moving the production somewhere else where the tax burden is lower, not where the production is sustainable."

Next steps: 
  • 23-24 Jan.: Members of the Parliament's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development vote on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform for the 2014-2020.
Henriette Jacobsen



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