30 Bananas a Day!

I am spewing plant foods perth has had to close recently. They we're my hookup for affordable organic food.

Perthians, where on perth do you find your bulk organic fruits? And not at exorbitant prices?
Please help! Don't wanna have to starve to death when I go back to the desert!!

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Hey, thanks! I have seen most of these and just cannot believe the prices! A box of bananas was $50 from ppf and now I can't find a single place that offers them for less than $70..

Seems like farmers markers might bethe only option

I live in California, and looking these up for you, I could not believe how expensive your produce is in general. I feel bad for any Vegans with this issue.

Thanks chica :) yeah, it's rv unfriendly there at the mo, probably not gonna live there for long for that reason.

Organic produce is very pricey here, it's lack of demand an lack of diverse suppliers so no competition at all.
Perth is also quite a dry place and very isolated.
All these things make this situation happen!



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