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I just went to the dentist today and I didn't expect very good results as for three months I was eating a good bit of oranges (some unripe unfortunately) and I wasn't rinsing my mouth after every meal. A month ago I also noticed a little of my dentin being exposed on a few of my teeth. Since then I have eliminated citrus from my diet and have been eating bananas, dates, apples, and lettuce/spinach for a month now. 

So after going to the dentist I learned I have one small cavity and my dentist fears the worst if I continue this diet and more importantly if I don't immediately start using toothpaste again. Specifically he needs me to use toothpaste with fluoride. Let me tell you a few of the things he told me about fluoride and teeth care:

1. Fluoride can not be bad for you, because it is TOPICAL and is not absorbed into the body. It is just absorbed into the enamel. My dentist kept telling me this over and over again to defend how fluoride has no change to be bad for you. 


2. Fluoride kills the natural bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities. Although some bacteria in your mouth can promote good teeth health. It is all based on the environment of your mouth, bacteria and genetics. He didn't talk too much about what to do if your mouth has good bacteria that promotes good health.

3. Fluoride has been proven through studies to prevent cavities. Environments devoid of fluoride compared to environments rich with fluoride contain a much higher rate of cavities. My dentist told me he has done studies and written papers himself on such things and if very worried about me.  

4. Patients who use natural toothpastes are easy to spot because they have all the cavities! My dentist told me he sees lots of people who use natural toothpastes and they are always easy to differentiate from those who use fluoride because they have all the cavities and the people who use fluoride don't. 

5. Fluoride re-mineralizes your teeth. I replied to my dentist with, "I know I get enough minerals from my diet. He replied back with, "But those do not get into your teeth. Only Fluoride will."

There wasn't much I could say to the doctor, cause heck I'm just a kid and what do I know. Right now I just feel a little dis-heartened with myself. I know I didn't take the best care of my teeth when I started being 80/10/10 and ate some unripe oranges. These mistakes don't give myself much confidence and certainly do not gain any favor with my dentist in any way. 

I'm scheduled to get my cavity filled next week with god knows what and I'm trying to stay positive and not flood myself with any more stress. 

I don't know I guess I just need some support or kind words. I still don't know what to do with my teeth. I really don't want to add more chemicals into my body and start using fluoride again, but maybe I should... just until my teeth get better. I'm not sure.

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I dont rate dentists. They make work for themselves. When you have a cavity filled, they have to drill the hole out BIGGER and then fill it. Eventually that filling drops out and then you need to drill out an even BIGGER hole so the binding agent has a new surface to bind to. Eventually your tooth dies and they go for a root canal which is a danger based on all the current science going against root canals. See the DVD 'rooted' on youtube.

How come 99% of the population uses flouride all day everyday and dentists are making more $ than ever? I thought flouride and milk consumption prevents cavities based on what the dental industry says. ;)

Ask your dentist why flouride water is banned in many countries around the world. Ask em why so many flouride users get cavities despite high topical loads.

Some good questions to ask your dentist.

Someone getting early nights, managing stress, staying hydrated, eating right should be able to heal a small cavity. Ive had one on my front tooth for over 20 years.

THANX DR, and Brian! The dentist is full of ....period! Fluoride is the main ingredient in RAT POISON. Fluoride pacifies people, and makes them apathetic. Just look around at the many ZOMBIES out there.It is POISON, and a waste product from   take your pick..... http://www.google.ca/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=fluoride...  If I were you I would tell this dentist to go seduce himself, and find one who doesn't POISON people. If you don't, then you are SUPPORTING his criminality.

 BTW, yes I am an Anti-Dentite! (;

My folks, (especially my dad) has had a lot of fillings and they tell me the fillings don't drop out for a very long time... like 30 years. Even so I don't like putting some chemical substance in my mouth. My folks are urging me to get the cavity filled asap or else it WILL grow into a big cavity and then root canal is around the corner.

Harely, you've really had a small cavity for over 20 years? The cavity didn't get worse or anything? I'm still not sure what to do. Everyone is telling me the worst will happen, but all I can think about is the crap they want to put in my mouth.

Put a few drops of H2O2 on your toothbrush when you brush. It will  deodorize your mouth,KILL bacteria, and the toothpaste will bubble up. Like Chuck said, the biggest concern is $$$ to these dentists. A PATIENT CURED IS A CUSTOMER LOST.

H2O2? I always thought the H2O2 in stores was like 3% H2O2 and had extra chemicals in it. I don't know.

That is topical H2O2 at 3%. The stuff you want to get is 35% FOOD GRADE. Put it in dropper bottles and keep it around the house, in kitchen, bathroom, to carry with you, etc. I have been using it internally for over 30 years and I NEVER get sick, not a sniffle in 17 years. The only side effect is there is NO DRAMAS to WHINE about, like the ones who TOTALLY IGNORE my advice about it whine about their "dis-ease". I have told hundreds of sheeple but it just does the NIKE SWOOOSH right over their little pea brains! lol The sheeple want more chemical POISONS b/c that is what the TV that they are glued to tells them! ASK YOUR DOCTOR...ASK YOUR DOCTOR...ASK YOUR DOCTOR....ASK YOUR DOCTOR...get my drift? Google it, and see the many uses there is for H2O2.

Erm, I HAVE BEEN USING IT FOR 30 YEARS, but thanx. I HAVEN'T BEEN SICK IN 17 YEARS, and rarely in my adult life, when I have been making my OWN diet/health decisions.

I have had good results with clove oil, as suggested by Don Bennett.  Put a few drops in water and swish around.  Don has an excellent blog on dental health at his website.  

A few drops, that sounds better. I just tried it now following Don Bennett's suggestion using 1 teaspoon with 8 oz water. Took one little mouthful and it felt like my mouth was on fire. That can't be right?

Oil and water don't mix, so you have to whisk the mixture with a fork to distribute the oil in tinier droplets throughout the water.  You probably got a big blob of oil all at once.  I am using about the same ratio as Don, since I was doing maybe 8-10 drops in 1/4 C. of water.

Oh, that makes sense. Yeah there were big blobs of oil floating around. Got some on my lips, and it burned so bad and my lips went completely numb.

Is it really a cavity? If it is, I would get it filled. Bad teeth cause agony. My fillings have been in my head since I was 14. I will be 50 shortly. I would make sure it is a cavity before he fills it



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