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Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you what I have found by researching differences in organic vs conventional bananas. What I have found is startling and everyone should know, especially the high carb community.

Dole has been known recently to use banned harmful pesticides which cause infertility, sterilization, respiratory illnesses and/or death. There was a court case that filed on this. In the countries where Dole operates, there have been many reports of many workers who have become sterile and/or died from the exposure of pesticides that Dole did not even tell them about before they began work! There have been reports of bribing the passed away worker's family to hush hush and not utter their grievances of the massive banana/fruit corp.

This is startling, and I never knew that conventional bananas (specifically Dole at least) are so bad for the workers, and I'm sure horrible for the environment as well. 

I encourage everyone to watch Big Boys Gone Bananas*! . I found it on Hulu, so feel free to watch it there. It is a great documentary that truly saddens me the way big companies operate.


Aside from the odd taste and weird greyish tint I have found my conventional bananas to have, the difference in nutrients, and pesticides that may seep into the fruit itself, buying them are horrible for the workers, and I'm sure they haven't improved the workers conditions or health rights. This is just not about one company though, I'm undoubtedly sure that there are hundreds of agriculture businesses operating in these manners with conventional standard produce.

I am for sure only buying organic bananas from now on, I mean it's maybe 10-20 cents more a pound, and is far worth every cent!

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Video is only available in the U.S. ... I hate when videos do this, why isnt the rest of the world good enough for you D;

ah darn! Here is another link that may work for you:


I just searched on google for another link. 

in the Netherlands cheap bananas are 1 euro per kilo which is just over 2 pounds. Organic bananas cost 2 euro per kilo. They are double in price. I can't afford buying organic bananas unless they are in bad shape according to the shop and they go for sale for 1 euro per kilo. That happens only occasionally and with the amounts of fruit I would need to eat it would not be feasible. I can try to find bananas which are not Dole and which are still 1 euro/kilo but I would have to ask at times what the trademark is as they don't mention it always I think. I can do that though. If the problem is with all cheap bananas I would have to pay like 1.70 to 1.90 for higher quality conventional bananas and by then the price difference is not much with organic bananas. The choice is therefore for me to either buy a lot of conventional fruit and vegetables and accept that there are (lot of) pesticides on it or eat bread and rice or generally speaking eat from everything some so that I will get variety but not loads of pesticides as a significant portion of my food would be bread, rice, dairy, fish and meat. What is better? Are there ways to buy from a wholesaler for prices which make it feasible? Presently I spend I expect to spend 400 euro on fruit in the way I do it now and that is more 1 euro/kilo cheap fruits and still a lot of more expensive type of fruits but the focus is still with the cheaper fruits and all conventional grown. In that way it is already 400 euro per month with kcal being between 2000 and 3000 kcal. If the kcal would go up to 4000 it would become a lot more expensive than 400 euro and 400 euro is already a lot of money for one month's food for one person.

Hi Joep,

The Netherlands, wow great place, I'm sure it's beautiful there!

I used to buy conventional all the time and it was certainly cheaper than organic. It is better for you to get your sugary fruit calories in, than to buy organic and limit the amount of calories you can buy. I would say buy conventional if you cannot afford it of course, but maybe try to ask if they have other brands than Dole. For me, Dole is kind of the lower quality taste. Chiquita and Del Monte taste better to me for some reason. IT is not an absolute necessity though to not buy Dole, because they might only have Dole, this is just what I do. Also, Dole has not released anything on how they have changed their worker's environment and health, so maybe they have changed, or maybe they haven't? It's about what you can get though, we do not live in a perfect world anyways.

I think you should get the fruit and veggie calories in, whether or not they are organic or not, and then do a raw till 4 plan - eat cooked starches after 4pm or for dinner. All fruit and veggies is better in my opinion than raw till 4, in terms of vitamins, minerals, and sugary deliciousness, but starches are not bad at all. The gladiators were called the Barley Men because they ate mostly barley and starches to get their strength. Starches are an excellent back up plan! 

Get as many high carb fruit calories in as you can/want, even if it's not organic. Like I said it is not a necessity, it's just a moral issue that I have with Dole and how they did operate, maybe they're not like this anymore, I don't know. As long as you wash your conventional produce thoroughly (the wash I listed below) and don't eat the banana peels lol, if you don't mind the taste of conventional, and that's all you can do at the moment, it's OK.

Best of luck to you! Carb the fruit up :)

Also, in order to wash your fruits and veggies, to get rid of most (I hope) of the pesticides, fungicides, get a pot of water and put a few tablespoons or so of vinegar in it, and soak the fruit/ veggies for a few minutes. The water will come out brown or murky, yuk! Just be sure to do that with conventional produce, that's what I do.

Sometimes when I buy organic bananas they have that weird grey color you mentioned, and don't ripen properly. I've never had problems with conventional. Weird.

Yup and i found that the dole brand bought from costco taste the best and they ripe perfectly. I had banana turn brown before they even get spots from the grocery store. I wish costco sold organic ones.

In Minnesota they do.

Costco is awesome, they have very high quality fruits, at least when in season of course.

Omg my conventional bananas look like that sometimes, I haven't experienced grey organic ones though. I think it might be due to cooler temperatures in transit, maybe?

Fair trade is an even better option than organic.  Fair trade has higher standards for working conditions including sustainable growing practices and they taste even better.  See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5nCZQb2ngM

Very important topic, thank you for bringing it up!!!

Oh cool! I had no idea fair trade was different than organic! Good to know!



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