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So here goes the long but simplified version of my story. In 2012 I began abusing laxatives, I was very tiny, but I wouldn't stop until I got rid of the bloating of food in my system. I've always had trouble with my weight and I went on a very restricted diet in order to maintain my physique! I did make note of this though- the more meat I ate, the more I would gain weight. I never understood why, so I really didn't have much to eat. I really should of been emancipated the way I ate, but I retained muscle and my thinness. I knew I couldn't go my whole life eating like this so that is when I turned to laxatives.

During that year, I stopped using laxatives and I decided to eat balanced. Boy was I in for a miserable 2 years after that! I immediately gained 25 pounds in a couple of days. My weight wouldn't stop. I did not even look like the same person. I was a muscular size 0 at 120 and in a couple of days I was at 145! All of my hard work was smothered with water retention. Little did I know then, I had killed virtually all of my gut flora!

So the past two years, the doctors made it even worse, I was given antibiotics for a whole year! My weight shot up to 160. My eating was back to being as restrictive as ever, I was more conscious of what I ate for my entire life. I resorted back to using laxatives and I jumped up an extra 5 pounds on top of that! This is really unimaginable and traumatic but I really want everyone to know, weight does not always mean fat!!

I've discovered, everything I did was entirely wrong. The doctors had it all wrong, even the homeopathic. I had swelling to the max! And digestive issues, which I've never experienced like this my entire life. The answer, I need more gut flora.

Good gut bacteria absorbs the water in your system and keeps your fluids under control! With this lifestyle, you have all the prebiotics to enrich and flourish those probiotics. Eating lots of meat will kill your gut flora (which explains why I even use to gain with meat before all of this) Last week was my first week of probiotic treatment and my bloating has disappeared! I threw out all of my herbs and antibiotics. I know I am on the right path, and maybe I had to go through this to realize I don't have to kill myself to have that body. If anyone has gone through what I have, I would love to talk to you! I have googled the s$#t out of the internet the pass 2 years and have only come a couple articles explaining gut floras role with water regulation. It makes perfect sense though. Feel free to comment :)

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Exactly!! It's crazy how much of an impact it makes! Calories in<calories out is really an fabricated excuse for nutritionist and doctors to keep there jobs ;)

Girl, I share your experience I was hard on laxatives with a 1300 cal. Maximum intake. Getting sicker. Weak. Ugh! Im glad I found this lifestylr

It's truly horrible that we had to go through that, but nobody in the medical profession is educated on these topics. I was given antibiotics because I had a slightly elevated autoimmune disorder, which they thought was from a bacteria, or parasite. It really meant that my immune system was on overdrive without proper gut flora and it was creating it's own storm.

I heard vegan kimchi and fermented foods help. Good luck!

that is a myth!  please read here: http://www.rawfoodexplained.com/fermented-foods

This article is interesting, but reading some of this you have to take lightly. I do agree vinegar fermented products don't have much of an impact because of the highly acidic environment the beneficial bacteria is exposed too. The salt does destroy bacteria as well. However I find yogurt definitely improves your gut flora, more-so beause the beneficial bacteria is in an alkaline environment which makes it easier for it to transport into your gut. You would have to use low fat coconut yogurt that is.

I am happy for you that you figured this out and things are improving. What is involved in your probiotic treatment?

I use a supplement (I know what your thinking) It's called, "Ultimate Flora 50 billion CFU's". This is for now until things get better.

Well it sounds like things are improving so whatever works for you is great :-)
Thanks Misty!

You seem to have had a "quick fix" mentality with a focus on weight, which won't work with this diet.  It can take years to get used to this way of eating/lifestyle, and just as long for your body to heal.  Eat for high energy, feeling good, and mood, and the body will eventually follow.  This is an investment in long-term health, not a crash diet!  Good luck!

Yes, I have gone up and down and all around due to that mentality. Healing your gut after such damage takes time and it's confirmed I have no way of bouncing back unless I seriously commit and invest the time. I have learned from my mistakes and I won't repeat them. Plus I honestly could live with eating all the carbs I want and thriving from it :)



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