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Before you blast me! I know patience is key but I haven't really seen any posts about stagnant weight, no loss and no gain. 

I've only been on rawtill4 for 3 weeks with about 5 years history of restricting/bingeing. I eat about 2500-2600 calories a day and haven't really been exercising (maybe this contributes) but my weight has stayed the absolute same none the less. 

I don't know if this is normal? Am I doing something wrong? My ratios tend to average out to 95/5/5 daily. I just thought I was meant to expect at least something to happen. :s

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Do you use cronometer.com?  There is a section for predictions of weight loss based on your diet and physically activity.  Of course that this won't be 100% but it is normal to take many months or years before you see any major weight loss.   For example, i currently weigh 158.2.  If i maintain the same exact diet for life, i might only see a weight loss of 1-2 lbs per year til i level off at around 142-145 assuming that i don't add strength training to my exercise routine.  My gf's predictions is different based on that she has a lot to lose.   She is not following the 80-10-10 diet(but improving) and consuming too much fat but even based on her diet she will eventually drop 50 lbs but over a 20 year period.  Of course that seems like an eternity but that is still a positive based on her new diet and really non existent exercise regime.  If she lowers the fat and increases her exercise levels, it is not unreasonable to drop 50 lbs in 3-5 years.  So basically it all comes down to patience, your drive to be consistent and be active over time.  The weight loss and overall great health will come.. Trust us on this!

No I'm not I was using MyFitnessPal. Weighing everything then adding it manually and it would predict that I would weigh 4kg heavier in 5 weeks haha. But thank you for all your words! 

you need to up the cals to heal metabolic damage

Considering that our life style is all about abundance... I dont see what is the problem here?

I think its amazing that you can keep your weight!

We are eating x2 the amount of calories FDA recommends and becoming healthier each day! 

There isn't much of a problem :) I just weigh about 152lb (69kg) standing at 5"7 (171cm) I was hoping to shed at least some weight in the future but I know I need to focus on my health and healing too. 

If you are carrying extra weight, you'll want to be eating more.  Harley recommends 10 times your weight in kilos to get carbs and multiply that by 4 to get basic calories needed.  So your minimum on a sedentary lifestyle would be 2,760 calories.  Add more for activity or if you want to be active.

Funny and inspiring video to explain here:

Hey Liv.

I just want to say all you can do is just waiting. I know it sucks but even if you keep mentioning about your weight issues, all you can hear from Durianrider or Freelee is that you have to eat that way at least 5 years. Other than that, they will say your body is still in healing process... Cheer up anyway.

Seems like with those calories and ratios you should have plenty of energy to burn. I would definitely start doing more exercising or anything active. Three weeks is a short ammount of time, you may have lost a few pounds and are just more hydrated now. I would just make sure you are feeling good and utilizing your carbs.



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