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So have others noticed at the store sometimes I will wonder away from the produce section and look in those middle isles as if I will find something that appeals to me.  I think though that I'm past the point of no return.  The other day I was thinking oh maybe I will by some bread the healthiest gluten free whole grain or whatever kind and then I thought what would I even do with it spread bananas on it?  Maybe this is more of a blog?  Just curoius of what are some the thoughts that you've experienced as far as trying to fall back to old eating habits and than having that realization that stop's you from doing so.

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Well concerning shopping for food, I often just stop and wonder how odd it is that the majority of what is in there, I dont consider food.
I just find it funny walking around all this ''food''...
I totally understand but tell me something, Were you hungry at the time. Never go food shopping on an empty stomach as that will lead to temptation.
Fill up with bananas before you go and those thoughts will not even enter your head.
Yes agreed I'm not 100% at the moment
I love this diet mostly cus I'm super lazy in the kitchen I barely ever make smoothies anymore mostly just eat fruit and veggies as is
This is part of the reason cooked food is so unappealing is that I have spend all that time cooking it and dishes pots and pans yuuck
Eating cooked food when I'm out is more tempting cus I dont have to cook it and deal with the mess in the kitchen
I'm noticing spicy food and hot food just irritates me
I tried eating bread after being 100% for 4 months and my mouth couldnt even process it. It was like sawdust in my mouth. I think you lose the enzymes to handle it after a while. But its kind of shocking when that happens. You're like whoa this isnt even like food. wtf?

I also had gotten some iodized sea salt by mistake and used it on something. And my heart was pounding in my chest- that was very strange too..

I think the big thing is just feeling ill after eating what would have normally been good. I had some saltines and they literally made me ill. And I know it wasnt psychosomatic. My boyfriend was sick recently and I made him campbells chicken soup with saltines- because thats all he thought he could eat. The soup was just gross looking. I was like- oh man- I used to like that! And then I looked at the back of the saltine package and noticed they have high fructose corn syrup in them..eww

I think the whole process is fascinating. I just saw at the store that they are selling hanging strawberry baskets, herbs, and even small berry plants. I think everyone should have a few berry plants going in pots even. Then you just have what you need close by when necessary.
Ya I ate something salty and it made my lips burn yikes
Eating off the vine would be great I've always wanted to grow some food after wwoofing but I've been moving around a lot.
Tell us a bit about you wwoofing adventures, can you?
I wwoofed at a farm on the Big Island of Hawaii called Kuaiwi. They are primarily a coffe and macadamias nut farm and also sold some avacados to a distributor on Oahu. Other than that they have a lot of fruit on the property for the eatin papayas, apple bananas, avacados, oranges, puha berry, pineapple, etc. My girlfriend at the time and myself lived in a tent and RV they had set up so we had a little privacy and made our own meals except usually would eat dinner with the owners. It was pretty awesome for a month we woke up to paradise and its really nice to not have to commute to work cus its right outside your doorstep. On the weekends we would explore new beaches and towns usually hitch hikin or takin the free bus that goes around the island. We where at that farm for a month the male owner would eat his salads without dressing first person I saw do such a thing he also got me stretchin every morning.
So about three to for months later we stayed at two farms in Italy. The first one was Case De Grande and was a nice place they practiced permaculture which was great to get educated on. The language barrier was a little challenging but also fun the owner was a sweat older lady but the food was traditional northern Italian(Milano) so lets juast day digestives where needed to assist bowel movements uuggg. It was fall though so there wasn't much for us to do it was a goodtime and probably the best way to get immersed in a culture there where a lot of people livin and workin on the farm so it was a little community.
We left that farm to got to one more south mostly cus lack of work we showe up at Case De Rosa in Piacenvza at a farm consisting of a grape vineyard and a field for cow feed blahh.
The female owner did not like to speak english so this was a early warning of trouble. The highlight and low actually was taking a trip to there coastal property by San Marco and helping them to find a water leek. We spend two to three days clearing a drainage ditch that the pipe followed that was covered in thorns like the ones Jesus had to wear the day of his crucifixion. It was hellacious since the water line was broken we got one hot shower in the three days we where there. Anyways we ended up getting booted off the farm cus my fiance at the time refused there invitation t o eat lunch with them kinda sucked mostly because it was raining are clothes where hangdrying and still damp and we where leaving the next day amyways but the insisted we leave as soon as we got packed up at least he gave us a ride to the bus station.
So thats my adventures in wwoofing no regrets great times and definitely character building thinkin about doing it again this summer! This was back in 07
Not into prayers myself but I like it.
I can't help but think of Coolio...
i just don't go in the other aisles! i fill up my cart with fruit and veg



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