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I took this excerpt from Pk's Banana Wagon tour...


The case against transitioning:

If you are doing two or more diets, only doing a mix and will not have optimal results.

Mixing a high fat diet and a high fruit diet can cause problems like Type 2 Diabetes, candida, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and weight gain. 

Fruits digest fast. Animal products, fats, digest slowly as well as cruciferous veggies like broccoli and root veggies like carrots in some people. 

Eating fruit on top of slow digesting food can cause the fruit to ferment leading to digestive discomfort and or pain, gas, bloating, and other problems like brainfog. 

So, I ask the question again.  That's a no to all cruciferous veggies and root veggies?  They all digest slow?

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chew or chop up allot and only eat after fruit. but if you can get enough fruit no real reason for em

i referenced 811 book on it before ... i can again

Thank you. 

My favorite veg is jicama, which is a root vegetable. It is probably the easiest to digest of all the root veggies, but it is still reserved for dinnertime, after all the fruit. 

Thank you.

For one still learning the ropes of this diet, this Wagon advice may be quite helpful.  It can take time for a body to adjust from fighting a lifelong garbage diet to finally being given what it needs.  

Thus, the easier we can make it by removing the tougher-to-digest items, the better.  Over time, as digestion improves (mine took a good year to return to some semblance of normality), you can experiment with what works for you.  

I've found I now love cauliflower (a veg I used to loath back in the day), but I've been refining my diet for 5 yrs too.  

Just like when learning anything, keep it simple at first, and eventually you can begin to play.  

Chopin may have become a virtuoso, but you can bet that his first forays on the keyboard were something like Chop Sticks :)

Thank you.


Chopin chopping his food and eating then with chop sticks, one wonders if he was such a musical master was he also a culinary one?


Good advice!

And someone had to teach Einstien that 1+1=2;)

Peace, PK


We not only want our members to be ok and or do fine, we want them to thrive.  A lot of the tips and tricks in the banana wagon tour are based on our years of experience both in doing the diet personally and in assisting new members here at BaD.

While it is not against guidelines and the banana police are not going to knock on your door if you eat them, this is based on personal experience, and in dealing with 30BaD members.

Personally, I cannot digest them and or will get diarrhea.

In dealing with other members.  Although crucies and rooties might fit the low fat raw vegan definition, I have found that when new members are doing the diet 100% and still having problems with diarrhea, gas, bloating, and or not being able to eat enough calories, the crucies are the culprit many times.  When those are removed, things get better.

Crucies and rooties also seem to be a gateway food to falling off the banana wagon and going back to cooked.  Since people do not like to eat a lot of them raw, they start steaming them, and before they know it, rice is added back in, and then they are back to their SAD ways. 

However, those should not be confused with leafy greens like romaine lettuce and or iceburg lettuce.  On average, some of our members are eating up to a pound a day.  I might eat about half a head of lettuce a day on average, and somedays more.  In the beginning, I did not like my greens very well either, but as my tastes changed, I learned to like them, now I crave them and kind of go nuts if I do not get my fix:)
Here is another website that might help you in making fruit n green choices that will help you thrive:
Freelee's Ebook is also for sale and it shows her personal experience and journey into raw foods and how she finally found a routine to make her thrive:

Peace, PK

Thanks PK.  I have to admit.  I got really ramped up about all the stuff I saw yesterday.  I don't know why I got so upset.  But I'm better now and back on the banana boat.  More Love.

Gosh I hope those veggies are ok.... cause I love shredded beets in my 'gigantor' salad!!!!! And isn't kale kinda a cruciferous??? If so I am two for two :/ Sometimes they cause digestive problems for peeps??? Like nanas for me :( But maybe just avoid the problematic ones???  I like all fruits and veggies!!!  So I am not strict in that sense....Hope that's ok????  

You're all good with me.  I'm getting it.  You gotta go with what works for your body.  I'm still on the banana boat and still loving my veggies.  I'm just figuring it all out.  :)



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