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Hello all,

well I am not quite active enough here on 30BaD, which I actually should because I have a problem.

I was into raw foods one year ago and started out being a high fat raw vegan. Then quickly realized how tired was and all that nasty stuff came up.

So I digged depper and found Harleys and Freeles Vids on utube.

It was amazing which positive energy came across and I immediatly bought 80 10 10 .

I loved it and it took me some time to really do it after several on and off weeks.

But NOW I am on my 6th Day and feel amazing.

I dont have a history of annorexia or bulimia, but on caloric restrition.


I am 22 now. When I was 15 years old I was a little but overweight and

back then my mother introduced me to Harvey and Marylin Diamonds-Fit For Life book...and so then I turned vegetarian and began to workout and eat healthier. I remember eating A LOT of fruit and vegetables and lost 15 kilos ( 30 pounds ), I am 5.25 feet, in the course of half a year. I achieved to maintain the weight for 4 years, and I felt healthy.


But I had a quite hard time in the past three years (of growing up)....I graduated high school and didn treally know what to do in life and if I should go to university...and a bit pressure of my family to study something academic....

I always was into art, dance, psychology, philosophy, music..and health.

so I started to study philosophy and am now studying psychology in Munich (Germany) where I was born and live right now.

Wellbut still I wasnt happy with my university and after a break up of my first love I gained the 15 kilos back on and am not very happy now.

I turned vegan a year ago, but ate a lot of times the cakes and cookies which were vegan or the raw vegan nut cakes...so high in fat. terrible...

But I as I said after being so thin and now again back where I was or maybe more, I am so so motivated to change my life and everything. And also if I am not 100% raw I want to eat low in fat and maybe some potatoes if I run out of money=)..


My workouts are not very crazy or "athletic" but I love to dance (hip hop, jazz, african dance) and I consider that my workout. I also do abs and stuff like that 3-4 times a week..


I am on my 6th day...and have spend ca. 100 euros so far. But my mother thinks I am crazy.

SO, my mother, as I said, introduced me to Harvey + Marylin Diamonds and also to Helmut Wandmaker (a german high fruit guy).

Yet, she thinks I am crazy to eat so much fruit at once and to spend so much money on it.

She knows that I want to loose weight and is in that aspect very supportive but she always says when I fruit: " That high sugar content fruit spikes up your insulin and therefore I dont loose weight." I always tell her that it takes time at least a few weeks until you see results. (although I feel and see results)

But all the time she also claims that I should weigh myself and that will give me results.

I will NOT weigh myself it is just not logical too me. But anyways.


Right now, we (my brother, mother and me) are in Israel ( we live in Germany) and here I have a beautiful variety of fruits...and am going to stay 5 more weeks.


Well, if you have any advice what I should do or say to my family so that they let me do my thing and believe in me. ...and what can I say about the insulin (which I know is not true at all )

because we all have actually a great relationship and talk about everything and that my mother and me are in disharmony, makes me sad and annoys me

Thank you guys so much, if any one is going to read this, but I was a bit desperate and thought I just through it out there. And sorry for that rambling stuff and my not perfect english=)...






















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this is me now, well and my cat ophelia...i love her =)...


....sorry for the long gap after my writing..
oh yes, i love her vids. thanks ...a totally have forgotten this one of her. it was very helpful. thanks!
I have a lot of resistance from my family too -- i simply let them talk and carry on my way, soon they'll see how healthy and well I am and they'll stop judging. Ask your mum to let you do what you think is good for you for a while and show her the results! Hope this helps!
ah thanks...yes. time and truth tells all, i am gonna have to wait and really just have faith =)...thank you so much for your words.=)

Yeah, you really just have to show them by example in cases like these. Showing them literature and 'before and after' photos might help, but being a radiant example of health is your best bet.


If I were you, I'd thank your mother for her attention and concern about your eating habits. Reassure her that if you don't feel great on the diet after a few months or so, you'll switch back to something "healthier"...and then continue to enjoy bananas.


I remember when I told my mother I was going raw roughly 4 years ago. She was skeptical, to say the least... though I've been on-again/off-again throughout these years, my mom's now a firm believer that perhaps there's something to this "crazy diet" and she fully supports me. 

yeah, my parents support me now too since they see it works. it just takes time. they need to see that you are healthy and happy!
we're here for you too!!! <3 you have an adorable kitty btw

oh thank you , i know i love her, her name is ophelia...and she is british shorthair. =)

btw i think you are amazing and true inspiration to me, i follow you a lot, ...your pics are always so eyecatching, and also your blog is very good, i just discovered that you have a blog. 

thank you teri, if i have a question or so, can i then ask you ?

Give your Mom the book to read. 811 . What your mom is telling you is common belief. Too much sugar in fruit. The book is the easiest way to give her the information you are building your diet from

THANK YOU ALL guys so much...and i am sorry for not replying earlier but i dont always have internet access..well it is getting better. and the more calmer i am my mom is calmer and feels that it is the right thing for me to do and believe..i really do believe also that good things take time and that is what i have to accept. 

but thank you all so much, i really appreciate your help =)



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