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I'm considering going No Poo because my hair is getting really long and I'm worries tht it will start shedding more. I looked up tons of feedback online and its very controversial about if it works or not. Any person experiences?

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I've been no poo for about 3 years now and love it! My hair is way better quality. I'd just say go for it! It may take a few weeks to settle down, but after that it'll be all good :)

A teaspoon or two of baking soda mixed with a little water is a natural shampoo.  This can leave hair clean and feeling conditioned too.  

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate which is already naturally in most water supplies and or some of the foods we eat so it will not harm you.  

However, many of our members have found that just using water works wonders.  If it is summer where you live, next time it rains, take a rainbath:-D

Peace, PK

i've been no poo for awhile now; i just use doc bronner's soap on my body and in my hair and i'm happy with it. the only time i ever use shampoo is at the hair salon maybe once or twice a year, before a trim.  my hair is pretty healthy and happy with bronners soap every few days.

Hey Brina,

I use Dr, Bronner's too! Isn't it awesome? Almond is my fav :)

i ve used it once and my hair felt like FELT .... never again... wasnt even able to comb it.

But ur hair looks short on the pic ..so i guess thats  no big issue for you

I have long hair & use castile soap in my hair as well.  My experience was different than yours; it did NOT dry out my hair like shampoo does.  I use castile soap instead of shampoo, and I actually have *really* dry hair naturally.  I guess everyone has different experiences.  I do use conditioner as well, but lately, I've been using a tiny bit of jojoba oil instead.  So far so good. 

I tried using castile (Bronner's) as well and my hair felt really gross, and worse the more times I used it. I was very disappointed! I did like it as a body wash but I found it built up in my drain and caused a clog within less than 2 months :(

Each to their own I guess--everyone has a different amount of oil, etc. naturally in their hair and skin.  

the only product I use in my house is baking soda. A little on the teeth a couple times a week, in the laundry, and if I left a dish out overnight. No soap, no shampoo on my body. I say if you got a problem, get over it! do it for your environment

I've been doing no poo for about 9 months. Only baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and some grapeseed oil. Washing about twice a week. There were some times when my hair was really shitty looking and I was getting frustrated  and thinking of going back to shampoo and conditioner. But I realized I just needed to tweak my baking soda and vinegar mixtures.

The basic mixture recipe is 1 tbsp of baking soda to 1 cup of warm water and same thing for the vinegar. But I found that I need to use more than that, probably because my hair is a bit thick so I doubled it for both baking soda and acv. I mix the baking soda with hot water in a squeeze bottle and shake it so it dissolves then fill it with cooler water so its warm. When you put it on your hair it should feel slippery. I leave it on for like a minute and scrub my scalp really good. Then rinse it all out and put the vinegar mixture on the ends only, if you put it on the scalp it can make it greasy. I leave that on for a few minutes then rinse it out in cold water.

My hair has gotten a lot softer and healthier since doing no poo. I have waist length hair and it is really good for keeping long hair healthy. If you're having problems with it you can troubleshoot to figure out the problem. For example, if your hair is greasy, use more baking soda, or scrub more, or don't put acv on your scalp if you are. If your hair is dry, use less baking soda, or maybe you're washing too much, use more acv, leave the acv on for longer. If your hair smells like acv, make sure you rinse it out really good. It shouldn't smell at all after it dries, just like neutral. If you're hair is flaky, make sure the baking soda is dissolved and feels slippery or make sure you're rinsing it out good.

That wouldn't fit my definition of no poo. I'd say you're using a natural, home made shampoo.

why not? she uses the same product you just mentioned. . .



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