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Hey… (this is RESOLVED! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful input (: )

I am really unsure how to start this! But I’ve been very very concerned for my health for months now and am really lost in what I should be doing at the moment, so any help would be really, really great.

2 years ago I severely restricted my calories and lost an extreme amount of weight. In the next year I began to recover and managed to gain a bit more weight, but was still in the very low range. Now, I’ve gained a much much healthier weight from where I was before, but my period hasn’t returned in over 3 years. I actually lost my cycle before I lost the weight, but I’m thinking that it was because I wasn’t getting enough vitamins and minerals, and overall calories in general. I was also very young so it might have just been irregular, and then the losing a lot of weight kinda put a halt on everything.

I’m just a bit unsure on what I’m doing wrong.. or need to do in order to get everything working properly again!

As of now I’m completely free of any kind of eating problems! And feel totally healthy, energetic. And going raw vegan I think last year for a while really boosted me forward in recovery!

Right now I am 5’4, weigh around 104lbs, and am turning 15 in a month or so.

I eat a high-carb low-fat, 100% vegan diet, run 2-3 miles everyday, and do some weight bearing exercise. I usually eat around 3000-4000 calories everyday.  But I’ve been starting to lower my calorie intake down to more of a maintaining place, whereas I’ve been trying to gain for the past months.

For breakfast I’ll always have a fruit meal of like 700-1000 or more cals

And the rest of the meals will be some kind of cooked carbs with one of the meals including some kind of beans, and leafy greens. I’d like to do pure raw, but I sacrifice because it puts too big of a strain on my family, and It’s hard for me to gather up enough fruits in a week. Though, I always have fruit meals whenever I can get enough, and I’m working towards 100% as best as my current situation allows me to! So I’m really curious if I’m eating at least reasonable in terms of getting my cycle motivated again?

Anyway, I really, really would appreciate any kind of insight from anyone who is knowledgeable in this area. On what I should be doing new, or doing different… please let me know! It’s very important to me.


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Yes, I will defiantly consider it

Thanks for the invite!


I am currently taking 10MG of Provara, I believe it would be my 6th day in .

And so far I haven’t noticed any side effects, so no complaints so far.


I wish you the best on your cycle

I really appreciate your support.

Two questions kristen... at what age did  you first start your cycle?

During the first few years some girls don't have regular cycles and can go months without having them.  Being that you have also had an eating disorder and you're still at a pretty low weight for your size, I would expect that it'd take much longer for your body to adapt to its regular cycle.  Also you're 15 and your hormones are very active right now.  It is not difficult to know if you're ovulate.  Just get the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility or visit sisterzeus.org which is a huge site but you may be able to find it, there.

Also, if you're going to school, active and recovering from an eating disorder I think eating 3000-4000 cals a day is perfectly healthy, you might even need more than that, or like was previously mentioned more fats. 

What I wouldn't recommend is getting on birth control pills.  Those synthetics can mess you up for a really long time and your body is already in the midst of its own recovery.  The fact is that not having a period is in no way unhealthy.  Female children are not unhealthy due to not having a period, female athletes are not unhealthy due to not having a period, nor are pregnant and postpartum mothers unhealthy due to not having a period, or postmenopausal women... your body is probably quite busy getting everything in tip-top shape and it may need to reserve that energy it would take to menstruate or the stress of getting everything in order may just have your cycle on the backburner.  I really wouldn't worry about it.  Besides there are girls your age who have never had their periods yet. 



I think I was around 10-11 years old when I got my first period,

And yes, I believe they were pretty irregular.


I think that you’re right on, and I agree with all you’ve said

I’ll defiantly check out the book and website you mentioned.

Honestly, I wasn’t really crazy about taking any kind of synthetic hormones to begin with, but I suppose the main reason I agreed to start was out of curiosity. 

I mainly just want to see if it'll help to kickstart my cycle up again

so I think I’ll just go with it for now

I don’t at all plan to stay on the pill long term though; I’ll get off of it as early as I can.


Thank you so much for your input, I seriously appreciate it.



Thanks so much,


Kristen, I think it's awesome that you are taking the reigns of your health firmly in hand! Way to go! :)

One thing I would mention is you might want to sign up for an account over at cronometer.com and log all your food intake, it will give you not only calorie and carb:fat:protein breakdown, but will keep track of all your vitamins/minerals as well so you can spot if you seem to be lacking anything, at least from the intake side of things. The real "proof is in the pudding" when you get tests to check your levels, but at least if you see you are low on the intake of something, you can tweak your diet to bump those up.



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