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Hey… (this is RESOLVED! Thanks to everyone for the wonderful input (: )

I am really unsure how to start this! But I’ve been very very concerned for my health for months now and am really lost in what I should be doing at the moment, so any help would be really, really great.

2 years ago I severely restricted my calories and lost an extreme amount of weight. In the next year I began to recover and managed to gain a bit more weight, but was still in the very low range. Now, I’ve gained a much much healthier weight from where I was before, but my period hasn’t returned in over 3 years. I actually lost my cycle before I lost the weight, but I’m thinking that it was because I wasn’t getting enough vitamins and minerals, and overall calories in general. I was also very young so it might have just been irregular, and then the losing a lot of weight kinda put a halt on everything.

I’m just a bit unsure on what I’m doing wrong.. or need to do in order to get everything working properly again!

As of now I’m completely free of any kind of eating problems! And feel totally healthy, energetic. And going raw vegan I think last year for a while really boosted me forward in recovery!

Right now I am 5’4, weigh around 104lbs, and am turning 15 in a month or so.

I eat a high-carb low-fat, 100% vegan diet, run 2-3 miles everyday, and do some weight bearing exercise. I usually eat around 3000-4000 calories everyday.  But I’ve been starting to lower my calorie intake down to more of a maintaining place, whereas I’ve been trying to gain for the past months.

For breakfast I’ll always have a fruit meal of like 700-1000 or more cals

And the rest of the meals will be some kind of cooked carbs with one of the meals including some kind of beans, and leafy greens. I’d like to do pure raw, but I sacrifice because it puts too big of a strain on my family, and It’s hard for me to gather up enough fruits in a week. Though, I always have fruit meals whenever I can get enough, and I’m working towards 100% as best as my current situation allows me to! So I’m really curious if I’m eating at least reasonable in terms of getting my cycle motivated again?

Anyway, I really, really would appreciate any kind of insight from anyone who is knowledgeable in this area. On what I should be doing new, or doing different… please let me know! It’s very important to me.


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Yeah I defiently will be looking that up, thankyou.



I used to have a calorie-restriction period loss, too.   Just stick with this diet.  In around 6 months, I got my period back.  Just get enough fruit and veg, eat a variety (if you can),  and chill out.  It'll come back when your body says your ok again.  2 years is a long time, it won't just snap back to ya'!

you think 3 years is a concern? try 6 >.< I too had an ED and have been weight restored (174cm tall, 61kg) for over 3 years.... i'm hoping this diet turns things around for me. i've read that article posted above before and am hpoing that could be my case... cause despit it being 'unnormal'.. it's kinda great!... they were just hell when i did have them! think of that positive =)

I have had this issue too because my metabolism just dropped too low. It is quite possible that your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) is still below normal-- this will keep you from menustrating. If you want to find out if this is the case, I suggest seeing someone who can measure RMR with a device like the medgem. You can see who's in your area at this website:


BTW, Is your estrogen in the normal range? If your RMR is low it may not be. You probably know already E is an good thing to get back on track -- for maintaining healthy bones and for overall well-being--not to mention a rawkin mojo :)

Alycia West,

I am really, really glad that you wrote to me. Because as of now, I honestly haven’t been consuming any kinds of fatty foods...

 I had been doing some research about my issue on some Internet sites, and it seems that a lot of websites say that you should eat more fat, gain more body fat. I just really felt unsure about following advise from those kinds of sources, so this really has made me feel better about the whole eating more fats deal. So don’t feel sorry about it! truly, you’ve been so encouraging. :) I most definitely will start including more overt fats in my diet. Do you think any specific fats would be more helpful?

I also just want to say that I usually do end up taking 2 days out off the week to rest and relax, I apologize for not mentioning before. Rest is very important, I agree no doubt.

And Yes, I was actually planning to start taking the pill to at least see if my body is still capable… for how long would you recommend I take the pill if I do? (Sorry for all these questions!)

I don’t think I will be lowering my calorie intake after reading over everyone’s replies! I most definitely should wait until I at least have a healthy BMI level before I even consider that, I really wasn’t completely set on it myself, anyway.

I think overall my teeth look fine, but I believe like the very tips of my teeth look a bit thinner, which worries me…


 Thankyou so much, seriously., this really means a lot to me! Thankyou!

And I will let you all know when things start working normally and healthly… whenever that is.. :)Thanks again!

 God bless. :))

I wanted to add something I just learned that was rather enlightening to me. I had extremely irregular periods for many years, diagnosed with PCOS, recently had an ultrasound and they said there was one (one!) cyst on my ovary, totally normal (after being poly-cystic!). Anyway, what I learned was that when you ovulate, you have to keep that time a relaxing, non-stressed out time because that is what ovulation needs. You can follow your cervical mucus to track ovulation. The really interesting thing I learned is that as many days after you "should" ovulate, and if you don't, that is the amount of days your period will be late. I had no idea, maybe it makes sense, but it never occurred to me. Both pieces of information, together, have changed the way I see my cycle! I have no experience with the other things you brought up, but thought I would pass this along. Take care and good luck!

Your main concern should be nourishment. Feed your body and it will produce everything it's supposed to. :)

I really Apprieciate all the replies, THANKYOU to everyone!!

Depends on how long you've been recovered for. Once I gained back weight after being anorexic, it took me a year to get my period back. And honestly, I've read so many posts about bleeding being a sign of toxicity which makes absolutely NO sense to me. If you're ovulating and you don't become pregnant, SOMETHING has to happen to the egg. It doesn't just disappear into thin air and you can just urinate it out.


If I had said that to my professor in OB (a registered mid wife and NP) I would have been laughed out of the room and sent back to remedial anatomy and physiology.

…Mmm, no.

 Not yet anyway! Though I did start taking “the pill” recently, so we’ll see how that goes. I did take most of the suggestions I was given..  Gained weight, upped my fats! Am taking some herbs for my liver. But, I think it’s still too soon to tell.


So I guess I’m still open to any tips and/or insight

Though I mainly think that it’s just going to take more time..

But feel free to write anything you think will be helpful!

I know that I really appreciate all the encouragement and advise that I’ve received







Hey, this may or may not pertain to you, but feel free to join our PCOS group, PCOS/MCOS No More! (here on 30BaD). We are all striving to get periods. Some of us, including myself, have gotten a period with this lifestyle!

Wishing you the best,



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