30 Bananas a Day!

Hi everyone!

I haven't had any overt fats for about 7 months - and I feel wonderful. :)

I was wondering if anyone else is doing this? And your thoughts on it?




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I think zucchini might do it, when you crave for fat. I prepared myself some *pasta* one week ago and I found them to be very satiating.

Also, rocket (roquette, arugula, rucola) leaves could help. Although this might be just my brain associating the rocket with fat - when I was SAD, I once binged on a homemade rocket pesto x_x

And maybe some bananas or other sweet fruits (to quote DR, 'eat them until they don't taste sweet anymore').

In my case the next stage after eating sweet fruit is to want something salty and dry (for me it's salty crispy bread) but if I continue with sweet fruits, I eventually reach a level where I could have all the baguettes in the world aligned in front of me, and I would not touch them.
Maybe it works the same way with fat too. (?)

I hope this helps! Cheers, xS
so true! cherimoya, blueberries, mango, apricots.... mmmmm..... omg, fruit is so much better than any overt
I had no overts for over a year and felt great. However, after I completed a 25 day water fast, I started having some inflammation in my knees when I started running again after the fast. So, I added in some Chia seeds (1 tbsp. per day) which are rich in Omega 3 and this solved the problem which led me to the inevitable conclusion that I was deficient in Omega 3 (probably depleted during the fast). Other than this, I have felt fine on no overts.
nice! this is good to know, I'm so glad others have had good experiences :)
I'm glad you love eating this way too! <3
I have never craved fats... Even though in my low~carb days I would totally binge on nuts to the point of sickness. Weird I know.... But I have been LFRV for over 2 months without any overt fats, except for some greens :) I feel great tooooo!! I am hoping I really reap all the benefits you all have. Completely clear skin, and more weightloss :) I hope I hope :) But I know it is too soon to ask for perfection. So I am enjoying the ride and loving yummy fruit!!!!!! And really loving this website. I can't wait to be as care~free about eating as you girl~ys!!! You are all awesome and an inspiration ;) I wonder do bananas have more fat than other fruits??? I have finally started adding nanas as of yesterday.. I wanna keep it up since it seems you girls really thrive one them..... I will just stick with them this week no matter what and see how I feel in 7-10 days....
I suggest you get Jeff Novick's DVD  "From Oil to Nuts" (it is from a seminar he taught for Dr. McDougall). It is the best single presentation I have seen on this issue. You can order it through his website at www.jeffnovick.com One of biggest problems with eating overt fats is that 99% of them are high in Omega 6, including avocado, which skews our Omega 6 to 3 ratio in the wrong direction. Ideally you want a 1:1 ratio which is more or less what you get from raw fruits and leafy greens, but this changes drastically when you add nuts, seeds, avocado, olive, etc. to the diet because they are all extremely high in Omega 6. The only real exceptions are Chia seed, Flax seed, and English Walnut which all have substantial amounts of Omega 3, and with these a little bit goes a long way.
I second the recommendation for this DVD, it is wonderful.
I've been on 811 for 4 weeks only, and the one time I somehow craved for fat was on day 5, so I ate a small avocado. I felt so heavy for almost two days, that I considered for me it's really not worth it.

I was not really suspicious about developing any issues because of this, as fruits and leafy greens have pretty much the percentage of fat your body needs. But I'm happy and reassured to hear there are other people doing the same, and for longer periods, and that they feel great :)

Can eating high fat for just a few days cause bloating? I felt and looked heavier after like 3 days of eating fats (raw almond butter mostly) but there's no way I ate that many calories that I should have gained 5 + pounds...
It can definitely bloat you up, the fat really slows down elimination and makes transit time much slower through your body. Avos make me bloated if I eat more than a quarter of 1 in a sitting!



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