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I have no fruit and no money, I am to young to drive, and all I have right now are 3 unripe mangos, a few bunches of green bananas, and a pineapple which I have no idea if its ripe or not but it doesnt look ripe, and 4 mandarin oranges. What should I eat????

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Eat all four oranges and to see if the pineapple is ripe, it should have a yellow color to it. If it is still green, turn it upside down and wait a day or so and it will turn the right color. Put the bananas in an airtight bag and cover them so no light gets to them and they will ripen, same with the mangos. Then go to your neighbors and friends and tell them you will do odd jobs for fruit.

The two comments preceding this have some excellent tips...
In response to your not being able to drive... Do you live close enough to your grocery store to walk or bike there?
I often walk/bike to our grocery store from like 3mi outta town, when my parents don't wanna give me a ride (:

had a similar case. millet is least mucous forming. but if you can't buy it, eat any food you can find. ask neighbors, family and friends if they're around and take anything they wanna offer. beware of toxic plants if you search in nature. 



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