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I've just read over a supposedly frutarian blog:

"Fruitarianism is a diet based on raw or cooked (!) fruits".





Can't beleive it!

So much misinformation around!

If you wanna be healthy you gotta eat 100% raw,

no cooked matter please! 

I'll tell you what I think:


What is your take on this?

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its sane for me i went from high fat vegan eating falafals and vegan burrito filled with greese and fat etc to eating 800 calories steamed carbs and 2200 of fresh fruit and leaves  

if steamed rice is poison maybe i should be sick rather then thriving?

i have learned so much here and have benefited hugely 

wonder why such strong feelings with cooked vegan approach ???

how sure is anyone that steamed rice is poison ?


dear banana-boy,

if your approach is working for you, great! don't change it. the point is: i agree that of course cooked starches are much better than high-fat raw dishes or other even worse stuff. that's why you say you are thriving. but in reality, imho you are not thriving. you are just thriving comparatively to what you was doing before. but you haven't yet reached a fraction of your capabilities, imho. if you are to adopt a fully raw diet, then you will experience what health really is about.

what i know is that what has given me health is a raw diet. and i may be wrong but i don't think i could be healthy including cooked foods in a regular basis at this point. eating 800 daily kcal of cooked stuff per day would make me feel very sick indeed!


I think most of us agree that eating your fruits and veggies raw is a good thing.  It looks like the OP was commenting on some unnamed person's definition of the word "fruitarian" (which, without providing context is a dubious practice).  So here are the most common definitions:


Fruitarian- a person who lives on fruit


Fruitarian- a person who eats only fruit


Fruitarianism involves the practice of following a diet that includes fruits, nuts and seeds, without animal products, vegetables and grains.[1] Fruitarianism is a subset of dietary veganism.

Fruitarianism may be adopted for different reasons, including: ethical, health, religious, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic and economic. There are many varieties of the diet. Some people whose diet consists of 75% or more fruit consider themselves fruitarians

None of these definitons make a raw state a pre-requisite.  Now, of course we know that fruitarians eat mostly or completely raw, but seeing as these definitions don't talk about cooking at all, I'm gonna go ahead and say that if you eat mostly raw, and once in a while find yourself eating a heat treated (cooked) fruit.  You can still call yourself a fruitarian.

Also, my take on the claim that COOKED FOOD IS POISON:  There are some good arguments out there saying that cooking damages foods, makes some nutrients less available to the body, and introduces various toxins.  But to make a blanket statement like this is, I believe, well meaning but simplistic to the point of absurdity.  This is not a black/white issue.  Yes, cooking can damage nutrients and introduce toxins, but even raw foods have toxins, and there are many other ways that we make nutrients less available than they should be, like picking food too early, growing on mineral-depleted soil, ect...  Just because there are some negatives to a particular way of processing foods, it doesn't mean that it should necessarily be classified as poison.

If we want the LFRV movement to seem credible, I don't think that making simplistic, idealistic statements like this is helping the cause (although, seeing that this is posted in the steam room, i appreciate fruitandnumbers' willingness to blow off some steam and start a great discussion).

+1 X 1,000,000

Saying cooked food is poison is as closed minded as someone saying that you cant possibly survive without eating meat. Either way people would be DEAD. Utter bollocks. Here is an interested raw versus cooked debate if anyone cares to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nRwn7VRvb8 I love coming on here to learn to improve my way of life but get sick of the fundamental fixed belief systems that people carry which sound like religion. As Bruce said "Be Like Water."

No one said you'll be dead if you eat cooked food.


Why do people come to a raw food website and then act surprised and astounded and completely outraged that raw food is touted as being healthier?  What on earth did they expect?  Why don't they go to a cooked food forum?


Here's how I look at it:

My 1st choice of foods is: raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (small amounts of fat, of course)  (these are our species-specific foods).

If that's not available, my 2nd choice is cooked fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds (Not quite as good a choice as the raw stuff, but at least they are still our species-specific foods).

My 3rd choice is: cooked grains and legumes (not our species-specific foods, but they are still vegan and they are low in fat).

Of course cooked food is not poison.  That's just a silly mantra that David Wolfe came up with.  If so, our species has been eating "poison" for thousands of years.  I would much rather eat cooked food than starve to death.  It WILL keep you from starving to death.

I know this is the steam room, but can't we just all get along?  :)  I mean, seriously.  Choose what foods you think are best for you and let everyone else do the same.  Make love, not war.  And I'm not even a hippie.  :) 

thank you fruitsandnumbers , Maybe you and many others are further up the mountain them myself as I am the the new kid in town ?  a rookie in the game 

it is something for me to consider since many here who like yourself provide priceless info with no cost to us new members that you and many have such strong views and use such strong terms on the cooked carb you guys know a lot about this stuff and I respect it and have tried out the suggestions to the best that I can at this juncture with awesome results in short time even with cooked carbs  or in spite of them ?.

i am happy to have cleared out  salt oil coffee happy to have added 2200 calories of fruit and leaves happy i drink 3 quarts of water happy i am bed by 9.45 everynight .  happy i am running and lifting more then i believe i could or have energy to do ....

you guys offer great info and i appreciate it and that is most important to me  

i like views and debate 




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