30 Bananas a Day!

I've just read over a supposedly frutarian blog:

"Fruitarianism is a diet based on raw or cooked (!) fruits".





Can't beleive it!

So much misinformation around!

If you wanna be healthy you gotta eat 100% raw,

no cooked matter please! 

I'll tell you what I think:


What is your take on this?

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Wow, I understand why people need to cook grains like rice if they're going to eat it but why on earth would anyone destroy fruit by cooking it? What a waste. I never liked canned fruit and hated desserts where they poached pears and put it in a wine sauce - blech.

I do believe that digestion and energy is optimal when one sticks to raw.  Whenever I have some cooked, I notice a change - it's quite palpable.

thanks for answering, Lisa Dee! I agree with everything you say. I'll move this discussion to the steam room. Let's see if I get other sympathetic answers there. 

So steamed carrots/peas are poison? Because, although I'm LFRV/801010 etc., I still eat steamed veggies pretty often, it's enjoyable. 

Plus, some of the vitamins become more bioavailable when you cook certain things, such as the lycopene in tomatoes and vitamin A in carrots. I'm not saying you can justify cooking anything (especially not frying or anything like that lol), but lightly steaming certain vegetables makes them more easy to digest, and they're tasty too!

You might be LFV but you would not be LFRV. Maybe HCLF.

At the end of the day they're all labels. If you think Max is going to acquire cancer by eating lightly steamed veggies once in awhile, you're nuts. It's the obese people who live in fast food drive thrus, habitual smokers, etc. who are the driving force of our current health epidemics.

I don't think he's going to acquire cancer by doing that. But I can tell you, I feel less energetic and I acquire gas if I eat anything cooked, even steamed vegies; and besides, why in the world would I want to steam carrots or peas if they are so delicious and much better raw? in  my experience, cooking takes away the flavour from things, and denatures the nutrients in them.

And I am not so sure "some of the vitamins become more bioavailable when you cook certain things, such as the lycopene in tomatoes and vitamin A in carrots". Can you reference that claim?


 "lightly steaming certain vegetables makes them more easy to digest" - also not so sure of this... not to me at least, or so it seems...

carrots, kale, beet, brocoli, peas, zucchinis, eggplants, etc....all those veggies and others are very hard to digest raw for a lot of people! if not for you then you are lucky.

You've got problems with carrots, really?  Lots of people here eat raw beets (often spiralized which helps to break down the fibers, as does juicing).  I think Kristina of the Fully Raw youtubes is constantly making raw zucchini pasta - I've lost count of how many raw zucchini pasta recipes I see posted here.  Peas are mushy and nasty cooked.  I don't believe the average person has a problem with those particular veggies at all.

I will agree about broccoli and kale, however, but mostly because they contain nasty goitrogens which block the thyroid's ability to uptake iodine and which can lead, in sensitive individuals, to low thyroid functioning.  I avoid all of the cruciferous family and also spinach - cooked or raw.

I eat broccoli and kale. And I love them! See no problem with it.

i digest them very well! for almost all of the above, no preparation is required! only for eggplants, do i have to marinate them in lemon or orange before eating.

Doug Graham has mentioned that you get more lycopene from cooked tomatoes than raw.  But you lose a ton of other nutrients, and watermelon has more lycopene than tomatoes, so his argument is that you shouldn't eat tomatoes for the lycopene, rather the complete nutritional package.  If you feel you need more lycopene, eat watermelon

i totally agree!



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