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No amount of money in the world would be enough to live in this body

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maybe not. I hate to see obesity made to appear ok but at the same time its not fair that obese people should have to feel like they need to hide in the dark. it stinks when your overweight and you look at magazine and all you see is thin people it makes you feel like dirt. Sure people need to fix there diets and loose weight but they dont need to feel like there lepers either. 

I'm glad these people feel good enough about themselves to go out and be be plus size models and such i think thats great. But they should also think about loosing some of the weight for there healths sake. 

Ok great they feel good about themselves ...it is the acceptance of such severe obesity as "normal" mainstream, as it has become.  You don't think insurance premiums, and costs that are not absorbed by all folks as a result of this epidemic.  It is not just their condition, I will go out on a limb by saying other folks and of course animals are affected.  There is no way this chick is eating plants at the exclusion of animal by products.  

That being said, I have been over 200 lbs at one point in my life, and no amount of therapy, fat acceptance, etc. would ever have made it less than BRUTAL.

Oh i'm totally with you. people eat like garbage then pile up medical claims for pills and medical care they otherwise would not need if they would just FIX THERE FRIGGEN DIET> this in turn causes all our insurance premiums to go up. Thank god i'm healthy and if i continue to eat this way and exercise i'll remain pretty healthy likely so for now I dont even have insurance. 

But yeah your pretty spot on I agree with you. 

But like you said being obese like that is BRUTAL its a horrible thing for people to go through and it generally takes the Obese person some time to wrap there mind around weightloss and healthy lifestyle to take action on solving there issue. and theres a lot of misinformation out there about how one should eat and such so this doesnt help matters. Its a difficult struggle for obese people and I hate to see people feeling all crappy about themselves simply because there Obese too. 

You are compassionate, not a bad thing!!

This is the end of my rant, one last comment.  We as a society envy money, property, prestige, power.  OK nothing wrong or bad about money, well earned.  Flaunting poverty and being down trodden is rarely seen and rarely seen as something to aspire to.  Thin or "normal" size people as a result of healthy happy living is OK to aspire to, correct? 

I see this kind of pathology as an illness and not something to aspire to just as I don't see being downtrodden and poverty stricken as something to aspire to. I hope my comparison makes sense.

The purpose of fat from an evolutionary perspective is to make the animal more fit not less.  And this is what is seen in nature.  A nice fat Emperor Penguin going into the Antarctic  winter to raise it's chick is at its most fit state.  A thin one is doomed.  A grizzly going into a 6 month hibernation in the high arctic better be real fat if it is to survive.  A blue whale going into the tropics on a fast that can last over 9 months better have a layer of fat several feet thick if it is going to survive.  A nice fat salmon heading up the river on a long fast is at it's absolute top fitness.  

What the heck is going on with humans?  A fat human is sickly and very unfit and ugly to boot.  The fat human is so unfit it is unable to even utilize it's fats reserves.  This is because the metabolic systems to do so have failed and are in disarray.  Not just for sugar metabolism (diabetes in the acute stages) but for protein metabolism too.  So when the person with ample stored food reserves (fat) tries to cut back on eating, real starvation sets in because the unhealthy metabolic systems just can't mobilize and maintain the minimum level of nutrients in the blood.  

When we regain perfect health we will be much like every natural animal on the planet, at our absolutely very best top fitness when we are fasting and living off our stored fat.  Like every other natural animal we'll get fat and then live off our fat eating little or nothing.  

yeah this model and her following is just crazy.

It's not "curvy" or "plus size", she's not overweight or even obese.

she is morbidly obese.... I'm sure behind the pretty face and fancy photo's she has serious health problems.

The message should not be that this is ok, it shouldn't be "normalized" or become popular.

The message should be that you can get better, you can get support to help yourself, set a good example and also help the planet.

Yep Spot on.

I'm stating something that is obvious to me but not obvious to others:

The root of the problem is that everyone looks at it as "fat vs skinny". We should instead look at it in terms of "healthy vs. unhealthy". 

In other words, people who are skinny are not necessarily healthy (they can be starving themselves to death, using drugs, not exercising, not sleeping, about to have a heart attack etc).

Likewise, people who are obese are MOSTLY living an unhealthy lifestyle.

There are rare exceptions though. Some people who are overweight are improving their lifestyle and health decisions and heading the right direction, these people deserve to be applauded. There are also a SMALL minority of people who have some sort of genetic condition or disease, or who are making good health decisions, but for one reason or another pack on extra pounds. Sadly MOST people try to claim to be the exception, just like everyone claims to be "a better than average driver", but hundreds of thousands of people are being killed on the roadways.

When people have a fundamentally incorrect view on something, most of the conclusions they come to will be incorrect or illogical, but occasionally they will stumble upon some truths to, even though they arrived there by incorrect thinking combined with luck.

It shouldn't be "fat vs skinny", it should be "healthy habits vs unhealthy habits", "planned longevity vs I'm going to see what happens", "measured fitness vs I have no idea of my fitness potential and don't care". 

Either we are trying maximize our strength, health, vibrance, and lifespan, or we are not. Most people are only focusing on "doing whatever everyone else is doing", even if that means health disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and premature death.

yeah read something today about how promoting anorexia would not be acceptabe or promoting smoking would not be acceptable but promoteing obesity is ok? guy went on to say basicly what you said it should be about health not fat vs skinny



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